The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 6

The Extract Obliteration

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2012 on CBS

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  • Welcome back!

    This is definitely great! The Big Bang Theory has returned to form!
  • Best episode in 2012.. period!

    LOL its so witty and funny! I enjoyed every minute of it!
  • Getting even better

    I was wondering if they would or could keep up with the previous episode, which according to me was the best episode so far, but this was by far the best episode in which all 4 core characters have been focused on and got the most out of.

    The highlights for me were; Sheldon's conundrum over being friends with Stephen Hawking and being himself. Penny's impersonation or a dumb person (Leonard). Raj finally coming out of his shell and throwing his weight around and being "Bollywood". Leonard being crazy about Penny's education and her grades. Howard's impersonation of Stephen Hawking and the Indian accent.

    It was laughter riot for me to say the least.


    Live Long & Prosper.. LOL
  • Jedi Mind Tricks and Bollywood Funk

    The Big Bang Theory has started the sixth season with a blast... Or atleast it hasn't been bad and has provided a good amount of laughs.

    We get to witness some classic nerdiness by seeing Howard and Raj dance their asses off for a... 'I'm not finishing your sentence.. You pulled the plug on my funk'

    Sheldon is playing Words With Friends with Stephen Hawking and faces some problems when it is revealed that Hawking is a sore loser. Penny enrolled to a history class in a community college which gets Leonard really excited.

    Penny and Leonard seem like a dull married couple... Again... Even though previous episode did manage to breath a small amount of life into their relationship. I hope they either break up or the writers should come up with more good girlfriend and boyfriend episodes for Penny and Leonard and make them a more outgoing couple. At least that's what I think.

    Overall this episode was good and while to show has lost some of it's appeal since the awkward nerds became less awkward nerds (this was probably a lesser of two evils than not letting the characters develop at all), it still continues to amuse me and make me laugh.
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  • What's wrong with sheldon?

    Sheldon used to be the star of the show and now for the first time ever I found him dull and un funny. While the Leonard and Penny side plot was rather good, Sheldon seemed to be lifeless and dull in this episode. Playing Words with friends with Stephen hawking? Just Lazy. I feel that this season is very dull and un funny and I hope it improves
  • Integrity

    Today's episode focused on the morals of life. Whether it be Sheldon throwing a game to win a friend or Penny having conflicts with the academic gap between her and her group of friends. Frankly speaking, I'm getting tired with the Penny and Leonard thing. I think they need to introduce new things to the show. Also, I believe that Sheldon thinks more about him being correct than him having a friend. This episode is just different from their usual format.

    My favorite one-liner: She writes like she cooks.