The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 23

The Engagement Reaction

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 12, 2011 on CBS

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  • Not bad, but it could've been waaaaaay better.

    I appreciate the effort the producers and writers made of doing something different to what they usually did and going out of their comfort zone. The problem is, that can be a recipe for failure and in this case, the episode wasn't up to snuff IMO.

    Let's face it: Sheldon/Jim IS this programme, and especially the way he interacts with Penny/Kaley. When you take away that, and you get a ridiculously Flanderised Sheldon to the point of being annoying (and not *good* annoying), something's very wrong with the episode.

    I did like, however, the way Leonard is treated differently, with the girls talking about his flaws and all, and finally giving a plausible explanation of him being a chick magnet (I mean, come on! he's had the female doctor, the hot blonde, the gorgeous Indian, the hot scientist, the old lady with enviable sex skills - yet he complains about not having luck with the ladies, Alan Harper much?).

    Bernadette - I think the actress who plays her is 'stop-eating hot', but the character is handled the wrong way. I mean, what on earth is she doing with him? Going with another 2 1/2 men parallel - it's like Courtney Thorne-Smith with Jon Cryer... those two sitcoms seem to be obsessed with the idea of a hot successful girl being into a lame pathetic insecure man, yet the reverse never happens as, apparently, a less-than-hot woman could never possibly deserve a hot successful guy.

    And Howard's mum heard but not seen - this stopped being funny three series ago, IMO.
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