The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 13

The Friendship Algorithm

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • Rock Climbing

    This was a wonderful change of pace - introducing a new semi-permanent character in the world while giving them a chance to get into the circle of friends? It was great to see Sheldon trying new things, too, especially with the passing out while rock-climbing. He was out of his element and while it was for his own (failed) gain, it was a new situation in an otherwise stagnating world. Good on you, Big Bag. This season is definitely working through your issues.
  • 213

    Is there such a thing as a Sheldon overload? I sure think so. Almost every episode this season has been a "Sheldon-centric" episode. And if you are truly a fan of this show, you would know that this is a good formula, but lately, Sheldon has been becoming a caricature of himself with his actions being greatly exaggerated as early as the middle of the second season.

    I found myself rolling my eyes rather than laughing when Sheldon twitched or when he passed out. His actions are becoming too over the top, and Kripke didn't help much either. Regardless of my minor rant, this was still an enjoyable episode of The Big Bang Theory. Even though I think the others should have got more screen time, still good.

    Sheldon trying to make a friend wasn't very like him but I liked the scene with the little girl in the library. It scenes like those that keep me watching. The questionare was a great bit too and it opened a lot of possibilities for fresh one liners such as Raj's line about Sheldon's favorite amino acid. Good Big Bang Theory tonight, this show might need some fine tuning though.
  • Its good to see everyone settled in with their characters and plot lines.

    Its good to see everyone settled in with their characters and plot lines.

    This show has the actors and the actors REALLY showing they are comfortable in the characters and the show is clearly hitting its stride. And that's saying something for a show that's had so many truly memorable moments already. Granted, this won't likely be one of the greatest episodes ever in the series, it still delivers the funny and shows a true ensemble performance of the group. I especially like how Howard and Raj were somewhat in the background through most of the episodes but there didn't seem to be a desire to FORCE them into the show or give them HARD funny lines once they were. It worked...plain and simple...and that's the continued magic of this just works!
  • A good episode overall, but the Kripke character begins to steal scenes - for the wrong reasons.

    Barry Kripke has a speech impediment much like Elmer Fudd - replacing R sounds with that of a W. Even his name becomes Bawwy Kwipke. The character could be funny if the writers were not so intent on giving him as much R sounds as possible. The excessive use of words that would be altered by his impediment make it seem too obvious, and take away from the comedy. Lines such as "My friend," "I'm not a moron," and giving Penny the new sexier name "Roxanne" are all examples of something obviously written for one reason and not for the comedy of the show as a whole.
  • ok

    Looking to get friendly with Barry Kripke to gain access to a piece of high-tech lab equipment, Sheldon develops a flowchart process to make friends.Another Sheldon episode is not always a good thing, this episode was still a decent episode yet again it picked up towards the nd particularly when Sheldon was climbing the rock climbing, then Raj is kicked out the group that was really funny and a bit sligh thankfully he was brought back because he likes monkeys lol. all in all this was a ok episode but Sheldon got all the screentime I want a equal amount of Sheldon and the others.
  • Another Sheldon episode that seems so familiar to other Sheldon episodes.

    Sometimes I worry that this show is becoming too focused on spitting out Sheldon episodes. I not trying to suggest that he's a bad character. It simply feels like it's been a little while since Leonard got a few storylines of his own.

    I still thought this episode was a good one, but there was a feeling of repetitiveness as well. Sheldon struggles terribly in social situations and at making connections with other people. How many times can this be shown throughout the show's run? The saving grace for me in this episode was that eventually Sheldon did establish the friendship, though short-lived, with Kripke. Seeing Sheldon attempt something out of his comfort zone, rock climbing, is another step in the right direction for his character and keeping his storylines fresh.
  • Sheldon creates a formula for making friends.

    Another Sheldon-centric episode, but this just didn't feel as funny as some of those past editions. For one thing it just wasn't believable at all that that Sheldon would do something like this when he's stated how there were differences between socializing and science.

    I did like Sheldon befriending the little girl Rebecca at the bookstore, but for some reason this felt like something better suited for Alan on Two and a Half Men than The Big Bang Theory.

    Unbelievable nature aside I still laughed at lines from pretty much the entire cast. I won't mind if Kripke returned for a permanent role either.