The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 16

The Excelsior Acquisition

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on CBS

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  • Stan Lee

    It was incredible it took the show six seasons to have a simple world-remembering episode. It's little things like "remember the time we" episodes that have consequences later that really bring an episode together and make it something more. Not only did we get a fairly decent stand-alone episode, we got the memories of when Sheldon had to help Penny to the hospital. I'd like to see more of this in the future.
  • un deposited checks

    It's funny Sheldon cashes checks whenever he needs and wants to buy something, but I wish Leonard or any of his friends mentioned that after 90 days he can't cash them.
  • 316

    Although this episode definitely wasn't as good as the last couple of episodes, it was still an entertaining episode nevertheless. It wasn't so Sheldon-heavy and we got some Sheldon & Penny interactions, but the funniest I definitely would have to say would be Raj. With a speaker attached to his shirt, it just fit very well with the entire episode. Also him mentioning the superheroes' names was also mildly interesting.

    Seeing Sheldon in jail was also a funny theme on tonight's episode. I like how they brought up something from a previous episode this season. Stan Lee doesn't mean much to me considering I had no idea who he was until this episode came along, but the last scene at his house was pretty funny. Penny surprised me here tonight, as she brought most of the laughs.
  • That's my spot.

    Another poor episode of The Big Bang Theory. Oh, Raj is playing a lot of familiar themes! ROFL, so funny....not.

    That Stan Lee cameo was terrible. The writers for this show really need to watch some tapes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to see how to properly utilize some celebrity guests. I really feel bad for people who find this show funny. Don't get me wrong, there was a time when this was a really good show that I looked forward to all week. Those days are long gone as evidenced by this below mediocre episode.

    Unfortunately, people are watching the show now more than ever.
  • Stan Lee is coming to the comic book store to sign autographs and Sheldon finds out he'll have to miss the signing as he has to appear in traffic court for the night he helped Penny by driving her to the hospital. Things get out of hand!

    I found this episode to be very amusing. I especially liked the line about "this restraining order will go really well next to the my one of Leonard Nimoy!

    All the characters acted true to form. The scenes with Sheldon, Raj, and Howard were standard Big Bang stuff with the Excelsior signings and Raj getting in Stan Lee's face about something ridiculous and not getting his signed the same way. Sheldon with his little speech for Penny making her out to be a real hick instead of a normal person. Sort of goes to show you what he really thinks.

    Sheldon's reactions at the court were to be expected. As most of us have learned in the past, it's not if you're guilty or not it is how you approach it. Superiority with a Municipal Court Judge is not the way to do it! That you can bet on. So overall a little predictable. Entertaining and fast paced. The half hour flew by and it was a very enjoyable episode. Thanks for reading...
  • In this episode comic-con Stan Lee signs autographs but traffic court stalls Sheldon as he gets in jail.

    I think another funny episode very funny. I think The Big Bang Theory is at their best when Sheldon and Penny go on adventures, such good chemistry. Sheldon was hilirous like usaul and when he first got in the cell and said "That's My Spot" was the funniest part of the episode to me. I think they should do some other storys even though the Sheldon episodes are great. Even some Raj or Wolowitz episodes, and some Leonard and Penny drama should come in play because I think it was funnier with there both single. But for this episode another good one really steped up form the start of the season.
  • This episode was so fast. I looked to time and it was same lenght.

    Its ok for me that some people saying that isn't so funny anymore. Its true that the laugh by minute is scoring low at this episode. But the laughing out loud ô meter still scoring high for me. And i think that the big bang theory is more interesting than others series. If you want to compare with others comic series, one thing its poor in tbbt, are the fake laughs, so much histeric in my opinion.. TBBT is so cool and Stan Lee rules! :D * Sheldon: 10 stars on 10. "It's my spot" (at jail) * Penny: 10 kisses on 10. LoL when she run away! * Leonard Hofstadter 10 spider phone ring tone ring on 10 ("can you turn your shirt off?") * Rajesh Koothrappali 10 music cool t-shirt on 10 * Howard, best sentece: "nothing more amazing and frightening that a man who has music blasting out in the middle of the nipples" 10 comic b. on 10 * Stan Lee Himself: 10 fantastic 4 pijamas on 10!

    great episode. Time passed so fast watching it.
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