The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 10

The Fish Guts Displacement

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2012 on CBS

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  • Recommendable episode

    Next to the Parking Spot Escalation, this is one of my favorite episodes of the season. Both the main plot (Howard meeting Amy's parents) and the side plot (Sheldon taking care of Amy) were excellently done. The ending of the main plot was resonating and satisfying, while the ending of the side plot was laugh out loud hilarious. It wasn't an episode that profoundly affected the plot of the series, but it was a creative diversion that I liked a lot.
  • Sheldon and Amy = entertainment

    People if you don't find this funny then watch something a little more you're intellectual style like Barney and Friends this episode was great. Sheldon spanking Amy at the end was priceless. Good show BBT!
  • didn't find this funny at all.

    I don't know why but i feel Chuck Laurie no longer knows what do in terms of the direction he wants the show to go in.
  • yawn yawn

    Sheldon and Amy are boring as usual.
  • Penny... did that?

    All I could look at is Kaley Cuoco (Penny) Holding the fish and slicing it. I would never do that, no matter how much someone paid me. That takes true dedication.

    The episode as a whole is amazing and I definitely loved how much this episode added to the character development. Seeing more of Amy and Sheldon's relationship was also a great add on to the show.

    However there were better episode, and hopefully better episodes to come!
  • 10s & 9.5s?

    I continue to be amazed at the scores this gets in fan reviews. This wasn't a bad episode, probably one of the better ones of this series, but it still fits comfortably in the "mildly amusing" category rather than being particularly funny.

    On the plus side, Amy's surprise and joy at Sheldon's attention was well done, as was his reaction to disscovering her lying (and for once, Amy wasn't totally dragging down the episode); Howard continues to be a fine comic actor when he's used, but the bits with Barnadette's family were just hackneyed and dead. It still feels like they're largely going through the motions without the old spark being there.
  • Very, very good, and refreshing.

    Maybe, I really like this episode, because I could feel that its writers have remembered that TBBT is about real situations of smart, nice and naive people, with weaknesses as everyone, but with a singular group of friends that helps each other.
  • The Fish Guts Displacement

    TBBT continues it's tred of being the funniest comedy this year and this episode proves that it deserves it. It was so hilarious i couldn't stop laughing and i started laughing from the beginning with the spiderman theme song joke one of the best nerd jokes the show has ever had, and it reminded me when raj was stating obvious marvel names of heroes and villains that ended or started with the same letters and that made Stan Lee hate him. Overall the show is becoming more and more lovable by the season and i hope this tred never fades. Oh and i almost forgot to mention one of the positives of this episode and that was moving Amy and Sheldon to a more sexual relationship the spanking and rubbing parts were hilarious by just looking at Amy's face.
  • Quite a good episode

    I would call this one of the better episodes this season. I found Amy's actions funny and reasonable rather than her overt and sometimes repulsive direct sexual remarks. She was great playing up her feigned bout with the flu to get Sheldon to be physical with her. And Sheldon was his totally oblivious self to what was going on while playing right into her trap. The Howard and Bernadette's father's fishing trip and bonding plot played out well too. And it was nice at the end to see them bonding with something they both liked while being honest with each other about what was going on. All in all a fun episode that didn't devolve too much into the relationships between the guys and gals.
  • A clever title goes here!

    Sheldon's character is of a person who is very well read, eidetic memory etc but in the area of sex he always come out to be dumb.

    Thankfully though, as it gives us all a good laugh.
  • A slight change of character

    For me, this episode was all about Sheldon and Amy, which are slowly, slowly getting somewhere. Although Sheldon is still oblivious to Amy's desires, he plays his part very well. Sure, his behavior in this episode is a little bit different than what we are used to, but it was about time to see him in a slightly different light.
  • missing the "physics" talk

    it was a good not that happening,which makes you want to see it again and again
  • Traditional elements visible but still inconsistent!

    It's ok to say that the writers are trying to get traditional elements back into the show and that is the good point about the development of this episode. The boys exchanging nerd problems and further interact with Penny good one!

    But I still do not manage to overcome the inconsistency this season created for Sheldon. Some examples:

    - He's wearing a regular and one color suit. Really? Where is the white prom suit from "The Pants Alternative"?)

    - He's suddenly and without outside influence showing empathy and is taking care of sick Amy without freaking. Goodness gracious! What about the danger of having milky-green sputum afterwards?

    - He's applying Vaporub on Amy's chest. Good lord! In the past it used to "make his hands smell funny"

    - He's spanking Amy harder - alright, enough unaware Sheldon sex for the rest of the season.

    All in all. Sheldon as a character is still sinking in his nerd-factor. If the rate of descend is maintained we are just five more episodes away from Sheldon being a "regular jerk". I can find these people on the street everyday - don't need to spend my time watching TBBT.

    Good night!

  • Best episode of the season !

    This episode was soooo great ! We got to see Howard bounding with Bernadette's father and the scene with Penny was just wonderful ! I laughed so hard when they decided to go and see her !

    But the best part ever was the Amy/Sheldon bits. First, I was shocked to see that he didn't run away when hearing that Amy was ill. And then when he came back to nurse her I was like Oo

    And the rubbing and the spanking, God I was out of my mind laughing !

    I have to say this, Mayim Bialik did a formidable work on Amy on this episode, I loved her !

    I want to see more episodes like this one !