The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 5

The Desperation Emanation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2010 on CBS

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  • Pranking

    Back to the standard formula. Nothing really standout here, though I do appreciate the humor between Sheldon and Amy as they effectively prank her mother.
  • 405

    Another lackluster episode of Big Bang Theory. The main reason was Kayley Cuoco's absence, it definitely did not go unnoticed. It's almost the equivalent of Sheldon missing out on an episode. Not only that, but I didn't laugh much tonight, the only part I found myself laughing at was when Sheldon & Amy were talking to Amy's mother, but that's really just about it.

    I really couldn't care less for Leonard's story line, going on a bad double date, and the date was someone you'd usually see on Two and a Half Men, so no, it really wasn't my cup of tea. I wonder if she will appear again in future episodes, I really hope she doesn't. And what was that with Raj and his deaf girlfriend? I also hope they don't make too much of that either.
  • tisk

    I think at this point everyone knows how I feel about Johnny Galecki and his character on this show, so it is no surprise that a Leonard-centric episode produces one of the least funny episodes in months.

    I have openly criticized sitcoms for having everyone get in a relationship as a show matures and has more seasons, and this show is falling into the same trap. Why does Raj and Howard have to have a girlfriend? How is that integral to the show?

    I laughed at Sheldon's lying to Amy's mother on the video chat, but other than that, a pretty forgettable episode.
  • Leonard: You know how you always say Amy is a girl who is your friend but not your girlfriend? Well, can't say that anymore...

    Another 2 plot one. And this one is the work of the season yet, and mainly it's because Penny was missing (due to Kaley's horse-riding incident).

    Leonard plot: So Leonard realises he is the only one without a girlfriend (Raj has a deaf one) so after amy tells him he stinks of despertation, he asks Howard to fix him up with one of Bernadette's friends on a double date, but the girl is gross and vulgar. But he ends up staying with her after hearing of the possibility of having sex with her.

    Shamy plot: amy asks Sheldon to meet her mom, which freaks him out as he doens't know what it means. So after Leonard tells him that means she wants to take it to the next level, he tries to avoid her, disguising as Groucho Marx, but fails. The episode ends with Shel telling Amy's mom he is having sex with her and really enjoying it.

    Title Reference: Amy saying Leonard is very desperate to get a girlfriend.

    Overall: Pretty dull episode. My favourite part was the star song Sheldon sang down the stairs. Made funnier becuase when he forgets a star, he goes back up again to start over. 8/10
  • Sheldon, the 'whacky neighbor,' moves into the starring role, when Amy Farrah Fowler asks him to meet her mother. Leonard gives off a Desperation Emanation, of anti-phermones. Where's Penny?

    The Big Bang Theory has perhaps gotten too big for its britches, moving to Thursday night, which was NBC's domain for so long they had squatter's rights. Still, I am watching it instead of Community, but switching right back to NBC for 30 Rock, The Office, and even Outsourced. I would like to watch $#*! My Dad Says, just to see Shatner Pants, but not enough to miss 30 Rock or The Office, whichever one it is. I do admit that NBC is faltering, and that CBS had built up some good comedies, but I wish they had stayed with Monday nights. They had a pretty good line up there, but since losing The Big Bang Theory to Thursday, they don't really have much left. OK, Two and a Half Men, but Rules of Engagement kind of needed a little push, and now they have messed up two nights of TV, Monday and Thursday.

    Enough already, with the kvetching about program scheduling. The Big Bang Theory is a good show that has been improving for quite a while. They may have reached a plateau, but Sheldon is on fire. He has now become the main focus, at least for the time being, and Leonard is in a slump. Leonard couldn't get anywhere even if he entered a woman's detention facility with a pile of paperwork, as Rajeesh said--in other words he couldn't get laid in a woman's prison with a pile of pardons. Wolowitz, Rajeesh, Stuart, and even Sheldon now have girlfriends, but Leonard does not.

    And where is Penny? I guess I missed an episode and am out of the loop, but it seemed like she was just gone, and they mentioned her only in passing, with regards to Leonard and his lack of Penny, or any other potential rebound gal. I guess Wolowitz's girlfriend Bernadette does set him up for a date, but her obnoxious sense of humor is a big turn off. At least that is until she invites Leonard for a second date at her cousin's wedding. And since there is an open bar, she'll be practically giving it away.

    The Big Bang Theory is still funny, but it was much funnier on Monday nights.
  • Pretty good episode

    Pretty good episode tho the absence of Penny seemed weird.I guess the reason she wasnt in this one its cause of Kaleys accident.I hope we see her in the next episodes,i love her interactions with Sheldon,i always crack up when they have a scene together.Tho it wasnt the best,i did like the episode.Shamy ,lol, is working pretty good and its really interesting to watch them together.Sheldon freaking out when Amy asked him to meet her mother was really funny!What i didnt like was Leonard whining about not having a girlfriend.He gets annoying when he does that.Anw Jim Parsons always saves the day with his amazing acting even at episodes with average storylines.Sheldon Cooper for the win!