The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 10

The Discovery Dissipation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2013 on CBS



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    • Bernadette: Raj this dinner was amazing. If you're here much longer, I'm going to have to buy bigger clothes.
      Raj: Nonsense. You need a little fattening up. You've been looking too skinny lately
      Bernadette: Ah. Howie, how come you never say anything sweet like that?
      Howard: What are you talking about? Remember last week when I asked if you were wearing Spanx and you weren't? How's that's different?
      Bernadette: Maybe you should try to be more thoughtful like your friend Raj.
      Howard: Well, maybe you could try to be more like Raj.
      Bernadette: Oh, really?
      Howard: Yeah. Yeah. He packed me a lunch this morning and there was a note inside that said "Go get'em".
      Bernadette: Like I don't do enough around here. Now I need to pack your lunch? And by the way, why do you need a note telling you to "Go got'em". You're a grown man, you should know "Go get'em".
      Howard: I do know to "Go get'em", but sometimes it's nice to have emotional support when I'm going and getting them.
      Raj: Hey. Hey. Do you hear yourselves? No more. Calm down and take a step back.
      Bernadette: This is stupid. Why are we fighting?
      Howard: I don't know. I guess I was just feeling like I'm a lousy husband.
      Bernadette: You're not a lousy husband. You're a great husband. I was the one feeling like a lousy wife.
      Howard: Are you kidding? You're the best! I know what the problem is. It's him.
      Raj: Oh. What did I do?
      Howard: You made it feel like we were not trying hard enough.
      Bernadette: Yeah. We were totally fine "half-assing" our marriage 'til you showed up.
      Raj: Look, I'm sorry you're upset with me, but I just have to say it's nice to see the two of you on the same page.
      Howard: It does feel good having you backing me up for once.
      Bernadette: I back you up all the time.
      Howard: You're doing it again!
      Bernadette: (to Raj) What is wrong with you?

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