The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 10

The Discovery Dissipation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2013 on CBS

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  • who are the Wesley crushers?

    It was an interesting episode, not a very good one in particular, some of the humor seemed forced. I am always happy to see Wil Weaton in TBBT, but it was a bit weird to have Raj do exactly what is Wil's specialty in this show: get people to fight with each other by dropping subtle phrases or by setting an example with his own behavior. The thing that made it weird is that it was unclear, if Raj was doing what he did on purpose or not. Anyway, TBBT is still THE comedy show.
  • Nice episode, but not as good as the previous one

    This was a good episode. They continue the storyline about Sheldon's scientific discovery. He's still not enjoying all the acclaim her gets from it, since it was all a mistake. To help him out, Amy gets Will Wheaton to talk to him about his own similar experiences. This causes Sheldon to have a change of heart and embrace it, but immediately after Leonard walks in and announces he's disproved the discovery, so Sheldon is back to being distressed.

    Barry Kripke makes a return to make fun of Sheldon after he publishes a retraction of his discovery. In response Sheldon makes fun of his speech. It's an interesting scene, as I think it's the first time his speech situation is directly mentioned in the show. Barry pretends to be offended by it to make Sheldon feel guilty, which was cruel on his part (although in general making fun of a speech impediment is wrong anyway, but I can understand why Sheldon would with Barry being so nasty to him).

    Howard and Bernadette don't really interact with the rest of the cast in this episode, except for Raj. He goes to stay with them for a while, and he's so "perfect" that he eventually makes them feel like they're not good enough to each other. Not much to say about this storyline to be honest. It's okay I guess. Raj seems to be a typical "nice guy", which is probably part of why he struggles with girls, and comes across as feminine.

    Amy and Penny didn't feature much in this episode. They just supported Leonard and Sheldon's storyline. I feel there's been a few episodes this season so far which didn't feature Penny much. Nice to see a couple of recurring characters return again (Will and Barry).

    There were a few funny moment. For example Amy, Sheldon and Raj's conversation at the very end. Also Sheldon's rant where he keeps adding and subtracting people from his friends tally (also a reference to the fact that he doesn't like Howard as much as everybody else, a running joke in the show).