The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 6

The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2008 on CBS
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Sheldon, and his friends, are mystified when a younger undergraduate student is attracted to him.

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  • Mitosis

    It was a brief, glimmering moment when I thought Sheldon might actually be portrayed as somewhat normal and capable of human interaction. And then Ramona wasn't normal in the slightest. This was one of the better episodes, though they clearly didn't have a clue how to ease into the ending (but the dream was necessary at some point because we all knew we wanted to see it happen). Still, they need to stop relying on Sheldon so much and think about letting the characters grow.moreless
  • 206

    Not as good as the last episode but we still got a Sheldon-centric episode, and like said before, you can't go wrong with a Sheldon-centric episode. I'm glad the writers are appreciating Jim Parsons role as now I've noticed they've been using him much more this season. The cold opening with Sheldon talking to Leonard's students was absolutely hilarious.

    What was more hilarious was Penny's reaction to a girl coming up to Sheldon's apartment. It was different to see Sheldon with a possible romance, but I definitely enjoyed these odd turn of events. Although this show still lacks development which was also the problem in season 1, it still brings us a barrel of laughs every Monday night, and this episode was a perfect example of that. Leslie needs to be dropped down to a recurring star again. At this point, the writers have nothing to do with her and all she does is say dumb-ass repeatedly, she hasn't made me laugh since season one. Overall, a great hilarious episode here, but what else is new, right?moreless
  • Odd episode

    This was a peculiar episode to say the least. They experimented with Sheldon having a girlfriend and it was pretty funny. Sheldon doesn't see her as a girlfriend but rather as person who has a weird way or 'revering' him. His arrogance really shines through here.

    His girlfriend becomes a pyschotic, obsessive partner who drives Sheldon insane and won't let him partake in all the activities he enjoys.

    'The new season of Battle Star Galactica comes on tonight...I guess I could just buy the DVD..and then never watch it'

    Hilarious. It was funny seeing Sheldon being controlled by somebody else. Something rarely seen.

    In the end he breaks up with her when she asks him to share credits. Whether his anger was an act to break up with her or whether Sheldon was being the arrogant person he is, I'm not sure but it was pretty funny.

    Everybody else's reactions were hilarious. Esepcially Penny who was pretty funny in her reaction. Although the 'holy crap on a cracker' was not funny in my book and then it got repeated. Worst thing possible.moreless
  • Sheldon tries to get out of a relationship.

    More Sheldon Cooper greatness here tonight. We started off with a hilarious speech from Sheldon where he ripped into the future of the university doubting the possibility of any of them achieving anything in the world of science. This led to a student visibly throwing herself at Sheldon with him being completely oblivious to her advances. After accepting her presence he soon finds her insufferable as she doesn't allow him to do anything.

    You can't go wrong with a Sheldon-centric episode. Although not as waggish as past installments this season the show still delivered like we expect every Monday at 8:00. This came off as very Two And A Half Men-ish, but that's not such a bad thing as it's the only show close in quality to Bang on the CBS Monday lineup. Howard contributed some good one-liners as did Kuthrapali. Leonard was even remotely acceptable here. The only glaring flaw here was Leslie and I just do not know why they added her to the program.moreless
  • A grad student falls for Sheldon.

    Jim Parsons does it again. I am sure most shows can never deliver such comedic brilliance, where the onus is on a single character. This installment just goes on to show that is best to stick to a working formula, rather than experiment.

    Here we see a new grad student, Ramona, fall for Sheldon. Sheldon enjoys all the pedicures and the free food from her, until he realizes that she was getting on his nerves with all her annoying methods to make him work on his new theory. On the other hand, his friends are stupefied by the possibility of Sheldon actually having a relationship with the opposite sex. Sheldon finally musters the courage to break up with her, when she wants him to share credit for the research breakthrough.

