The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 7

The Dumpling Paradox

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • It's Raining You!

    This was another one of those disjointed episodes, but it was a fun one overall, from Penny repeatedly destroying Sheldon at Halo to Raj being forgotten in the kitchen. It was easily predictable from a comedy standpoint, but they're staple occurrences for a reason. Big Bang Theory is definitely finding its stride, even if it's still a little rough around the edges.
  • Look, my first Jew!

    I loved this episode. What made it great for me was seeing focus on Howard. I knew from the start he was going to be great. This was one of his launch pads in this show. The best part is knowing that he will grow to be even funnier as time goes by. So much so that season 5 is pretty much Howard's Season.
  • 107

    Just as superb as the last episode, and this continues to be one of the most promising shows of the season. I really can see this show going on for a long time. We have intriguing characters, funny one liners, and interesting plot lines. Sheldon has not disappointed me ever since the series started, and things were no different here.

    He is easily the star of the show, and he's the one who always ends up making me laugh by the end of the episode. From him explaining the "dumpling" paradox to him wanting to watch Doctor Who, he was hilarious here! A great cold opening too, Penny playing Halo was entertaining. Wolowitz having sex with Penny's friend was hysterical and it was hilarious that he used all of Penny's things. The end was just as funny with the girls who went dancing offer the guys sex while playing Halo. "I thought I heard something..." Absolutely hilarious installment of TBBT.
  • Nerds.

    Penny's promiscuous 'friend' Christy (Brooke D'Orsay) from Nebraska is in town, and ends up being seduced by Wolowitz. The pair take over her apartment causing her to sleep on Leonard and Sheldon's couch for the night. With Wolowitz gone, Penny takes his place on their Halo team, causing Sheldon much distress as she is naturally good at it. Christy moves in with Wolowitz (and his mother) taking up all his time. Sheldon is distraught over the odd number in the group believing they can no longer function. He's even more distraught when he relents and lets Penny join in on Halo night, but she declines the offer to go dancing with her friend instead. Believing that they are falling apart as a group, the guys go to speak to Wolowitz. When they arrive they hear Christy and Wolowitz's mother arguing loudly, causing Christy to leave. Wolowitz, once again single, says 'So, Halo night?' and the group is restored. I love the start of the episode - hilarious. I love it when they are plaing Halo. I love the way Hoawrd always says something weird to Penny. I love the way Sheldon doesn't want Penny to plat, but she does and I really love the fact that she kicks Sheldon's butt. Sheldon is my faovurite he is such a nerd. the way he is eith every single detail, I love the relationshp between Sheldon and Penny. I love it when Sheldon wakes up with his breakfast and he wants to sit in his normal seat but can't due to Penny. I also love the whole storyline with Howard, and the ending is awesome.
  • Brilliant start to the episode and it continues to be awesome!

    The start of this episode made me laugh sooo much! The scene with the phone and Sheldon is just adorable! Totally adorable!

    Penny avoiding her friend and then Howard going to chat her up hahahha!

    I want Sheldon's t-shirt! Penny playing HALO amused me greatly and her being good was just amazing! The fact she is female and is good is great for all female gamers :P!

    "Look it's raining you!"

    Howard and Christie - I just kinda puked at the imagine even though I haven't seen this episode in ages!

    The guy who plays Sheldon is a legend and everytime I watch an episode I keep having to remind myself Sheldon is not real. Yes. I am in love with that geek.
  • Best episode so far

    The guys are playing Halo and Penny comes in their apartment cos a slutty friend of hers is staying at her house. Wolowitz leaves the house to go do it with her. Penny then joins in with Halo, much to Sheldons annoyance (which is pretty hilarious). Wolowitz doesn't hang out with the gang anymore, but stays doing it with that gold digger as long as Wolowitz keeps buying her stuff. The Halo bit at the beginning was so hilarious. I seriously cannot stop watching that clip. I absolutely love this show. This episode made me fall in love with this show.
  • A great episode from one of the most promising new sitcoms in years!

    "The Big Bang Theory" is becoming one of the most promising new sitcoms in years, gaining large ratings admist CBS' Monday night comedy block. And this episode is no expection to the rule!

    This episode contains some brilliant one lines and Sheldon is on top form as always: his Saturday morning routine (Doctor Who on BBC America!) was brilliantly hilarious. As usual Leonard is the "cool" member of the group... well, just. Howard is the "womaniser" and he manages to get the girl in this episode!

    The boy's HALO night is also very funny especially the tag scene at the end of the episode.

    This is the best show that CBS has on its Monday night block (quite an achievement considering it has only been on for 7 episodes), with each installment getting better. If the show stays at this consistent quality it will be around for a long time yet!
  • This episode was funny but not as funny as the first few episodes.

    This episode was funny but not as funny as the first few episodes. It had a lot of energy within characters. I am love Cocou, she is exeptionally pretty. although, she got her standard within her level, if you what i am mean.the other two nerds are very funny. i am believe nerd should treat like everyone els. there is should not be a segregation between one or other. nevertheless, i am really grad that the show is finally on. The show is very funny and full of venture. i love the show very much, and i would thank the world for this.
  • This episode was funny but not as funny as the first few episodes.

    The show begins with Penny coming to Sheldon and Leonard's apartment to get away from her "friend" Christy, upon learning that Christy is loose Harold is gone leaving Penny to fill in with the guys playing Halo 3. Sheldon quickly becomes annoyed because Penny (the beautiful Kaley Cuoco) is wiping the floor with him. He accuses her of cheating then storming off to his room.

    After Howard begins spending alot of time with Christy, the guys world is turned upside down, leaving Sheldon to ask Penny to become thier fourth for Halo 3 night. Penny having a life declines and go clubbing.

    I have always been smarter than most of the people I am around and have been called a nerd and geek but the next scene would never have happen. Penny brings back some hot friends and opens the door to tell the guys that she and her friends are there to have sex with them but the guys are so caught up in their game that they completely tune her out. Not too smart for a bunch of geniuses.

    This show is one of the funniest on tv.
  • Pretty good episode even if it did revolve around a video game.

    I liked how it started, just the guys wanting to hang out and play a video game(imagine that). Then this Cristy chick showed up and takes Harold into Penny's appartment to do the nasty. I absolutely LOVED the way they were talking about her, it was pretty funny. The dumbling thing was confusing, and stupid and might I add irrelevant, in my opinion, to the rest of the episode. I loved it when Rahj left while eating a sandwhich, when Penny was trying to sleep and she heard him walk out. Sheldon warned her that she should sleep on the other side of the couch, and when she heard that she switched sides. It ended cently, I'm guessing Cristy will be moving out and hopfully won't be there in the next episode.
  • This episode blows all the others straight out of the water and into the air!

    An old friend of Penny's rolls into town and Wolowitz makes his move on her and both of them get a bit busy with each other, leaving Leonard, Sheldon, and Koothrappali all by themselves on Halo night. Penny joins in and crushes Sheldon so many times. The next morning, Wolowitz begins to spend time with this girl all the time, leaving the three all by themselves everywhere leaving Sheldon a bit annoyed and believes that their whole universe is out of whacked now that their friend is gone.

    This episode was extremely funny and there was tons of parts that I couldn't stop laughing at. A great storyline, tons of great humor and great mention of Halo makes this easily the best episode out of the whole series!