The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 16

The Cushion Saturation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on CBS

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  • Rent Me a Tux

    This was almost an episode that didn't revolve around Sheldon. Almost. It was really all over the place, from Leslie and Howard hooking up to Leonard lying about Chinese food. It was the first episode in which I really enjoyed Howard's mother, so that was a plus, I guess? But it did nothing for Leslie. She's just not a likable character, much less a realistic woman. And the episode just wasn't humorous at all. Meh.
  • 216

    A very uninteresting cold opening for this episode which usually isn't the case for TBBT. Did anyone else find the Howard & Leslie hook up completely pointless? The writers seem to have nothing to do with Leslie these days, the only time I found her funny was the closing scene after everyone shot each other with the paintball. Ever since she became a series regular, she hasn't been very funny. Much less Howard, who can be really funny at times, but this surely wasn't the case.

    Leonard & Penny's banter was absolutely hysterical and completely made this episode great. As did Sheldon, but when doesn't he make an episode great? Really. I was happy that the last episode brought plot development, and in ways, this did too with Howard & Leslie starting up a relationship. As pointless as it was, there was development. And I'm glad the writers are finally picking up the pace when it comes to that.

    Funny episode overall, the closing scene was definitely the best and beat the cold opening by a landslide. Great episode.
  • One of my favs

    Terrific episode. They basically made a story line out of Sheldon's 'spot'. Despite the studio audience's over enthusiastic 'oh!!' when Penny shot the paint ball into his spot, it was a pretty decent storyline. We get to see Leonard and Penny as friends which showcased the great chemistry they have together
    Penny: What are we going to do
    Leonard: We. No no. You've had your chance to be we for like a year and a half now. Right now you are you and you are screwed.
    The exchange between the two is terrific and Leonard is at his best when he's involved in somebody else's storyline.
    Sheldon is hilarious with his 0000. Penny: 000
    Sheldon: There's one more 0. Penny: Sit on the couch Sheldon
    The fact that he still doesn't like the seat even after it gets clean, is when the show starts to skate on borderline unbelievability. I understand that Sheldon is peculiar and isn't meant to be taken seriously but it almost seems they are sacrificing the rest of the characters to compensate for Sheldon, making it come off as forced.
    Howard and Leslie were pretty funny in bed together as they conversed with Howard's mother
    Howard's mum: Is she Jewish?
    H: Are you Jewish?
    L: No
    H: YES!!
    That was pretty funny.
    Not much Raj today. All in all a pretty good episode
  • "Did he called his right hand?" Oooh Penny !!!!

    Howard and Leslie having sex !!! and not just that Leslie only using Korthabali as a sex toy !!! hahaha stupid guy but at least hes having sex !!!
    but what was really funny is Sheldon and his couch !!! Penny really was screwed !!! i mean what is the big deal Sheldon !!! lool xD
    and after she gets it , the story of Leonard of the 4000 containers for chicken haha that really killed Sheldon !! i luv this guy and his weird attitudes its really hilarious and what makes the show so ... i liked the ending it was really funny how Sheldon shot Penny only for revenge for his couch lool
  • Paintball

    Paintball leads to a squabble between Sheldon and Penny, as well as romance between Howard and Leslie. This was a really great episode of The Big Bang Theory the final part where everyoneis at paintball was excellent it was so funny when they begun to shoot each other. Sheldon trying to sit in his cushion was also equally funny the episode had me laughing none stop, the show is getting good again like early this season. All in all this was one of the better episodes of the season that had some great moments, I rate it a 9.5 out of 10.
  • Howard hooks up with Leslie

    Definitely not the best of Big Bang episodes. We see a bit of everyone here. Sheldon did his usual part playing his paranoid self. Howard hooks up with Leslie and ends up getting expensive research equipment and a trip to Geneva. Raj was there to provide the filler bits.

    Though the story was more of a drag, there were a couple of good oneliners that made the installment watchable. A lot of stuff was very predictable, and the acting seemed a lot wary this time. We had a paintball war scene, something we've already seen in Gary Unmarried. Just one word to sum it all: average.
  • Sheldon is mad at penny cause she accidentally shot his cushion with a paintball gun. Howard and Leslie hook up.

    Probably the best episode in the series. really funny script. This is a very well written episode. Again Sheldon shows his ocd self when penny accidentally shoots the cushion at his spot. After she has it dry cleaned, he still isn't satisfied because it does not have the same "butt mark". He later gets back at her when she plays paintball with leonard, howard, raj, leslie, and sheldon by shooting her before the game even starts. In the opening scene, howard and leslie end up alone in a shed. They kiss and that then leads to them sleeping with each other.
  • Please excuse typos tears of laughter are running down my face.

    I found this the funniest episode so far this season. Despite Leonard still not being together with Penny their friendship appears to be in a really good place, they appear very comfortable together and, yet again, his distraction tactics on Sheldon (to deflect the flak Penny was getting from him) was a lovely touch, even if it didn't totally work out. Laughing at Sheldon's compulsions always has the potential for cruelty but I think the writers manage to make it work. The Leslie & Howard storyline was good too, they both seem to get each other in a way that Leonard and Leslie never did. I'm hoping they stick with the story a little longer because there is potential in the fact that he's a kept man who's having great sex, I feel his character would revel in this position, and it'd be something for him to brag about for years to come. Not only does she want him sexually but she's willing to bribe him to get what she wants even though he'd probably give it up for nothing!! - what's not Howard about that?
  • Penny ruins Sheldon's cushion.

    Finally The Big Bang Theory is back and playing off one of Sheldon's top idiosyncrasies. This had the potential to be an excellent episode, and there were some genuinely funny moments, but the show is really starting to lose a lot of its luster. The number of ideas seems to be running low for Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady and crew as this episode felt too much of a reach. The formula of Penny and Leonard must work together to thwart Sheldon's ways has been done to death on the show and eventually its originality will expire. I did not much care for the pointless Howard/Leslie hookup either.

    Still a really funny ep, but not because of the plot.