The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 23

The Engagement Reaction

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 12, 2011 on CBS

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  • Other Assorted Coccuses

    This episode was much, much smoother than the previous one, though I'm definitely not digging Bernadette adopting Howard's mother's voice. It's nice to see Pria and Penny getting something resembling along, though I don't want Pria hanging around much longer. She's just not right with the group. Decent episode, not a lot of laughs.
  • Not bad, but it could've been waaaaaay better.

    I appreciate the effort the producers and writers made of doing something different to what they usually did and going out of their comfort zone. The problem is, that can be a recipe for failure and in this case, the episode wasn't up to snuff IMO.

    Let's face it: Sheldon/Jim IS this programme, and especially the way he interacts with Penny/Kaley. When you take away that, and you get a ridiculously Flanderised Sheldon to the point of being annoying (and not *good* annoying), something's very wrong with the episode.

    I did like, however, the way Leonard is treated differently, with the girls talking about his flaws and all, and finally giving a plausible explanation of him being a chick magnet (I mean, come on! he's had the female doctor, the hot blonde, the gorgeous Indian, the hot scientist, the old lady with enviable sex skills - yet he complains about not having luck with the ladies, Alan Harper much?).

    Bernadette - I think the actress who plays her is 'stop-eating hot', but the character is handled the wrong way. I mean, what on earth is she doing with him? Going with another 2 1/2 men parallel - it's like Courtney Thorne-Smith with Jon Cryer... those two sitcoms seem to be obsessed with the idea of a hot successful girl being into a lame pathetic insecure man, yet the reverse never happens as, apparently, a less-than-hot woman could never possibly deserve a hot successful guy.

    And Howard's mum heard but not seen - this stopped being funny three series ago, IMO.
  • Relationships have been part of this show since DAY ONE.

    Only thing I didn't like about this episode was how Bernadette reacted to Howard thinking that it was his fault that his mother fainted due to the engagement news, when it really wasn't. Yeah it wasn't a GREAT episode but I can't believe how blind certain people are when they say relationships are ruining the show and they don't act like nerds anymore. This is SUPPOSED to happen. Why can't the nerd grow up and get a girlfriend? And ever since season 1, relationships have been happening. Granted they didn't last long, but they were still short relationships. That is why the show is called "The Big BANG theory." And there have been LOTS of instances this season where they still do nerdy things together. And take a look at this episode--playing a geeky trading card game. So all you who hate the show now really need to realize that this has been happening since day 1 and the characters are evolving like they're supposed to.
  • BBT hitting the bottom of the barrel.

    Apart from the episode on gossips, I can`t think of a single good recent episode of Big Bang theory, that`s how bad the show is doing. The loss of the quality this season has been drastic. It probably has to do maybe with Sheldon not being nearly as funny as he used to be to hold the show by himself but also with the constant wrong decisions the writers are making. Bernadette, Amy , Priya...there are way way too much characters on the show now. Amy is funny at times sure but that angle is played out(is there even an angle they are trying to do here?) and Bernadette is plain unfunny. There was a time where Howard used to be funny, he is plain boring now. Was that scene where he announces his engagement to his mother supposed to be funny? I can`t think of any perspective where it was. As for Raj, I don`t know if he said even a single funny line this season...he has become a cheesy, annoying character. The premise of the show was having a bunch of geeks, each with their distinct characteristic, living next to that hot blond. We don`t have that now...the writers have diverted from the show`s simple (and working) premise by adding uninteresting characters and relations. There is character development, and then there is turning characters into the shadow of what they were. Certainly, they are getting it wrong here. I hope they end the season on a good note even tho it won`t be enough to prevent BBT from being one of the biggest disappointment on tv this season.
  • Still a big fan of TBBT! I don't understand why so many people start to have problems with this show. It's still as funny as in the beginning.

    Still a big fan of TBBT! I don't understand why so many people start to have problems with this show. It's still as funny as in the beginning. I understand people saying the emphasis of the show shifting more towards Sheldon and that the show changed. But I like seeing Sheldon no matter what he does and a little change in the show from time to time can't hurt. They're trying out some new things and I find that a good thing. I don't like shows where every episode is an almost exact remake of the previous one. I don't see how anyone could so I don't get all the complaints. This episode was very funny to me. Sheldon's fear of germs pushed to the extreme, perfectly done by Jim Parsons, and Raj with some hilarious lines. The highlight of this episode however has to be Howard losing the battle with the door! Hilarious how he bounces off!
  • 423

    It's weird, I'm usually the person that always criticizes it for all of it's flaws, but I actually enjoyed the episode. Sure, the plot may have been a little far-fetched, but I actually found myself laughing all throughout.

