The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 5

The Euclid Alternative

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on CBS

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  • Stagnant

    This episode almost had some sort of character development and then Sheldon quit. Granted, I wouldn't want to see him drive, but he still needs to figure out how to be a little more self-sustaining. And once again, he was carrying the episode, so it'd be nice if the show could figure out how to take some of the burden off his shoulders. It's getting to the point I don't care about these people because they're not getting anywhere - they're stagnant.
  • ... well :|

    well .. about this episode . it wasnt that good , i mean i love the show , but this episode was quite average .
    the only thing i liked in this episode that like every episode Leonard gets every one nut about him .
    about he cant drive and how everyone were pissed of him while they drove him .
    but still nothing really funny happened , and it was quite disappointing .
    but still i gave 8 to this episode , just for Leonard, but for anything else . i think im gonna wait for the next episode to laugh .
  • Hilarious Installment.

    There wasn't much of a storyline this time around. However, the writers stuck to the working formula of giving Sheldon the centerstage, and produced another great installment.

    I liked the part where Penny gives him a ride to work, and Sheldon annoys her so much, that she kicks him ot of the car. But, my favorite was the part at the DMV, where he comes to get his learners license. Finally, the sequence where he tries his hand on the simulator and refuses to acknowledge that he has given up was hilarious. His theory of evolution to counter the situation was nothing short of exemplary.

    A good show, and a great season so far.
  • 205

    An outstanding episode of The Big Bang Theory. Season 2 has really impressed me so far and this episode was an example of that.

    We all know that Sheldon is the best thing about this show, and and episode as Sheldon-heavy as this, you really can't go wrong. Leonard scenes were kept to a minimum and we had plenty of Penny & Sheldon interactions which are also one of the best things about this series.

    A lot of jokes that just worked here, from Sheldon's virtual car accident and Penny throwing a pillow at his face to the very end with the cleaning ladies that was unexpectedly hysterical. Sheldon just interacted with the whole cast, and everyone's reaction times were great.

    I definitely commend Kayley Cuoco, she has become such an important addition to the cast. Hopefully we'll get more episodes like this, I'm glad the writers realize that Sheldon is the strongest link, and they don't have a problem shoving him center stage like they did here.
  • Sheldon has trouble getting to work when Leonard goes on the night shift.

    Wow, just when I thought The Big Bang Theory couldn't top themselves they do. Another unbelievable episode jam-packed with Sheldon greatness. His chemistry with Penny has been well-documented and we had another entertaining scene with them in the car together, including Sheldon thinking Penny telling him to get out meant for him to look under the hood. We had Sheldon screaming on Howard's motorcycle and asking Raj to take him on a plethora of errands when the two drove together.

    I don't think I can remember the last time I laughed so hard while watching a comedy. There were some cliches like the intervention, but the writing is strong enough to overcome those potholes. The show always keeps you guessing, like the reference we got at the end too. Just another series classic and another great one for Season 2.
  • Superb

    This episode was a decent episode of The Big Bang Theory it wasn't nothing special until Sheldon started the driving simulator I love everyones reactions while they watched Sheldon wreck havoc and when Penny hit him with the pillow it was so funny and the best was yet to come when Sheldon was living in the work and the cleaners saw him "You saw nothing" I laughed so load the best ending to a episode of The Big Bang Theory ever I loved the way he ran away after it and I was laughing until ten minutes after the show had ended, truly a great episode.
  • Sheldon needs to learn how to drive because Leoard can't take him to work anymore and everybody else is sick of it.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. I can relate to it and friends who ask you to drive them everywhere are very annoying. Funny to see Sheldon not being able to master something for once in his life.
    The best scene by far is while he is at the dmv discussing the multiple choice questions with the lady at the counter.
    Not enough of Penny in this episodes for my liking, but still the yellow top at the end while Sheldon is on the simulator is well worth it.
    All in all, a very good episode if you can relate to it.
  • Sheldon doesn't know how to drive, which drives his colleagues crazy

    Leonard is doing experiments at night, so Sheldon has to find someone to drive him to work, and to Radio Shack, the comic book store, etc. At first, he has difficulty comprehending that Leonard isn't going to drive him, but when he figures it out, he asks Penny for the favor. He drives her crazy in the car, where she has a "check engine light" on. It turns out it's been on for about a month. Then he wants to play games with her. The game he picks is one based on the elements. Naturally, Penny refuses to play, so Sheldon plays both sides. When Sheldon gets out to check out the car's engine, Penny drives off without him. Later, Howard creates a simulator so Sheldon can practice driving. But he ends up on a simulated killing spree. Finally, Sheldon decides to sleep in the office while Leonard is doing his night experiments. What Leonard doesn't tell him, however, is that his finished his experiment a week ago.