    This time I found Wolowitz's role mildly interesting and funny. Penny, Leonard, and Raj have pitched in well. The exchanges between Leslie and Sheldon were hilarious. Overall, a great episode.moreless

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    • Ramona: Dr. Cooper, I have to tell you, your friends are holding you back.
      Sheldon: I prefer to think of it as if I'm pulling them forward.

    • Rajesh: Isn't there a University policy against dating graduate students?
      Leonard: No. If you can talk to them, you can ask them out.
      Rajesh: Damn, there's always a catch.

    • Sheldon: Please, please, I don't have a lot of time. Ramona finally dozed off, and I need you to help me get rid of her.
      Penny: "Get rid of her" how?
      Sheldon: I don't know, but apparently I'm in some kind of relationship, and you seem to be an expert at ending them.
      Penny: Excuse me?
      Sheldon: I see man after man leaving this apartment, never to return.

    • Sheldon: Looking out at your fresh young faces, I remember when I, too, was deciding my academic future as a lowly graduate student. Of course, I was fourteen. And I had already achieved more than most of you could ever hope to, despite my 9:00 bedtime. Now, there may be one or two of you in this room who has what it takes to succeed in theoretical physics, although it's more likely that you'll spend your scientific careers teaching fifth graders how to make papier-mâché volcanoes with baking soda lava.
      Leonard: Oh, good God.
      Sheldon: In short, anyone who told you that you would someday be able to make some significant contribution to physics, played a cruel trick on you—a cruel trick indeed. Any questions? (No one in the classroom does anything.) Of course not. I weep for the future of science.

    • Penny: (having seen Ramona massaging Sheldon's feet) You probably don't want to go in there.
      Leonard: Why? What are they doing?
      Penny: The only way I could explain it would be in a therapist's office with dolls.

    • Ramona: You're not going to Halo night.
      Sheldon: Yes, I am. It's Wednesday. Wednesday's Halo night.
      Ramona: Didn't a great man once say, "Science demands nothing less than the fervent and unconditional dedication of our entire lives"?
      Sheldon: He did.
      Ramona: And who was that great man?
      Sheldon: (sighs) Me. Sorry, Leonard.
      Leonard: Seriously? You're not coming?
      Sheldon: You heard her. How can I argue with me?

    • Howard: Over the years, we've formulated a number of theories about how he might reproduce. I'm an advocate of mitosis.
      Penny: I'm sorry?
      Howard: I believe one day Sheldon will eat an enormous amount of Thai food and split into two Sheldons.
      Leonard: On the other hand, I think Sheldon might be the larval form of his species and someday he'll spin a cocoon and emerge two months later with moth wings and an exoskeleton.

    • Ramona: I think you're just brilliant.
      Sheldon: That is the prevailing opinion.

    • Penny: Holy crap on a cracker!

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode's end titles has Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card #223, which is actually a "censored" card redirecting people to view the genuine card rejected by CBS on Chuck Lorre's website.

    • The German episode title is "Das Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem". The French title is "Le Théorème Cooper-Nowitzki", the Italian title is "Il teorema di Cooper-Nowitzki", and the Spanish and Mexican title is "El teorema de Cooper-Nowitzki".

    • Music: "Be My Yoko Ono" by The Barenaked Ladies

    • International Airdates: Turkey: October 12, 2009 on CNBC-e; Finland: November 16, 2009 on Sub; Czech Republic: November 1, 2010 on Prima COOL; Slovakia: September 21, 2011 on Markiza


    • Ramona is delighted that Sheldon explained a physics principle by citing The Flash playing tennis with himself, referring to events in issue #123 of The Flash comic book.

    • Sheldon tries to invoke the Body Snatchers Clause in his friendship with Leonard, where Leonard agrees to help if pods are creating duplicates of people during their sleep, borrowing the major plot device from Jack Finney's 1954 work, The Body Snatchers, made into movies several times.

    • Sheldon tries to invoke the Skynet Clause in his friendship with Leonard, where Leonard agrees to help if Sheldon creates an artificial intelligence that becomes self-aware and threatens the human race, borrowing the inciting plot element from James Cameron's Terminator franchise.