The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 14

The Einstein Approximation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on CBS

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  • Ball Pit

    Despite continuing to rely overly heavily on Sheldon, this episode was actually decently entertaining and involved the whole cast. It was nice to see them all interacting and getting a decent amount of screen time. Throwing in the roller skating outing and the ball pit were perfect calls as well. Decent episode.
  • 314

    Another superb episode, and Sheldon really shined here. I don't know why some people are complaining but Big Bang has been really good as of late, and Sheldon has been the prime reason why this show has been so good. My only complaint this season as how focused on relationships this season has gotten, but lately, we haven't been getting a lot of that, which is good.

    The scene in the ball play pen was absolutely hysterical, and definitely a memorable scene of this show. Also Sheldon scaring Penny & Leonard in their sleep, another hilarious scene. We just got some great genuinely funny moments, and it was because of Sheldon, great episode.
  • A funny and superb episode, where Sheldon drives Lenny and Penny absolute crazy - I liked the reference to Little Britain.

    It was as usual, a great episode, where you get to pee you pants. Sheldon is hilarious, and Lenny and Penny is driven crazy because Sheldon has a problem (or more)!

    I loved the reference to Little Britain, I don't wanna spoil anything, so watch the episode. I like that a show like this exists, and I laugh every week when a new episode comes on.
    Sheldon is my favorite character, especially since all my friends thinks that I'm just as unconsidered and cruel, without knowing or wanting to be so. Lenny is beginning to be boring, and Raj should have more time on screen.
  • Sheldon has a problem.

    Usually the formula for a successful episode of The Big Bang Theory is have something crazy going on Sheldon's life. That is for the most part true, but tonight things just didn't play out that way. Sheldon and Leonard playing in a ball pit is bound to be in a Bang clip show somewhere down the line, but for me it just came off as childish and immature.

    The only real highlight for me was Sheldon working as a busboy, and then a waiter. I loved the Season 1 episode where Sheldon worked at the electronics store briefly, and they recreated some of that magic in these scenes.

    But man, anything involving Leonard is just so unfunny. Someone needs to build a time machine and send Johnny Galecki back to Roseanne.
  • Sheldon, sheldon, and more sheldon!

    I started watching this show because it was equally the stories were equally divided between the four friends, but now I starting with the third season its just become all about Sheldon. Dont get me wrong, the character's quite entertaining but as a viewer we its kind of become monotonous watching his quirks over and over again. In fact if I dare say it, he has become almost predicatable. True as a viewer you are suppose to know how your particular favorite character might behave but it shouldn't be to the point where you know what is going to happen. It high time the stories start shifting back to Harold and Kuthrapali. They have so much more to offer then just lame side kicks which by the way they pull very well and give them more to work with.
  • Awesome episode!!!!

    Pffff, i am registered member in since 5 minutes ago, and i came straight here to review this episode, because i think that is the best episode of all seasons :) i laughed so much that my gf waked up and was ungry with me, of course when i see TBBT doesn't matter anything :) Bazinga, Bazinga, the best scene of Sheldon, is the best actor i have ever seen!!! I think that all the team is good but with sheldon the team goes up! Bazinga! I cant wait for the episode 16, is too much days to waiting for it!!!

    Thanks for reading
  • Nice episode, reviews can contain spoilers. Bazinga! You can't catch me!

    This episode is almost perfect. I think that awaiting for this episode and littles spoilers make a deception a the beginning. So that started slow for me. But Sheldon starts going very crazy, very in sheldon's world, looking at resolve his equation, the world becomes laws of fisics and atoms... and fun :)
    This one make's me says again that Jim Parsons deserves Golden Globe pulling the show. Just see when he pronunces Einstein.

    However the others characters are nice, Leonard trying to get sheldon to reality and out of the pool LoL. He's also teasing penny giving sheldon reasons.. Raj and Howard on disco dancing, Raj so "on the clouds" gay momment with Howard so disconforting and weird expression making me LoL.

    Nice Ending Cut with "bazinga you can't catch me" :D
  • Bazinga Bazinga Bazinga Bazinga

    Okay, so i joined 3 weeks ago and it's the first time i review and episode of TBBT, so this is what I thought about the episode, it was so hilarious, Jim Parsons does an awesome piece of work playing Dr. Cooper, one of my favourite scenes of these episodes is when Raj and Leonard give him food and then Howard asks Do you need corn?? and he replies Why would i need corn?!?!?!?! I laughed at that joke so hard!!, my only complaint, the subplot lasted too little, maybe that's why the episode just lasted 19 minutes, but great, keepdoing episodes like this Lorre.

    Thank's for reading
  • I agree Dunga103 ...

    This season has been all about Sheldon they could divide the stories equally as you say, so we dont get bored eventually, although the show still pretty good hope continues for a long long time, and i think they should invite some celebrities to take part just like last episode (Yeardley Smith) it was funny to see her and talk her (normal) voice still sound very Lisa Simpson, well overall the episode was pretty funny, personally believe season after season the show has become better and better so lets enjoy it, well im done with my first review it feels good to be part of this hehe ...
  • Sheldon seems to be losing his cognitive powers as he won't sleep until he figures out a new theory. He drives Penny and Leonard crazy doing Sheldon type things. He takes a menial job working with Penny to get inspiration like Einstein did from his job.

    An enjoyable episode with Sheldon mostly driving everyone else crazy. The knocking and saying their names thing is now occurring every episode. This time on the wall above the bed where the two of them are sleeping.

    Over the course of the episode Sheldon breaks into a kiddie joint with one of those ball crawls, Penny's apartment, and the restaurant where Penny works to first be a bus boy and then a waiter. ("Because that's more menial than being a bus boy!")

    Raj mentions a roller skating rink and disco night so Howard and Leonard end up taking the girls and embarrassing them terribly. Of course Raj is mad because it was his idea and eventually Howard makes it up to him.

    Bernadette gets Sheldon to at least try sleeping by being extremely analytical. When Leonard mentions Einstein that's how Sheldon gets the idea of doing menial labor and a very funny scene at a job search firm takes place with Yeardley Smith playing the job placement person.

    Not one of the funniest episodes, but certainly entertaining. This show is always good. Sometimes it outdoes itself. This just wasn't one of those times, but still very good. Thanks for reading...