The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 3

The Fuzzy Boots Corollary

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • Olives

    But what about the side plot of the cat?? I'll be content if the bags of cat stuff show up again at some point. This episode felt a bit disjointed from the previous two and really served to make Penny seem more shallow and airheaded. For being the one female in the show so far, she's a rather poorly written character that leaves me hoping for more. The episode dragged on and wasn't nearly as funny, though Leonard did have one good moment with the olive.
  • In retrospect

    This was a great episode but also featured a small fact that fully switched in later seasons. For some reason we see Sheldon being referred to as having asthma while Leonard wants a cat. As the show progresses you will run into the fact that Leonard is the one with asthma while Sheldon goes out and gets himself a clowder of cats.
  • 103

    Getting better and better with each episode, you know that's a good sign of a long running series. Three episodes in, we sort of got a feel of all the characters, but it's weird with this show, has anything really happened? This show, I've noticed, can be wildly uneventful considering we haven't really gotten anywhere except with character development. Why do I tune in for TBBT? Mostly because it's an entertaining watch that can make me laugh, but I think this show can be the potential to be more than that, and I hope the writers kick it in to the gear as the series continues but I would like to be intrigued in the series with something. Season long arc maybe?

    Another great scene was Leonard proposing a date to the other physicist, it was just great TV, really. This show hasn't made it to my favorite shows list yet, but it's definitely getting there by the episode. The Leonard & Penny development was pretty great, and I found myself laughing at most of the "date." A superb hilarious episode of Big Bang Theory tonight.
  • Nerds.

    When Leonard sees Penny kissing a guy in front of her apartment door, he is devastated thinking she has 'rejected' him. The guys convince him to ask someone out at work, but when he tries and is brutally turned down by a geeky girl scientist named Leslie Winkle, he is even more depressed. As Leonard slips deeper into his depression (which involves thinking about buying a cat and listening to emo music), Sheldon (in an attempt to not have a cat) points out that he was not actually rejected, as he had not asked Penny out. Leonard agrees and promptly asks Penny out to dinner, but she mistakes his invite as an invitation to hang with all the guys. Despite being aware of this, Leonard keeps the date and makes up excuses as to why the guys were absent. I love the scene at the start of this episode - I love , I mean love all of their nercy ways. I love teh scene where Lenny interups Penny and then the scene after it where the boys freak out over Penny and the man she was with. I also love the scene with Lenny and Leslie. I love the scene where they talk about Sheldon being a robot. I love the dance scene - hilarious. I love teh way Lenny is sweating before his date, and I also love the restaurant scene.
  • Bless them all! Adorable geeks :P

    Leonard has his heart broken by Penny seeing another guy - attempts to date someone who I've seen in loads before yet I still don't know her name - kisses her and has a really odd geeky conversation with her - then does some weird latin dance lessons! Pretty much sums up the first part of that episode!

    The date at the end was cute - very funny Leonard being ready so unbelievably early but it's nice to see a show where it isn't the girl being perceived as being, well the girl in a relationship :P

    it's nice to see a male side of the perspective about someone worrying about things like this - plus it just wouldn't be as good if we saw Penny's ideas on things like this!
  • Funny!

    Leonard asks someone out after learning that Penny is seeing someone. Sheldon helps out Leonard after he is rejected by his co-worker. Leonard plans a date with Penny. He lies about whether all the guys are coming along. He says that they can't go, so it's just him and her. The date doesn't seem to go well, but it's a dream come true for Leonard.

    This episode was funny! It's the first one I've seen of this show. I saw it a while ago, so I'm trying my best to remember exactly what happened! The way that the guys talk is so funny! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Good Stuff!

    Another solid episode. This may have been the funniest episode so far. The highlight of this episode was Leonard sharing a kiss with a new character named Leslie, who is played by Sara Gilbert. These two actors had good chemistry on the television show Roseanne. It would be nice to see Sara Gilbert continue to appear on a weekly basis. Sheldon continues to deliver laugh out loud moments on every episode so far. I noticed Sheldon was wearing a cool Flash t-shirt on this episode. That makes the third consecutive episode that he has worn a shirt featuring a DC Comic's character. This was the second time that he's worn a shirt with The Flash! Real geeks read DC!
  • Better than the last two episodes!

    Though it was hard to top the last episodes, but this episode did that! It was for sure funnier and I loved the opening scene where the four nerds are all playing World of Warcraft. Though the only part of I dislike was the dinner scene with Penny and Leonard. But other than that, the rest of the episode pretty much makes up for everything in that scene.

    Overall, a positive episode that the writers should take notes from on how to do their next episodes. I'm really impressed by this episode, but it's not prefect. When was the last time anyone has ever seen a perfect episode?
  • Very well written.

    Week after week this show gets better and I find more similarities between me and the geeks. Yes, I do sing terribly while listening to my ipod and yes I do play Massively Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) and yes I do sell virtual items for cash. Now that I say that it sounds wierd which I bet it is to most people. It's not like I sell it on eBay I sell it directly to my friends. Damn nerds! Anyway I also tend to talk to people and say things in terminology that a lot of people normally don't get. Although I found one main difference...I don't sweat when I talk to girls...