The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 24

The Countdown Reflection

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 2012 on CBS

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  • If someone would've told me 5 seasons ago ...

    ...that Howard was going to be the first one to tie the knot, I sure would have thought that was a joke. Now, the joke is on me because that's exactly what happened. In a episode that was nothing but sweet, Howard boldly goes where no man has gone before. And then into outer space after he & Bernadette make vows that truly mean something, for she truly makes him a better man and he truly embraces her as the only woman who can yell at him from now on. Also, Sheldon holds Amy's hand, in public. And she wears the tiara he gave to her, also in public. Our little nerds are finally growing up.
  • As a new fan of The Big Bang Theory - I just watched all 5 seasons - great finale!

    I've watched the entire run of Big Bang Theory over the past few weeks and it is a great show! It's not always funny - although it often is - I feel over the last 2 seasons it's evolved into more of a dramady. Which isn't necessarily bad - but it's definitely lost something from when it was just the guys and Penny. Which isn't to say I don't love Amy Farrah Fowler and Beradette cause I do - I just feel they should be in fewer episodes. For next season I'd love for them to go back and focus on the guys and Penny for most of the season with the other girls showing up in maybe a forth of the eps. But who cares what I want, it's still a great show. The final shot of the couples holding hands while watching Howard go to space was fantastic. Even though I wish some things about the show were different, it's still a great show, very funny, intelligent, well written, with some excellent actors. Chuck's vanity cards are fun too. Can't wait for season 6 and beyond!
  • This is becoming 90210

    The last season in general, and the last several episodes of the last season in particular have been a snoozefest for me. Seems to me the show has moved too much towards their (the 4 guys) relationships, away from their 'nerdism' which was what made me love the series. It almost feels like 90210 now. Hope they change that in season 6, go back to the basics
  • Season 5 finale

    As Howard awaits blast-off, he recounts how the gang threw together a last-minute wedding for him and Bernadette. I thought that this was a great Season 5 finale of "The Big Bang Theory". Although, I did find the episode to be pretty slow and just plain kinda boring at times (which is what lowered my score) plus Bernadette continues to annoy the living nightmare out of me. I enjoyed how the episode keeps flashing back and forward to Howard thinking about the things in his life before the rocket launches. I didn't really laugh much here also just mainly in the final act of the episode which was leading up the wedding. I found the wedding scene to be kinda ruined because they try to throw in a bunch of humor in your face here and there but Sheldon was absolutely hilarious here and it was just funny. The very end of the episode with everyone holding hands as they see Howard launch up into space on television was sweet though. Wonder how Season 6 will play out but we're gonna have to wait til' Fall 2012. Overall, a great Season 5 finale of "The Big Bang Theory". 8.5/10
  • Finale

    Bernadette looked so gorgeous! I loved her dress (female POV). Loved the exchange between Leonard and Penny. Oh, and isn`t it funny to think back abt how much of a dweeb Howard used to be in the first season? Great episode, overall and can't wait for the next season!!
  • Awesome

    I loved everything about this episode especially the wedding scene and how the the five of them officiated it.
  • One of the Best Season Finales of TBBT history

    I laugh a lot in this episode. I like the story of Howard plot and the wedding of course. Amy is a new funny version of Bridemaids hahahahhaha, hilarious scenes of her. Sheldon make me laugh so badly in the wedding scene (phrases in Klingon hhahahaah). The all cast are funny and great in this episode. Can't wait for season 6.
  • Go Howiiiie

    "From now on, she's the only woman who can yell at me !" At first, I didn't really like Howard, but I find his relation with Bernadette so sweet, the wedding was gorgeous. I just hope Sheldon will do something about Amy, either dump her or make an effort !
  • Loved it!

    I loved this last episode of season 5. It was funny and sweet, and it was awesome to see all the caracters in one room. Loved it :)
  • This episode was why I love this show

    I laughed out loud so many times during this episode, probably especially the look the others gave Amy after what she said during the ceremony. Then, during the epilogue, when Bernie took Raj's hand, I said, "Ahhh...." Then, Penny took Leonard's hand, and I said, "Yay!" Then, Sheldon took Amy's hand, and I said, "Damn! Why am I crying?"

    Then, Howard yelled, "Oy vaaaayyyyy!" and I laughed out loud again.

    Very few shows get to me like this one. Well done.
  • LiftOff

    What an amazing ending! The season ended with the bang- so we kinda know what Bang in Big Bang theory is for.Its great to see that Howard wed Bernadette, it was a beautiful yet humourous wedding and was captured on Google earth.Lets just hope that season 6 will be a whole lot better and funnier along with everyone's favourite character:Sheldon Cooper \m/
  • Great ending

    This episode was a great way to end the season. From start to finish you will laugh and get into the story. The ending is very nice and will have you wondering what will happen next season. Perfect job.
  • Howard continues with his space mission so he and Bernadette must get married sooner than planned.

    I really liked the Season 5 finale. Sure, the writers let the viewers know right away that Howard and Bernadette would get married as Howard told his space mission buddies he had just gotten married. But it's okay, I ultimately wanted the two to seal the deal in the episode. So before launch, Howard reflects on how he and Bernadette made the decision to get married within two days and executed it with few bumps in the road. I loved how and why they made the decision. Howard the person has really grown since he met Bernadette, he's even making Penny really proud of late. The writers still want to build suspense when City Hall can't marry the two in time, so the rest of the gang all get licenses and perform a private wedding themselves on the roof of Leonard, Penny and Sheldon's apartment building that's attended by just them the bride's father and groom's infamous mother. Like I imagined, the whole "Leonard proposing to Penny in bed and her rejecting" was brought up in this episode. However, it wasn't in the manner I was hoping. But, Penny does grab a hold of Leonard's hand when the gang's all huddled around the TV watching Howard launch. Bernadette held Raj's hand as he expressed his fear for Howard, and even Sheldon grabbed Amy's hand himself. With the addition of Bernadette and Amy since Season 3, the group of four guys and three girls have often seen split up in their own "cliques", if you will. Of course, Howard wasn't here, but it was nice, to see the other six in the main set watching Howard, especially Sheldon, showing encouragement he hadn't shown to anyone ever before. And with Penny holding Leonard's hand in the final minutes, it shows great signs for Season 6. I don't expect it to be fast since The Big Bang Theory is guaranteed at least another two seasons, but I wouldn't be surprised if the two are together for good. Just hate that there has to be a break. Let the anticipation for Season 6 begin!
  • awesome