The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 1

The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

The boys return from the North Pole, bearded and happy to be home. Sheldon is especially happy to be back in his home environment and his spot on the couch. Leonard goes next door to tell Penny that they've returned and is greeted with a big kiss. Howard and Raj approach Sheldon saying they need to talk. Sheldon says that if it's about the night the heat went out (and they all had to sleep naked to maintain body heat) that it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Howard and Raj decide to come clean to Sheldon that they actually tampered with his lab results. Sheldon had become so dictator-like when he wasn't getting any results that Leonard, Howard, and Raj decided to create false positives. Sheldon is incredibly upset by this since he's already emailed everyone at the university about his findings and is upset that he does not look credible and that his chances of a Nobel Prize are shot.
Sheldon goes next door to ask Leonard about the data tampering and he admitted to it being true. Sheldon returns to his room and lies down on his bed, crying. Penny tells Leonard to go talk to him but when he doesn't, she goes over to try and comfort Sheldon. Ultimately, her trying to make things better only gets Sheldon more upset.
The next day in the University cafeteria, Sheldon is upset with the boys still and sits at a different table. Leonard goes over to try and apologize again, but Sheldon refuses to accept his apology. Barry approaches Sheldon and reminds him that he has completely lost credibility in the science world. Later that day, Leonard is hanging out with Penny again when Howard and Raj interrupt. Sheldon has run away and has texted Howard telling him so. Shortly after, Sheldon's mom calls Leonard to let him know that Sheldon has returned home to Texas. Leonard tries to delegate and tells Howard and Raj to go to Texas to talk to Sheldon, but Penny said that he needs to go, too. He doesn't want to wait anymore to be with Penny but she says that they waited three months already, another day won't hurt them.
In Texas, Sheldon and his mother are about to have lunch, but his mother reminds him that he needs to pray before they eat, much to his displeasure. The three guys head to Texas, and Howard has bought a red cowboy hat which annoys Leonard a lot. They arrive at Sheldon's home where Mrs. Cooper answers the door. Leonard tries to apologize again and Sheldon does not accept. He says that Texas is his home now and that he'll stay here and try to teach evolution to the Christians in Texas. His mother is extremely upset by this. Sheldon quickly accepts Leonard's apology, and they return to California.
Back at home, Penny and Leonard finally have sex. Leonard's happy that he's finally able to catch a break, but then in their post-coital discussion the two of them realize the awkwardness that follows when friends hook up
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