The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 7

The Good Guy Fluctuation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 2011 on CBS

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  • Best episode I have seen so far!

    My family and I still talk about this episode! It was hysterical! The ending with Sheldon is laugh out loud funny! I've saved this episode so we can watch it again and again! It is by far the best episode I have seen from this show and they have some pretty darn good episodes!
  • Best Episode from Season 5

    Entering its 5th season, and hardly any recognition, Big Bang Theory for me has been largely under-appreciated and under-rated. Some object that the humor is very specific to a certain type of (geek/nerd) crowd, but i've found the humor relate-able. Although I've hated Penny, for a while, the cast is still somewhat like-able and created a decent amount of laughter. Themed episodes (halloween, xmas etc) are usually unusual. TBBT's Halloween episode last year was no exception. Quite witty, with a few guest appearances and most of all, my least favorite character of the show (yes, Priya, Raj's very hate-able, extremely-flat-acting, sister) gets axed, finally. Sheldon spends most of the show trying pull a successful prank one of the others boys but falls short every time and gets pranked in return. Leonard walks the thin line of being faithful during a long distance relation with Priya, ultimately loses both opportunities. The funniest moment of the episode comes towards the end when Leonard ends it with Priya and realizes he should've cheated on her as well. Sheldon picks this moment to finally get his revenge and scared the crap out of Leonard
  • The Good Guy Fluctuation


    Look, I understand that a lot of sitcoms generate humor through bad dating experiences and despite the fact that this is a series about admittedly "losers" that they feel the need to have them in relationships, I get that, but Leonard is starting to enter Barney Stinson territory with how many ladies have shown interest in him the last year. It's not accurate, and it is not even translating to enjoyable comedy. I did welcome the addition of a new female character as opposed to the usual three stooges, that was nice, but sorry, the episode was not amusing really.

  • The best episode in the season and series so far.


    This episode made me laugh so hard that by the end of the episode my face was stuck and everyone kept asking me why are you smiling and i said have you seen the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory it was so awesome the best Halloween episode of any comedy series. The guyssucceededin terrifying Sheldon but Sheldoncouldn'tscare any of the others and the most humiliating trick was the attempt to scare Raj by a snake because Raj loves snakes and he thought of the snake as if it was a dog and that was an awesome way to make Sheldon regret his decision and whileattemptingto scareHowardHowardmade him terrified and Sheldon didnt succeed until the last scene of the episode which he was under the coach and dressed as a zombie and that scaredLenard. As for Lenard i think he and Raj's sister will break up and i think that he should have suspected that their relationship wouldnt last because log distance relationships never work ever so he could have just broken up with Raj's sister by telling her he met someone else and that he thinks this relationship is doomed and then go to the other girl and she can be his next love interest because for once i like this girl and she is perfect for Lenard, i think the Lenard and Penny relationship will be back in this season or the next but for now this new girl was going to be an amazing thing in Lenard's life and i would like it if the writers brought her back in the next few episodes.

  • This episode made me laugh.


    And that's its sole purpose. A sitcom is there to entertain us and make us have a good time watching it. In my opinion there's no point in over-analysing something and thus make it look bad. Just sit back and enjoy the show.
    Conclusively I can say that these 20 minutes were ridiculously funny and that this definitely was the best episode of the season so far. 10/10

  • Halloween Review #3


    Leonard finds himself drawn towards a comely comic book illustrator. Meanwhile, Sheldon tries to scare the gang for Halloween. I thought that this was an excellent Halloween episode of "The Big Bang Theory". Definitely an episode I'll watch over and over again whenever they re-run it during Halloween month (a.k.a. October). Everyone scaring in the beginning of the episode made me laugh so hard. Sheldon trying to scare his friends to get back at them and his plans failed was very funny. Raj loving the snake and saying it's adorable made me LOL. Sheldon shocking himself definitely gave me a super good laugh. The very ending of the episode of the episode when Sheldon scared Leonard was hilarious as well. Leonard's plot was kinda uninteresting but I can easily ignore that. The storyline was fun to watch for the most part and I got a lot of hilarious moments in this Halloween episode. Overall, an excellent Halloween episode of "The Big Bang Theory". 10/10

  • Descent episode!


    Although the season doesn't seem to be even close to the previews ones, this was a descent episode!

    I am not exactly sure how they are going to keep up with what the fans of the show expect, but i am pretty sure that the writers still have something to say.

    Sheldon is not that funny anymore and i love this character :(

    I loved the scene with the snake!!

  • Best episode of the season so far


    Big Bang Theory hasn't started all that great this season in my opinion. The epsides so far have been forgettable, and most of the laughs they have been getting have been quite cheap.

    In that respect, tonight's episodes wasn't any different, only thing is that they were funnier. Sheldon, like Alan on two and a half men, has practically become a cartoon character. Saying that these two characters are keeping both series somewhat enjoyable right now.

    Sheldon's halloween plot line was funny, nothing particularly spectacular, but they got a couple of laughs out of me.

    The rating of the episode suffered a bit due to Leonard's storyline. I liked the opening part of his storyline in the Comic book store, but the rest wasn't that interesting IMO.

  • Classic!!


    This is one of their best episodes! Definitely going to be a classic! The Big Bang Theory is my favourite TV show, but some of the latest episodes have been entertaining and funny... but lacking something. This episode brings it all back and reminds me why I love this show so much!

  • I think this is my favourite episode...


    This is about Sheldon - who really think he can scare all for Halloween but it seems that they are a few steps ahead of him. And I think that Leonard and Priya's long distance relationship is over soon, when we hear (spoiler) Priya cheated on Leonard, who had his own chance to cheat on her but backed out.

    Oh this episode I think is the best episode in this season.

  • My Favourite Episode.


    I didn't love everything on it (for instance the 'plot twist' near the end was too predictable and it's sad to think that we may not see Raj's sister again) but the Halloween theme was excellent and though I usually don't enjoy it too much when Sheldon's ridiculed, it was nice to see him getting pwned and facing (though most likely not learning) the Aesop of 'sometimes thorough scientific thinking isn't enough.'

    If I sat here and overanalysed it I'd probably find myself making annoying complaintsabout character undevelopment, Flanderisation, etc., but if I keep myself from doing it and enjoy the episode as what it is (entertainment), then I realise it's very well-done and well-written.

    I wonder if Penny's plot will affect the canon at some point (i.e. if there's something deeper going on). That'd be nice.

  • My wait is over............this one alone reminds me why I run to the nearest store for this DVD release and watch till I remember everything.


    Holy crap what an episode, Sheldon getting spooked and trying to get back at the others while constantly failing, I feel bad for him but at the same time it's just so funny. Leonard, well.... needs to just go for it instead of always overthinking too much, we all know that backfired...again. I don't really have any more to add other than I'm pleased with this one, just too bad that Alice seems to be a one hit wonder, really hoping she falls into category like Stephanie from season 2 which went for a few episodes. Let's see what the writers have for us next, this one alone gained the firm footing that I will again buy this when it's out on DVD and watch this one first, for now.