The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 14

The Financial Permeability

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2009 on CBS

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  • Was That Sarcasm?

    Pretty sure we had some Sheldon sarcasm at the end there and it was a bit of a pleasant surprise. The episode was still riding on Sheldon's shoulders, but in a different way than it has been. There were also fairly substantial parts Penny and Leonard, which makes sense with them being the main cast and all. It wasn't particularly funny and beat the dead Kurt horse even further. It almost felt like things went backward rather than forward in regards to character development here, which is a definite step backward when there hasn't really been any forward movement in character development.
  • LEONARD: "You guys suck". I think he ment the crew.

    First of all, this is one of my favorite shows. But this episode wasn't very good. Why? it seemed I watched 3 different episodes, like they wrote 3 scripts, but weren't long enough, so they put it together:

    1)They need to decide if every episode will or not have a normal beggining or a cold open (a first scene that's unrelated to the entire episode), so we don't get confused anymore.

    2)Then there was SHELDON givin' money to PENNY. Then we were led to believe that the entire episode would be PENNY accusing SHELDON of accusing her. That was funny.

    3)But then all of the sudden, they changed the entire plot to the guys going to ask money for KURT. That actually made me feel upset (KURT wins).

    I just don't want the crew to not care about little details, 'cuz they'll end up like TWO AND A HALF MEN: A great show, where each season separately is great, but all of them together not, 'cuz they have A LOT of little errors.

    The good thing is that the entire season was great overall, and it takes more than this episode to bring everything down.
  • 214

    A good enough episode for Big Bang Theory tonight, definitely better than what we've been getting as of late yet there were some over the top moments like Sheldon's song in the end and Leonard's behavior in general. The Sheldon & Penny interactions were clearly the best.

    The scene where Sheldon loaned Penny money was really great even though I thought it was a bit unlike him to loan money and not have Penny sign some ridiculous contract. So the episode started out strongly but then it became Leonard focused with him getting the money from her ex, which really wasn't very original, and Leonard's lines and timing always feel forced.

    Other than the final result of the episode, we got some great Sheldon one liners, and it didn't feel like we got an over load from his character. So overall, I was quite satisfied with the episode. Good episode overall even though it did have it's flaws.
  • Leonard:"I need your help", Raj"here you go (the card with the sword)" hahahahaa hilarious xD

    Sheldon helping that is new !!!
    and what a brave from Leonard to help Penny and what he gets the poor guy , is a note at his head lol and Penny get back to her old boyfriend , poor him .
    but the most hilarious part was when Leonard asked for the guys help , and no one wanted to , and that Raj wanted to give him the sword he won in the card hahaha stupid nerds !!!!
    stupid Sheldon hiding his money in a toy snakes Jar !!! lol
    good story, and got directing the sequence of event, and the episode was soo hilarious.
  • Thats what I wanted.

    When Sheldon loans money to Penny so she can pay her rent , it leads to Leonard coming face - to - face with her ex , Kurt . I loved Sheldon's little song at the end of the episode the enitre episode was at a good standard and there where a good few laughs here. Leonard's little quest with the rest of the gang was funny and Penny feeling under pressure to give Sheldon his money back was both fun . All in all this episode was really funny and focused on all the characters. I give this episode a very respectable 9 out of 10 .
  • Money troubles

    Big Bang Theory is pretty much getting stagnant with a recent few lackluster installments. We do not get to see Sheldon at his best nowadays. Not to steal anything from this episode, I found it OK for most parts as it kept me glued. Nevertheless, you can feel the difference when things are off place. Here we see Sheldon loan some money to Penny to pay off her bills. And Leonard confronting her steroid infused ex boyfriend to retrieve Penny's 1800$ from him. We did have a few funny lines here and there, but as the story was more Penny centric and not Sheldon centric, it definitely wasn't as good as it can get.
  • Another Great One

    Penny is in financial trouble and Sheldon loans her some money to get caught up on her rent and bills.

    Throughout the main part of the episode Penny is very defensive about any money she spends especially around Sheldon. She had ordered a beret a couple of months earlier and it was back-ordered and she thought Sheldon was judging her about buying it. Next example is the order out Chinese food and Leonard tells her she doesn't have to pay but she insists. Penny storms out of the apartment.

    Later Leonard goes to comfort her and she is in the dark because her water and electricity had been cut off. She was going over her bills and Leonard offers to help figure out a budget. As they start going over the bill Leonard notices one for $1800 from the courts and asks Penny what it was for. She told him her old boyfriend Kurt had gotten into some trouble and she paid the bill.

    Leonard talks the rest of the gang into going to Kurt's and collecting the money. It ended with Leonard having an IOU to Penny written on his head in permanent ink.

    Later on Penny comes and pays Sheldon back. Leonard asks where she got the money and she says Kurt paid her back.

    All the work Leonard did to get the money from Kurt and Penny doesn't know it. Kurt gets the date with Penny. Life is not fair.
  • Sheldon loans Penny money.

    This did not feel at all like something Sheldon would do. He would not willingly loan someone money, he would come up with some scientific reason why it is not effective.

    Sheldon had some funny moments, although I could have done without the Two and a Half Men-esque song at the end. He was the only one of the cast to really have any good lines as Howard and Raj were forgettable and Penny was fairly unentertaining.

    The show's second season started off so strongly but the last few episodes have not lived up to standards. The show is losing its ranking as the guaranteed best show of the CBS comedy block.