The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 10

The Gorilla Experiment

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2009 on CBS

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  • Penny and Sheldon's hilarious chemistry(in this case physics).

    I think the best episodes and moments in this show happen when Penny and Sheldon go at it one on one.

    From the beginning of this episode when Penny and Sheldon were taking shots at each other I knew this was going to be one of the better episodes.

    In total absence of any physical attraction and sexual tension, which we have seen so many many times in so many many shows, the comedic contrast between the characters of a nerdy genius and a clueless hot next door girl are beautifully portrayed. The resulting comedy is raw and unhindered.

    The other episode this season which I enjoyed the most was "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency" episode when these two were going at each other one on one.

    Of course Howard's nerdy and perverted character is the other extreme of Sheldon's and him having a girl in his bedroom when his mom got home was quite funny. Leonard and raj as usual provided a balance between these two.But in these parts of the episode the comedy value of the show slipped a notch compare to Penny and Sheldon's confrontation.

    I think the writers have come up with this successful formula and go back to it every two or three episodes.
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