The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 10

The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • was a great episode overall and on of the best for this season


    was a great episode for the season, was funny and confirmed the idea that Penny now has feelings for Leonard, and also advanced the ShAmy relationship to them being officially boyfriend/girlfriend instead of whatever it was they had before (asking her to be his girlfriend with quadruple negative question was hilarious).

  • i am a new fan of the big bang theory and i think what drew me in is the sheldon and amy relationship. i am so happy that sheldon and amy are boyfriend and girlfriend now. i can't wait to see more of them together.


    i have been excited about this episode since i saw the preview. i loved every second of it. i don't think i will be an objective reviewer of this episode because i am just a big fan of sheldon and amy. it is so funny how sheldon can't seem to admit how much he cares about amy. i loved the part where he started using facebook again just to check on what is going on between amy and stuart. i also like that part where sheldon was trying to get amy jealous by asking penny out on a date. sheldon is so worried about amy having more pumpkin lattes and having intercourse with stuart. sheldon interrupting the date is so funny. at least, he was able to tell amy about his wanting to take the relationship to the next level. now, i can't wait for them to be more intimate. i think amy should have gotten a lawyer before signing the relationship agreement. sheldon's responsibilities should also be to cuddle, kiss, hold-hands, etc. everytime amy needs physical intimacy. i love shamy!

  • Glad to see this show getting back to its roots.


    This episode was almost perfect in my opinion. It showed growth in Sheldons character, he's not just a robot anymore! (But still has the same personality before, the relationship-agreement cracked me up!) Penny was a little predictable, I knew almost everything she was going to say before she said it. (much like the punchlines in Two and a half men) Lately Sheldon's storylines have been put to side to focus on other things, glad to see his relationship with Amy get some focus while Leonard, Howard and Raj was less important. The card game sounded really fun though!

    All in all a very funny episode, that proved there's much hope for this show, and it can hit almost any direction. Solid, almost a perfect episode in my opinion! 9.5/10

  • Loved this episode brought me back to old memories


    This episode was a breath of fresh air for the series i loved it. Loved the brief appearence of Josh Brener as Dale on the comic book store made me laugh a lot hope he stays. Also loved the new Amy-Sheldon relationship spin i was bored of the same old boring relationships.

  • I can see why all of the users except for thefanof (whose opinion I respect) gave this episode a 9.5


    Sheldon finds himself jealous when Amy goes on a date with Stuart. The other guys can't resist the allure of the latest collectable card game expansion pack. I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Big Bang Theory". I can see why all of the users except for thefanof gave this episode a 9.5... by the way, it's okay if thefanof didn't like this episode. I read this user's reviews... almost all of them if I get a chance and I respect his opinions very much whether I agree or disagree with them. I don't have much to say about this episode. All I can say was that a lot of parts made me laugh hard. My score was a tad low because it seemed a little irritating in a couple of parts with the whole Sheldon/Amy storyline. Sheldon asking Amy to be his girlfriend was very funny and pretty nice. It was also hilarious when Sheldon gave Amy the relationship agreement which is a huge contract and all that. OMG, even his relationship needs to have an agreement... how funny. The ending with girls playing Twister was funny as well. More parts were entertaining yet very funny. Overall, an excellent episode of "The Big Bang Theory". 9.5/10

  • Relationship?


    Tonight's episode took me back to when the series first started. It, interesting, and non predictable. Especially loved the newcharacter, and I hope to see more of him. As always, Sheldon is a bit whiny, a constantannoyanceto the others in the group, and a know it all. In other words, exactly what make Sheldon thecharacterwe all know and love. Bravo!

  • Is Penny becoming an alcoholic?

    Just seems like lately she is very much into alcohol. And her character seems to have becomed more unsympathic. She was more lovely in the tree first seasons when she was the only regular-girl on the set.

    Otherwise - this episode is really funny, and its nice to see that Amy has awakened some kind of emotions in Sheldon :)
  • Enjoyable episode, not the best but not a disappointment either.


    Loved the Sheldon-Amy relationship twist; evolving their relationship while still keeping to the parameters of Sheldon's character traits.

    However... I'm beginning to become concerned with their direction with Penny. I mean is it just me or is her character drinking more and more as the show continues?

  • 11/17


    I am sorry for constantly being the guy with low scores for this show, but tonight's episode just wasn't funny. I laughed twice, maybe, and it was toward the end of the show.

    Stuart being involved was a recipe for disaster I suppose, but the cliched girl getting drunk, destroying Penny, who was once a little bit different than your usual sitcom female, and not caring in the least.

    At least the show is focusing on Sheldon and Amy. That's wise, but one of the few things to applaud about this episode tonight.