    The story line focused on Howard & Bernadette? We all know that's off putting, but we got some interesting interactions between Penny & Priya, some pretty funny back-and-forths from Raj & Leonard. And we got some hilarious Sheldon scenes to top it off.

    Overall, I am in agreement when everyone says this show has gone downhill, but I'm not going to deny, this was an enjoyable installment even though I'm not loving the couple put on the forefront tonight.
  • Horrible.

    I am not the biggest The Big Bang Theory fan out there, and I really do not try and pretend that I am, but I have a hard time seeing how even the most passionate members of that fan club will justify this.

    Sheldon was even awful in this episode. He was obsessed with cleanliness and germs in an appearance that seemed more like a bad Adrian Monk impression than something that matched his usual character traits.

    It focused on Howard and Berta, so right there in the beginning it should have been a dead give away this was going to be a hard half hour to stomach.

    When you look at the ratings you can see why this show is trending downward. Just a really bad episode of TBBT tonight, not much more else to say.
  • Bernadette: Howard's mother had a heart attack because I have sex with him and she can't!

    Soooooooo the cast is put together at a hospital after Mrs. Wolowitz had a heart attack right after finding out Howard was engaged to Bernie.

    At the hospital everyhrting happens. First, Pria & Penny bond over their relation with Leonard, comparing their moments with him and sharing laughts. Then, Raj comments on how not cool is to have your gf and your ex be firends making him reveal he stripped for Penny sometimes. Then, Sheldon's fears of germs drive him into a biohazard room, where he is put in quarantine for 2 weeks & then Bernie finds out and is worried abotu their future, but then the doctor tells them she is fine and wants to talk to her. Bernie than comes out really mad cause she only had food poisoning and storms out. The ep ands with the boys playing Lords Of Ka'ah on Sheldon's quaratine room.

    Overall: Hilarious, great ensemble episode. Everyone had their moments, from Raj making coloful commentary on their card games, to Sheldon jibber jabbering about jibber jabber. And who could forget howard slamming himself to the door? Seriously great. 10/10.
  • The Engagement Reaction...

    This week's "The Engagement Reaction" lived up to being exactly the kind of output that I have come to expect of The Big Bang Theory of late, namely a combination of very little happening alongside some amalgamation of what passes for humor on the show these days. The episode revolves around Howard finally telling his mother about his engagement to Bernadette, a concept that seems fine for an individual plot point, but doesn't translate well into carrying the full time slot. When Howard gives her the big news, his mother collapses and the gang all end up in the hospital both comforting Howard and awaiting his mother's test results. Whilst there was what could possibly pass for a B-plot involving Sheldon's distain for germs, in terms of actual character driven substance, there really was little else. Whilst exchanges between Penny and Priya in the hospital might seem like they've moved that plot thread along somewhat, it seems much more likely to me that a small "friendship" will form between the two and lead to a series of "does he still do that?" or "did he do this?" conversations until Priya finally leaves. Occupying screen time for sure, but providing us nothing that we didn't see coming months ago.

    There were - unlike much of the recent episodes of the show - some funny moments worth mentioning; Raj playing with both Sheldon and Leonard's heads providing the biggest laughs. The physical humor early in the episode involving Howard's inability to knock down a bathroom door with his shoulder also stuck a chord, mostly I think because whilst the outcome of the situation was predictable, Simon Helberg's inherent funniness added something to the scene.

    As the episode ended the minute scale of the plot became even more unbelievable as Howard's mother was in fact fine, suffering only from food poisoning. There was also some small indication that the writers intend to make Bernadette more and more like Howard's mother, a concept that will well and truly destroy a character that is already too shrill to seriously be given dialogue. I pray that it was a one off joke. All in all, "The Engagement Reaction" did exactly what it said on the tin. We saw (a term used loosely as we have never actually seen Howard's mother, a plot point that in of itself is becoming fairly tedious) what we thought was Howard's mother's reaction to her son's engagement, and in the end it wasn't even that. It's not bad television, but it's also not even close to good.