The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 12

The Egg Salad Equivalency

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 2013 on CBS

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  • Alex yummy egg salad sandwich :P

    one of the best and funniest episodes , more Alex in season 7 pls shes my favorite girl , good job getting her in the program.
  • i love this

    I absolutely love this show but this is got to be one of the funniest episodes.
  • How do u watch it?

    How do u watch it?
  • Honestly, that was a good one!

    Yes, that was a good show. Funny and non repetitive jokes, new twists into it, goody!
  • Again mystified by the other scores

    This was eventually an OK episode, but the first half dragged and was pretty much laugh-free. PIcked up in the second half which was much better still without being hugely funny - a lot of setup which didn't altogether pay off.

    The Raj drunkenness trope is starting to wear really thin - they need to do something with his character to move him forward - let him talk to women he knows well, at least - then he doesn't have to be drunk or mute in every scene.

    As for the other scores - 10s? Seriously? There are no ways that this could have been better? There are no episodes in the previous 5 series that were better than this - S2 E3/5/11 for example, back when it was consistently laugh out loud funny?
  • The Egg Salad Equivalency

    The Big Bang Theory starts the year with a bang. The episode was hilarious and Kaley Cuoco was so damn hot wearing glasses that i can see a whole hour of her just sitting and wearing these glasses. the ratings were so good the best in viewers and demo ever for the show and i hope it doesn't show a sign of slowing down and keeps going up. Sheldon got what he deserved in this episode as he learned he can't treat everyone as he treats his friends as everyone is not ok with that.
  • Funniest episode in the recent past!

    This episode had me laughing till my sides hurt. For once we just got back to the old, tried and true formula of our core 4 nerds, with the ladies playing a small background part. With Leonard and Wolowitzs' hyperactive libido, Sheldon's ability to make everything about himself while really having no regard or concern of what consequences his actions will bring to his friends, and same old classic raj. I haven't seen an episode this good of The BBT in so long, it was great, refreshing, and just plain funny!
  • best episode of the season so far!!

    awesome awesome episode!!! penny had to taste a bit of all the time she would make leonard feel was at his best,leonard singing the sing with cello was superb!
  • Another good episode, cant believe it

    This series is getting better! Almost up to its old strength. Really liked it this time.

    But imo Leonard should prefer Alex, much hotter and knows more about science ;)