The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 6

The Extract Obliteration

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2012 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode starts of with Howard and Raj playing a dancing game on the television in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment as Leonard sits and watches. Although both in their minds are doing it really well while the observer Leonard makes a snide remark and gets away with his innuendo on their performance. Soon Sheldon walks in the living room with paradigm shifting news and pauses their game whilst they were both boogieing and this upsets Raj and he says 'Dude.. I was about to Bollywood this bitch'.
The news Sheldon delivers is that Prof. Stephen Hawking has accepted his request to play a game of 'Words with friends' with him he tries to makes sure if everyone understood what it meant, to which Howard does an impersonation of Stephen Hawking and says 'Damnit! I meant to click No'. The understanding was that Prof. Stephen Hawking was now Sheldon's friend as the game states its 'words with friends' and Sheldon congratulates the boys on knowing someone who is friends with Stephen Hawking. Howard then states that he knows Prof. Hawking as he has worked with him to which Sheldon states the difference between working with someone and being friends with them and leaves the room while thinking of possible and acceptable nicknames for himself and Prof. Hawking. This gives Raj the opportunity to get back to his dancing game and he resumes it, rips off his shirt, boogies and says "Crank up AC boys, its gonna get hot in here'.

Bernadette, Amy and Penny are in Penny's apartment across the hall, Bernadette is explaining how living with Howard's mother actually feels like and of her getting out of the shower and using a towel to dry herself, realizing it was Howard's mother's underwear and nothing will ever be enough to get it off of her memory even after taking another shower post that. Seeing it as a perfect opportunity, Amy shares with the girls how she actually has seen Sheldon's underwear in his drawer and nothing Sheldon says can change that because she has already seen how it looks. While picking up popcorn of the floor, Bernadette accidentally finds a history textbook on the floor and questions Penny about its existence to which Penny says she is taking a at the community college and she wanted to keep it a secret because she didn't want Leonard to freak out and be giddily supportive which she couldn't handle.

Sheldon is then seen playing the game with Stephen Hawking on his tablet in Amy's lab and using his brilliance tries to score the highest points to have an edge over Stephen Hawking. Amy gets excited and explains that when one man dominates the other, his testosterone level rises and now she is excited to know that Sheldon might be getting a testosterone level after all.

Leonard and Penny are seen eating under-cooked spaghetti cooked by Penny of course and Leonard lies about liking it. Penny takes it as a joke and as appropriate dinner conversation, informs Leonard about she taking a history in the community college. Leonard is pleasantly surprised and questions Penny about why she kept this a secret all this while, to which Penny says that she didn't want him to lose it and make a big deal about it. Leonard reply was just that; persistent nerdy rambling over what all she could do. After asking her about what was going on in Penny tell him that she has an assignment and she needs to write a paper on 'The Origins of Slavery' and Leonard offers to help and Penny states that this is her assignment and she would like to do it on her own merit and doesn't need any help from anyone as it is a matter of her perspective. Leonard wanted to read the paper, which he was denied by Penny as it was 'her thing'.

While at dinner across the hall, Sheldon, Raj and Howard are having a dinner conversation and Raj says that he might use an American accent next time he speaks to anyone in a call-center in India because his regular Indian accent probably means that he is making fun of them. It soon breaks out in a full blown accent war between Howard and Raj (For me Howard was a clear winner), while Sheldon is seen staring at his tablet and wondering why Stephen Hawking hasn't played the game with him for a while now. After discussing it with Raj and Howard, he comes to the conclusion that his attempt to defeat Hawking might result in losing him as a friend as Stephen Hawking hates losing.

Leonard sneaks out of bed and cheekily reads Penny's paper on her computer and hope for it to be good. After reading a bit, he makes a snide comment relating her writing to her cooking, 'She writes like she cook'.

Later through the night, Leonard walks in his apartment and finds Sheldon using a Jedi mind-trick to make Hawking play with him. Leonard is discussing his issues with Penny's paper and Sheldon is discussing his issues with Hawking not playing with him. Soon Leonard realizes that they're both having different conversations and finds a chess clock timer to allocate time to provide a helpful response from the other. Sheldon agrees to this but doesn't really get involved in Leonard's issues mainly because he thinks his issues are bigger than his and he doesn't understand them. Irritated about the fact that Sheldon is showing no interest in his issues, Leonard tries to force advice out of Sheldon. Giving up on it, Leonard leaves the room for the night.

Whilst Penny was asleep, Leonard cooks her breakfast and brings serves her in the bed and Penny finds a paper file along with her breakfast. Before she could open and see what it was, he starts narrating the Shoemaker and the Elves story to her. Penny checks the paper file and finds that Leonard had written a paper for her and realizes that he had cheekily read her paper and didn't find it satisfactory for him to write her a new one. She leaves the room in anger and tells him in many ways that this was the reason she didn't want to tell him about the It was her perspective and she wanted to be that.

In the University cafeteria, Sheldon is sitting alone staring at his tablet wondering about his friendship with Stephen Hawking and whether it will ever be the same and blames his brain for this happening. In walk Raj and Howard, and they try and console him, while Sheldon says that Stephen Hawking had everything he wants in a friend i.e. he is a genius and talks like a robot.

Raj suggests that if Hawking was such a sore loser maybe Sheldon should let him go. Sheldon agrees but just at the time his tablet beeps and Sheldon rejoiced noticing that it was Hawking and he had played the game. It being Sheldon's turn, Howard suggests that he should let Hawking win and Sheldon agrees to do so to secure his friendship with Hawking. He is faced with a dilemma whether to be a phony or not. After thorough self deliberation he decides to secure his friendship by letting Hawking win.

After a couple of days, Penny knows on Leonard's door to stuff her B- result in his face. Leonard is delighted and appreciates her effort and is apologetic about his behavior. Penny rubs it in his face that her perspective and her paper fetched her a B- and not his, Leonard is out of words and Penny suggests a few things in her funny stupid, dumb elf impersonation and walks off. Sheldon is heard laughing from the other side of the room and states that Penny's impersonation of the stupid elf sounded exactly like Leonard and continues to laugh hysterically. Penny returns to the apartment and finds Amy and Bernadette waiting to hear about her face-off with Leonard.

Sheldon receives a call from Prof. Stephen Hawking and Leonard is eager is to hear the conversation thus asks Sheldon to put the call on speakerphone. Stephen Hawking addresses Sheldon as Dr. Loser and takes a dig at his loss. He makes a joke about Sheldon having something in common with a black hole.