The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 6

The Extract Obliteration

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2012 on CBS

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  • What have Sheldon Cooper and a black hole in common? They both suck !

    Well, it's official; Big Bang Theory is back on form.

    Some classic nerdiness in this episode with Howard & Raj boogying on down to a computer dance program and Sheldon's bromance with Stephen Hawking up and running.

    It's just as well that Hawking really DOES have a great sense of humour as the wheelchair and vocal gags were unrelenting AND hilarious. Sheldons nickname for him of "Wheels" not going down well but "Rolling Thunder" perfectly acceptable.

    Sheldon kicking Hawkings butt at the word game was brilliant and the response about the black hole when he eventually let the great man win was beyond superb.

    The girls had a good episode as well with the three of them ganging up to teach Leonard a lesson on non-interference with Penny's aspirations.

    When will Leonard learn to just shut up and go with the flow?

    On the subject of Penny, I always thought it was meant to be really hot under studio lights?

    When Penny got out of bed after arguing with Leonard, she was DEFINITELY cold. Damn, you could have hung a hat on those things!!! (Yowser! Really wish they had smilies here.)

    Unfortunately, Sheldon's attitude toward Amy was, as usual, pathetic and really needs to be addressed.

    On the subject of Amy, it was good to see an appearance this week of Mayim Bialik's right hand, even if she apparently wasn't able to use it very well. I hope it gets better soon. and she can get to grips with Sheldon.

    Sheldon and Leonard's chess clock chat was priceless but again brings up the question of why no one hasn't simply just punched Sheldons lights out. The man is an egomaniac of incredible proportion and really needs a "wake up" call for his lack of empathy.

    All things considered, a very good episode with steady laughs interspersed with real guffaws.

    Keep it up guys and you'll stay at the top of the television heap.