The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 2

The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2010 on CBS

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  • Shelbot

    A decent episode overall. Not standout but not terrible, either, though Seldon bot got old really, really fast. It feels like they've defaulted back to relying far too heavily on Sheldon again and it's boring.
  • Too many fart jokes.

    Well, ok only 2 or 3 but still too far. When Sheldon thought he was going to die. "So this is how it's gonna end." was fine and done well but the falling down the stairs with Penny and farting was too far. It just didn't need to be there. One is a enough. Falling down the stairs at the end was kind of ridiculous. Overdone.

    Shelbot was pretty cool and he certainly got that robot together real fast! I know there is a timelapse but! It was a good episode for the most part but had this aired in the first season it would be the beginning of the end because of its corniness. This show can do a bit better.
  • Please please would the writers for the first three seasons fix my most favourite show!

    Ahhh I thought the first episode of the season was an aberration and wondered why I wasn't falling off my chair with laughter like I usually do.
    Then episode two arrived and I only mildly chuckled. I think I know why...this episode barely had an original concept but brought out every TBBT cliche. From yes..ok..Penny mooches, to Raj not talking to women, to sitting on Sheldon's favourite sofa seat, to Sheldon knocking on Penny's door, to singing "Soft kitty", to "Bazinga!", to annoying Sheldon being driven around, to the roommate get the picture. In themselves I love all those things, but chuck them all in the same episode, together with fart jokes, and it just shouts "writer's block".
    Also, agree the first two episodes have been a bit Sheldon centric...I love him...but the great thing about this show is that it's an ensemble cast who can all hold their own and makes the show more watchable and funny that way.
    The funniest moment for me was Sheldon'bot thinking Leonard was tense, starts playing the recorder while broadcasting women folk dancing on his screen.
    Really hope the next episode blows this review out of the water...or I'll just have to watch reruns to get my TBBT fix.
  • It's all downhill from here.

    I'm starting to get the idea that people aren't actually watching the episodes, they're just rating it 9 and 10 because it's Big Bang Theory. This episode was an improvement on the previous one, but still not as good as the previous seasons. I think the show is getting too cocky. Yeah, we get it Jim Parsons won an Emmy, that doesn't mean he's the only reason people watch the show. I think more episodes should be about the minor characters (except maybe Howard. I mean, we get it, he's obsessed with sex, it's been done before). The thing that really upset me about this episode was the fart jokes. In the world of jokes Fart jokes is in the desperate column. So overall, this was a good episode. But compared the to previous seasons, it's awful.
  • 402

    This episode started out really good, like "rating: 10" status, but then after a while, things just got really... well... weird. I felt like I was watching Two & A Half Men while watching this with Sheldon's constant and unnecessary farting that just annoyed me beyond belief. Also, Sheldon felt a little too over exaggerated here, even though he was really funny at times, especially when he was interacting with Penny.

    Just a lot of one liners that just didn't work, like Penny saying "Shut up" to Raj because of his joke, or when Penny said "Then you couldn't talk to yourself" to Raj, like those things I didn't find very funny. And it was quite obvious that something was going to happen in the end to get Sheldon out of the state he was in.

    Just an episode that started out superb, just got annoying by the end.
  • Interesting

    When the guys saw Steve Wozniak and they tried to explain to Penny who he is, she replied that she knows him from Dancing with the Stars. Funny thing is that's how i first found out about him. Maybe half of the people who appear on that show--I didn't know them prior to them being on it. Even winners Apolo Anton Ohno and Helio Castroneves, I never heard of them prior to their apperance on the show. Strange isn't it. Surely he won't be the last person whom I will learn about through the show. Hope to see him again on this show.
  • Raj: I'm a lamb!

    First episode od the season with only one plot: Sheldon using a robotic presence device: Shel-bot.

    So Sheldon is trying to determien when is he gonna die to see if he'll be able to download his brain onto a comuter before it. His first attemp is to eat healthy and job, but it backfires as it gives Sheldon diarrea & he isn't flexible at all. So he instead builds this robot so he can still work and hang out with his firend but in his bedroom were he is safe & sound. But when Sheldon catches Steve Wozniak at the Cheesecake Factory he is forced to leave his bedroom for him to sign his vintage Mac PC, but trips on the stairs.

    Title reference: Sheldon changes a day to Cruciferous Vegetable day.

    Overall: Great episode. I prefer thev episodes where one plot involves all characters so I enjoyed this one. Also 1st BAZINGA of the season! 9/10.
  • 402

    A little bit of a weird episode of The Big Bang Theory here tonight, but definitely a funny one. This featured Sheldon at his absolute best, being a true genius, but using his gifted intelligence in an abnormal way.

    I think Chuck Lorre shows often think that fart humor is funnier than it really is, but that could not distract from what was overall a strong episode of Bang, something that is not always the case these days. This show is starting to get good again as this was probably the best episode of any comedy this week on TV.
  • Sheldon freaks because he figures out that he won't live long enough to have his consciousness implanted in a robot. Therefore, he builds a robot with his computer monitor to preserve himself yet "function" in society.

    This was not as good as the premiere episode. Yet, it was good for many laughs.

    It's official--I need to read that roommate agreement. Because Sheldon covered literally everything in that agreement.

    However, I was wishing that the other characters would do something. I realize that the season is still new, but I really miss the quirks of the other characters now. Yes, we got a few of them in this one--Penny mooching off Leonard, Howard stealing Raj's jokes. But, no matter how hilarious Jim Parsons is, I find myself wondering if the other characters will be showcased soon. I'm starting to think Sheldon works better in smaller doses.

    This was still a hilarious episode. I laughed so hard at the Shel-bot in the car with Leonard and scaring him half to death. Bazinga! And then at the university.
  • Sheldon realizes that by the time he downloads his consciousness into a robot body, he'll be dead, so he tries to make himself live longer.

    This episode was awesome. I think that our favorites geeks are back and better than ever (at least than last year!)!!! We had a Sheldon at his top with his robot to avoid leaving his bedroom to preserve himself from death... the explanations were so funny!
    Penny is singing Soft kitty at the end is so funny.
    I think this episode was really funny thanks to Sheldon but as well thanks to the other characters reactions when they face him and his crazy ideas !!!
    I am really please with how the writers have started this new season and I really enjoyed it so let's hope they keep this track!
  • I miss the old BBT...

    The premiere, I didnt like much, but this one is even worse.

    First of all, it has become the "Sheldon Show". I love Sheldon, I love J.Parsons, but I dont love the "sheldon show". The other characters just stand there and talk only for Sheldon to reply something "funny" to them.

    Second, the (new?) writers have lost their sense of humor? In the 1st episode we had a robot hand-masturb*tion cheap joke, now we have farts? Will the sh** jokes follow in episode 3?

    Third: Yes our characters are geeks, nerds, loners, but lovable and good and smart in their own small universe. But the show keeps mocking them and showing them as ridiculous clowns..

    Has the show sacrified its intelligence and humour in favor of the big ratings?? I hope it is just a bad month in the writers minds..