The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 2

The Decoupling Fluctuation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2012 on CBS

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  • What happened to the show I used to love?

    The dynamic of the show is just different now. There used to be an occasional joke about how the characters are inept with the opposite sex mixed in with a slew of jokes about them being geeks. Now it's completely the opposite, the entire focus of the show is based around their relationships. This episode and most of the recent episodes are getting old, and I am REALLY GETTING TIRED of this ridiculous Penny thing. It doesn't even make sense now. Penny KNOWS she's being stupid, so why are you dragging this same story line out again? It is no longer "cute" to have this back and forth between Leonard and Penny. Either break them up or put them together, but stop turning them into Ross and Rachel/Ted Moseby and Robin/a million other examples.

    Also, Sheldon has changed almost entirely. He used to be completely incapable of empathy. He wouldn't even understand when someone was upset, even if it was obvious. That was part of his charm. This episode is a perfect example of why his character is now broken. He wouldn't even remotely care if Leonard and Penny broke up a few seasons ago. As a matter of fact, HE DIDN'T CARE WHEN IT HAPPENED A FEW SEASONS AGO. I understand characters need to develop and evolve, but Penny's presence used to annoy Sheldon to no end, and now he's fighting to keep Leonard and Penny together? That doesn't make ANY sense. He reminded me of someone with Asperger Syndrome (hehe Ass Burgers, never gets old), but now he just seems like a quirky guy.

    Writers, please stop trying to turn this show into Friends. As a fan from the beginning, I can tell you, I LIKED that this show was different. I am a geek and I loved it that the focus of the show was stuff I care about. Go back to the characters being scientists and geeky collectors. Stop trying to get them into relationship drama. You want to recapture my interest while keeping the ladies involved? Try to slowly have the guys get the girls into geeky stuff like what happened to Penny with the MMORPG she was addicted to. There is a wealth of material you could go with that hasn't been done before on countless other shows.