The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 15

The Friendship Contraction

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • Why the negative comments?... I actually thought this episode was very funny

    Leonard can't take Sheldon's continued selfishness and agrees to dissolve the Roommate Agreement. Howard wants to have a cool nickname for when he's an astronaut. I thought that this was a perfect episode of "The Big Bang Theory". I don't understand why some people are giving this episode negative or semi-negative comments. This episode wasn't half bad and it was fully hilarious and excellent with a nice storyline and well written humor. Sheldon was very cute in this episode though when he was lonely and really wanted Leonard to come back to the apartment. I know Sheldon can be a little annoying and stubborn but that is who he became and Leonard shouldn't leave him. Leonard should just talk to Sheldon about him being stubborn and all that instead of just moving out. It was also nice how Penny became a sucker for Sheldon and couldn't help make Leonard move back in with Sheldon. There were so many parts that really made me laugh in this episode but one of the parts that did crack me up (but also a little gross) was when Sheldon said that he used his pee to make water. So yeah, I really loved this episode and it's one of the best Season 5 episodes I've seen. Overall, a very funny and well written episode of "The Big Bang Theory". 10/10
  • love this ep.

    i don't know why ppl complain.i love tbbt and i loved this episode it was really funny:)
  • Leonard is tired of Sheldon's selfishness and Howard wants a cool nickname.

    We take a different direction than previous episodes centered around Leonard & Penny as Leonard has had enough of Sheldon and his selfishness when he wakes him up in the middle of the night. He signs off to end the infamous Roommate Agreement which makes the two simply acquaintances instead of friends when a frustrated Leonard refuses to drive Sheldon to the dentist. In the meantime, Howard wants his astronaut buddies to give him a cool nickname that he can't give himself, so he tries getting the guys to call him "Rocket Man" by setting his ringtone to the same song by the great Elton John. However, when his video chatting friend hears his mother calling Howard for his cereal, Wolowitz earns the nickname, "Fruit Loop".

    Meanwhile, Leonard is loving not being bothered by Sheldon. Until Sheldon bothers Penny. When Leonard and Penny are making out. Again. Penny's a sucker for Sheldon and gets Leonard to apologize to a lonely Sheldon who intentionally turned the electricity off in the building to get Leonard to come back. Leonard does not get many privileges but the Roommate Agreement is made into less of a deal and it was nice to see another episode of the two guys bonding, even if they're upset with each other for most of the show. Nice episode.
  • Option to have Diversified

    The writers could have used this episode to diversify the otherwise usual direction the script goes every episode.

    After Leonard and Sheldon have this huge argument, they could have explored Leonard moving in with Penny for a while as she doesnt have a roommate and maybe even Amy moving in with Sheldon and the chaos of having a girl roommate thereby...

    Somehow the writes lack the stuff which made this series brilliant in the first 4 seasons. Now it is just continuing due to the already established fan base rather than the brilliance of the comedy presented.

  • Roommate Issues

    This episode was alright, though not that interesting or engaging, mostly a replay of previous roommate problems. It wasn't a bad episode but just not very funny. There were a few laughs here and there. I liked Sheldon telling the comic book guy he was his 8th favorite person. The subplot of Howard getting his astronaut nickname was alright... again, not bad but not hilarious. Overall, an innocuous episode though I had hoped for more laughs.
  • one more... bad episode..

    what happened to the writers.. they are making the worst scripts...
  • Meh....

    I don't know why the writers have been suppressing Sheldon in the latest episodes. Sheldon is this entire show. This episode was the worst one ever. I didn't find even one part that was remotely funny.