The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 10

The Gorilla Experiment

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2009 on CBS

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  • Not much can be funnier than Sheldon teaching Penny some Physics!

    Sheldon takes on teacher to Penny, in some of the most amusing moments of the series yet. It is undoubtedly the best part of the episode, and whilst Berneadette is yet to become the MOST IRRITATING CHARACTER EVER, her rather warm personality leads to a plot that isn't all that interesting.

    This episode, however, is all about the laughs watching Sheldon teaching Penny. Pays off wonderfully well in the final scene!
  • A Little Bit of Physics

    True to BBT style, there's already trouble in paradise for Howard and Burnadette. It was a little novel for the first time or two being able to predict when his mother would interrupt, but it wasn't so nice seeing him turn into the guy who tells his girlfriend who she can and can't hang out with (and then getting angry about it). It was nice to see Penny trying to understand Leonard's work, but having her just memorize something Sheldon wrote for her in the end was (while a great showcase of her acting skills) a big disappointment which I'm sure is indicative of where their relationship will eventually end up.
  • 310

    A good episode of The Big Bang Theory yet this episode was lacking in some ways. The Penny & Sheldon interactions (which are usually great) felt off tonight, and don't even get me started on Howard who has easily become my least favorite character as of late with his story line with Bernadette. He simply is just getting too much screen time, and his plot overall was just dreadful.

    Sheldon was hilarious though which completely made up for the other plot. Sheldon teaches Penny physics,the scene where Sheldon was typing on the computer was just absolutely hysterical and clearly the best scene in the episode, also Penny's speech at the end was pretty funny too, and it wrapped up quite nicely. I just hope Bernadette doesn't become part of the group, like Leslie tried to a couple episodes ago.
  • Penny and Sheldon's hilarious chemistry(in this case physics).

    I think the best episodes and moments in this show happen when Penny and Sheldon go at it one on one.

    From the beginning of this episode when Penny and Sheldon were taking shots at each other I knew this was going to be one of the better episodes.

    In total absence of any physical attraction and sexual tension, which we have seen so many many times in so many many shows, the comedic contrast between the characters of a nerdy genius and a clueless hot next door girl are beautifully portrayed. The resulting comedy is raw and unhindered.

    The other episode this season which I enjoyed the most was "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency" episode when these two were going at each other one on one.

    Of course Howard's nerdy and perverted character is the other extreme of Sheldon's and him having a girl in his bedroom when his mom got home was quite funny. Leonard and raj as usual provided a balance between these two.But in these parts of the episode the comedy value of the show slipped a notch compare to Penny and Sheldon's confrontation.

    I think the writers have come up with this successful formula and go back to it every two or three episodes.
  • bazinga awesome

    the greatest episode yet . a lot of jokes really funny stuff . i love d the part in the begining were penny talks about shoes and sheldon tries to copy her . b a z i n g a i dont care just awesome it was really funny i also liked the fact that penny wanted to get involved in leanerds work . i like bernadette i hope she sticks a round she i s perfect for howard .this episode was just a w e s o m e hope the rest of the season is like this one .
  • Everyone is having Chinese at the guys place when Howard and Bernadette show up. It turns out Bernadette actual understands Leonard's work and asks intelligent questions. Penny gets jealous and asks Sheldon to help her understand some physics.

    This show is really a great match for Two and a Half Men. Both shows just hit the mark for what they want to bring to their audiences.

    This week there are two major parts to the story. First Bernadette is interested in Leonard's physics experiment so both Howard and Penny are jealous for different reasons. Howard because he is insecure and thinks Leonard is making his move. (Has he not seen Penny?) Penny because she wants to have something in common with Leonard and feel a connection to his work. Second we have Sheldon agreeing to the Gorilla Experiment which is what he is calling teaching Penny the specifics of physics.

    His journal entries are always hilarious. "It started one beautiful night in Greece. The year was 600 BC." Poor Penny, she was lost from that point forward. I loved the point about Fig Newtons not coming from Issac Newton, but a small town in Massachusetts. Penny did manage to remember that. Also Sheldon's continual dig of Leonard's work. The memorized bit he got Penny to recite was a shot at Leonard trying to prove something the Dutch already did. I don't think that will ever stop.

    Leonard is so nice though. He never points out the obvious flaw in Sheldon's logic. Which is why I guess their friendship really works. Leonard doesn't have the need to be right.

    The scene at the sight of Leonard's experiment was pretty good as well. With Howard sort of co-groveling with both Bernadette and Leonard all the while Leonard is stating the obvious.

    Very funny episode from all concerned. It's wonderful to watch the dynamics of this group. I especially like it when Penny surprises Sheldon like when she explained to Bernadette the sitting arrangement. I think that's what Leonard sees in Penny that Sheldon doesn't always. Great fun and another wonderful episode. Thanks for reading...
  • Penny asks Sheldon to teach her physics.

    This had to be Sheldon's best performance all year. The idea of him being a teacher is nothing short of hilarious and his execution was both flawless, and shockingly realistic. I don't think I've laughed at hard as I did while he was writing on the computer as I have during this show in a long time.

    That's not an excuse for the Leonard, Howard, Howard's girlfriend stuff though, which bored me to tears. The Big Bang Theory usually has one good storyline and one bad one, and you guessed it, the bad one involved Leonard yet again.

    Very little Raj tonight in this episode. Luckily Sheldon was so funny that I have to score this episode highly.