The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 23

The Engagement Reaction

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 12, 2011 on CBS

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  • BBT hitting the bottom of the barrel.

    Apart from the episode on gossips, I can`t think of a single good recent episode of Big Bang theory, that`s how bad the show is doing. The loss of the quality this season has been drastic. It probably has to do maybe with Sheldon not being nearly as funny as he used to be to hold the show by himself but also with the constant wrong decisions the writers are making. Bernadette, Amy , Priya...there are way way too much characters on the show now. Amy is funny at times sure but that angle is played out(is there even an angle they are trying to do here?) and Bernadette is plain unfunny. There was a time where Howard used to be funny, he is plain boring now. Was that scene where he announces his engagement to his mother supposed to be funny? I can`t think of any perspective where it was. As for Raj, I don`t know if he said even a single funny line this season...he has become a cheesy, annoying character. The premise of the show was having a bunch of geeks, each with their distinct characteristic, living next to that hot blond. We don`t have that now...the writers have diverted from the show`s simple (and working) premise by adding uninteresting characters and relations. There is character development, and then there is turning characters into the shadow of what they were. Certainly, they are getting it wrong here. I hope they end the season on a good note even tho it won`t be enough to prevent BBT from being one of the biggest disappointment on tv this season.
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