The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 2

The Decoupling Fluctuation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2012 on CBS

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  • Seriously? Again?!?

    While the episode was funny, The story in this episode is old hat...It seems like the writers have essentially given up coming up with anything new. Does anyone else remember the episode where Amy told Sheldon, Who told Leonard, Who told Priya, Who told Raj, That Bernadette and Howard were going to break up?!?

    Ye..This episode was that episode. Same story, Different characters. Nothing new.
  • Fair episode, though I got tired of the constant insults and put-downs

    I'm a big fan of the show, and I enjoy the zany antics, misjudgments and faux pas. But in this episode, I think they went overboard, and the "funny" became off-putting.

    I didn't like the way Amy and Bernadette kept pressing Penny to express her deepest feelings about loving, marrying and even staying with Leonard. Penny should have told them to mind their own business or she could have brushed them off with a "fine" assessment. I don't know why Penny would even hang out with those two girls. Amy disgusts me in general.

    Then, in the space station, Howard's two cosmonaut companions ridicule him about his duties to clean the toilet, without a brush even, so his friends would hear the trash talk. Repellant in so many ways.

    Next, Raj invites Stuart along to replace his friend Howard. Sheldon insults Stuart, talks derisively in front of him and the others, and sneers at his art school education. Nice.

    Then some of the secret confidences get out. Worst is when Sheldon breaks into Penny's apartment in the middle of the night so he can rap with her about Sheldon.

    One great line that almost redeemed everything bad in the episode: Sheldon gave a gravy boat as a wedding gift to Bernadette and Howard with the engraving "In the event of a divorce, please return to Sheldon

    They should've opened the season with this.

    I enjoyed seeing emotional Sheldon, the writers played it cool and didn't go too far into it and his worry for Leonard was masked relatively effectively with nerdiness.

    I don't mind the show exploring Stuart's character more but he shouldn't become a permanent addition to the gang.

    They should've concluded the Penny-Leonard problem, leaving it open ended just suggest more mediochre relationship drama

    Overall just short of an 8
  • "Oh! Not this again!" (Sheldon Cooper, Season 3 / Epsiode 23)

    Repetition, repetition, repetition. All jokes have been made some seasons ago, so let's warm them up.

    Everything that we have seen in the last two episodes has been there already. There are so few new things (despite Howard in Space - which we knew would come) that it seems that this episode could have been located somewhere in the 4th season.

    When I first watched TBBT in 2007 I wondered what "weird thing" this was and liked it for its nerd-factor. But what is pushed out right now has moved light years away from its initial difference into mediocre mainstream.

    Nowadays it's just getting derivatively boring . Why should people keep watching TBBT? For the warmed up jokes? Or the on/off relationships? For the seemingly interchangeable characters?

    No thanks!

    If this trend continues some fans (including me) are likely to lose something - not because it has been taken away but rather because it changed for the worse.
  • Marginal improvement on last week

    At least there were a couple of moderately funny lines to raise a smile, but the show is still really struggling, and lazily falling back on old tropes - Sheldon can't keep a secret, "my mmother had me tested", Leonard / Penny will they break up yet again.

    he biggest problem though, is that the balance of the show has gone far to far towards a plot-driven soap opera format and way too far away from the funny character-driven style that it started out with; there's also barely any of the nerdy/techie content that made the show so different - as others have commented, you could close your eyes and it could almost be an episode of Friends, at times.

    The other big problem is that the show is being supported by Sheldon, Howard and just dragged down by the rest of the cast. They are trying something new with Raj, though bringing Stewart in as neoWolowitz isn't really working, and Penny can at least act and has comedy timing, whereas Amy, Leonard and particularly Bernadette are just awful leaden drains on energy every time they appear.
  • good 1.... but still COulD be better!!

    The episode was total funn!!! great comeback after the disappointing first episode... ..... so "NOT BAD"..... :)
  • Is everyone lovelorn now in this show?

    I rated this episode a 7.5. A couple of the other reviews did a good job of explaining the relatively low rating. The episode wasn't bad but the Penny/Leonard relationship on/off again scenario is getting old. And how is it when they have an argument they always end up in bed with Penny regretting it afterwards? I've never been sure either about the Amy/Sheldon relationship. It's never seemed to work and I guess that is part of the humor but how long would it go on like this for? I suppose four years as Amy said last night. And hopefully there is nothing happening with Raj and Stuart as that would just seem out of character, at least for Raj. Now with all that complaining I did find the Howard scenes pretty funny and more in line with the old show's episodes. Hopefully things will get a bit more crazy and a bit less off this relationship line in future episodes.
  • What happened to the show I used to love?

    The dynamic of the show is just different now. There used to be an occasional joke about how the characters are inept with the opposite sex mixed in with a slew of jokes about them being geeks. Now it's completely the opposite, the entire focus of the show is based around their relationships. This episode and most of the recent episodes are getting old, and I am REALLY GETTING TIRED of this ridiculous Penny thing. It doesn't even make sense now. Penny KNOWS she's being stupid, so why are you dragging this same story line out again? It is no longer "cute" to have this back and forth between Leonard and Penny. Either break them up or put them together, but stop turning them into Ross and Rachel/Ted Moseby and Robin/a million other examples.

    Also, Sheldon has changed almost entirely. He used to be completely incapable of empathy. He wouldn't even understand when someone was upset, even if it was obvious. That was part of his charm. This episode is a perfect example of why his character is now broken. He wouldn't even remotely care if Leonard and Penny broke up a few seasons ago. As a matter of fact, HE DIDN'T CARE WHEN IT HAPPENED A FEW SEASONS AGO. I understand characters need to develop and evolve, but Penny's presence used to annoy Sheldon to no end, and now he's fighting to keep Leonard and Penny together? That doesn't make ANY sense. He reminded me of someone with Asperger Syndrome (hehe Ass Burgers, never gets old), but now he just seems like a quirky guy.

    Writers, please stop trying to turn this show into Friends. As a fan from the beginning, I can tell you, I LIKED that this show was different. I am a geek and I loved it that the focus of the show was stuff I care about. Go back to the characters being scientists and geeky collectors. Stop trying to get them into relationship drama. You want to recapture my interest while keeping the ladies involved? Try to slowly have the guys get the girls into geeky stuff like what happened to Penny with the MMORPG she was addicted to. There is a wealth of material you could go with that hasn't been done before on countless other shows.
  • Bit of a disappointment .

    Bit of a disappointment .
  • A fan

    I love this show!