The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 1

The Date Night Variable

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on CBS

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  • I hope not.

    This show is normally hilarious however, tonight it was just average. The characters seemed to be reaching and not as funny as normal. I hope this story line is not going where I think it is with Rajesh & Stuart. If it does, I will be removing "The Big Bang" from my recording que. Television should simply entertain you with laughter and good drama. You should not be assaulted by social issues when you sit down to enjoy a TV show.
  • Not a worthy season opener, they can do far better...

    Overall a nice episode, but certainly lacking something. I'm not too happy about Stewart being brought into things more. He's good as Stuart from the comic book store, not Stuart: Raj's fellow lonely guy. Scenes in space worked but not quite there with the humour.

    This kind of episode is worthy as maybe a first or second season opener, I expected far better.
  • Few smiles, no laughs, lots of bore...

    The show as it continued in its 6th season seems that the writers have come to a dead point. Everything seems to be said and done. The rest is repetition of the ever same by different characters...

    - Leonard proposed during sex,

    - Howard moving in with Bernadette,

    - Sheldon not asking Amy out,

    - Raj and Stuart being lonely,

    All seen that before. Nothing new there.

    Altogether this season premiere gave me few smiles, no laughs and in fact was BORING!

    If the show continues down this path it will end up losing its initial audience. I can get that stuff with other derivative shows where the gags can be seen a mile in advance.

  • Straight back into the groove of the last 2 seasons...

    ... unfortunately., as like the vast majority of the last 2 series, it was not remotely funny. I'm hoping that they're just off to a slow start and there's a big rebound in form to come... but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Just another average episode but....

    It was still good which is a testament to how good this show is over all. Nothing in this episode really stood out as being truly amazing but I did enjoy the parts that involved Howard and the Sheldon/Amy restaurant scene was great. I also loved watching Raj talk to Leonard and Penny during the date, that was also great. Overall, great to watch.

    One thing I can't help but feel is that Leonard is getting boring to me. They point it out pretty well that he is pretty much the touchy feely "woman" type as all he seems to talk about is relationships and how he feels. It's getting dry for me, kinda makes me want to smack him around to be honest. Like Leonard points out in another season, I get why bullies wanted to pick on him.

    I personally see Howard as the funniest in this show now with Sheldon taking second followed by Raj. Rounding up the rear are the women with Leonard being the woman who takes last place. Heck, put Stewart in front of Leonard on this list as well. I guess what I'm trying to say here is; kill Leonard!
  • Bland Episode

    It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't entertaining either, kind of boring and bland. Raj's presence in both of the dates didn't generate any laughs. I also didn't find the stuff in space that funny either. I'm curious about where the Raj and Stuart subplot will end up. Overall, a disappointing episode and not a good season opener.
  • Okay opener but....

    l love this show and admire the way we are shown unlikely but lovable heroes that have flaws but learn to grow along the way. The problem is that as one other reviewer mentioned some of the things that made these characters funny and quirky are now being resolved.-eg they have girlfriends/ wives (well some of them) and in order to keep things amusing I guess the writers feel the need to hang onto certain comedic threads such as Howard and his mother....( I am really tired of this unrealistic plot-line) and off again on again Penny and Leonard. I also feel like it should be okay to allow them to move on.

    The new idea of Raj being gay seems unlikely- I'm not a gay person but I would imagine you usually know from an early age what your preferences are - although honestly don't feel qualified to know if this is true. I have nothing against a homosexual relationship it just seems forced and out of character. I actually thought Amy was more likely gay that any of the others. Finally Sheldon's total lack of physical attraction to Amy seems also a bit extreme and it feels like this should move a bit too.

    When a show has been going for a while sometimes writers run out of inspiration or are afraid to change the formula- I think they need to allow the gang to continue to grow up in a realistic way but the problem ( which they know of course) is that if the boys grow up it signals that the show has run it course. Time will tell.
  • Don't be true...

    I agree almost completely with the review below me. As I am a longtime devoted fan of TBBT, I have been able to observe the growing and maturing of these characters from the pilot, up till now. We all have. While some seem to believe that the quality of episodes are decreasing, we are still able to appreciate the charm and wit that is the Big Bang Theory in every episode that airs. I don't know about everyone else, but I need my weekly Sheldon fix! lol. But to address this episode specifically, I think we are suspicious of the writers' pairing of Raj and Stuart..........and if it's going "that way," then I for one will be sorely disappointed. Raj and Howard's "ersatz homosexual marriage," as Leonard's mother put it, was one of the many lovable running gags in the show. However, as the characters have matured, we noticed a decrease in several of these gags. For example, Howard can't be a womanizer anymore because of his marriage to Bernadette. Howard was as much involved in the gay jokes about him and Raj as the latter. Because that's all they were: jokes. Then Howard met Bernadette, and look where we are now! Raj isn't gay. He's just lonely, and can't find the right woman. If the writers are trying to make him gay, it's wrong. I'm not ***phobic when I say this, but someone has to say it, and it might as well be me: TV does NOT need another gay couple. The reason we have so many today is mainly because of the acceptance we have noticed in recent years. I'm all for that, but changing a character's entire personality, just for the sake of diversity is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY WRONG!!! I will continue to watch Season 6 unfold, along with everyone else, hoping and praying that the writers haven't made a big mistake...