The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 3

The Gothowitz Deviation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2009 on CBS

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  • Not That Anyone Cares

    Howard makes a surprisingly good-looking goth. I rather enjoyed his and Raj's whole outing, despite it being the exact same premise as in the past, only executed completely differently for the viewer. Again, though, Leonard and Penny are stagnant and comfortable in the 'let's just have sex' stage with poor Sheldon attached for comedic value (there's no half way there, either it's all Sheldon or not at all Sheldon). An okay episode.
  • Facial expressions are part of acting - and can be just as significant as a good line of script or an appropriate costume.

    This episode is pretty good. Not the best of TBBT, but very fun. Sheldon's efforts to train Penny are absolutely classic and if these scenes do not make the viewer laugh, it is because that viewer is dead. The nanosecond that Sheldon picked up the chocolate box to offer Penny a sweet, I realized what was going on and I laughed myself silly. I suspect this may be because I would do the same thing. However, the facial expressions of Sheldon really "sell" the scene. Such things can't be taught to actors, they have to be able to have the instinct/ability to do this on their own. Parsons does and this is why the scene is so hysterical. When the scene develops and he says: "Bad Leonard" and sprays L., you should fall out of your chair laughing because its so deadpan and perfect for the scene. The goth-stuff is only funny because of the chick who so amusingly keeps telling us: "Not that anyone cares."
  • 303

    Great episode of The Big Bang Theory tonight, in the beginning of the season, I thought TBBT may have lost it's spark, but boy was I wrong. This episode proved to me that Big Bang still has "it." We got a great Sheldon & Penny story line. Leonard & Penny's relationship isn't the sole focus of the series now that they're together, and Howard & Raj being well... Howard & Raj!

    Sheldon training Penny was absolutely hilarious, we've seen it before on The Office in one of their cold openings, but having a whole episode focused on it really was great. Clueless Sheldon is hilarious, and we got a lot of clueless moments here. Howard & Raj were actually funny here, and I found myself laughing more with their plot surprisingly.

    Great offering from Big Bang tonight, hopefully they continue with episodes like these.
  • A decent episode

    Howard takes Raj along to check out the Goth dating scene. Sheldon uses chocolate as part of a behavior modification experiment on Penny. Sheldon giving chocolates was hilarious every time was fuuny as I even if I saw it coming and when he sprayed water at Leonard that was also very comical. The Raj and Howard story was funny near the end when they got to the tatoo place but before that I found it very unfunny. all in all a good episode but this season has had one good one good story a episode and one average we are yet to see a reallygood episode.
  • Howard and Raj plan to go out and get layed.

    Howard and Raj pretend to be Goths for the night so they can hit on women; they go to a Goth club to pick up Goth girls. They actually end up picking them up; they end up going to a tattoo parlour. Howard is about to get a tattoo when he chickens out and reveals himself and Raj as aren't really Goths, Shame on you guys.

    Sheldon was hilarious as he normally is, Leonard and Penny were enjoying some time at the apartment to the dismay of Sheldon. So whenever Penny did something Sheldon liked, he gave her a chocolate, treating her like a little puppy.
  • best of the 3rd season. So far...

    This tv series is getting better and better and better.

    But it seems like they need new people or maybe... celebirities. Leonard Nimoy can be the best :)
    I hope this series never lose its spirit and repeat itself.
    about this episode. It is really talking about the "nerds" love story. The relation betwenn penny and sheldon is growing. Leonard seems to be passive this year. Better this way maybe.
    I think this episode was the key for the new season best for this year but i hope they wont change the direction.
    Love story can be really dull...
    I think they need fresh beautiful girls for the big bang theory team.
  • Great episodes of The Big Bang Theory are back!

    To be honest, the first two episodes of season 3 of The Big Bang Theory slightly disappointed me and I was beginning to be worried that Chuck Lorre might have run out of "steam" (great and funny stories for the series). It happens to every show after a certain number of episodes and it will most definitely happen to The Big Bang Theory, but it seems it is still far off in the future.

    It was really priceless to see Penny dancing in the kitchen in Sheldon/Leonard's apartment and trying to persuade Sheldon to have her French toast for breakfast instead of oatmeal that was on Sheldon's schedule because it was Monday, his oatmeal day.
    And Sheldon manipulated Penny into doing what he wanted her to do and behaving the way he liked by rewarding her with chocolate candy every time she did something he approved.

    Thank you, Chuck for this awesome episode and keep episodes like this one coming!
  • Finally, a good episode.

    It's been quite some time since I have been able to say that The Big Bang Theory actually had a good episode. From late Season 1 - mid Season 2 Bang was one of TV's elite comedies, but after the show has just gone downhill and fast.

    But tonight Sheldon's humor was top-notch and the storyline between Penny and him was fun and enjoyable, which is not always the case. Anytime the main storyline on the episode involves the Sheldon and Penny dynamic it will usually turn out hilarious, and tonight was no exception. If only Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady would realize this is what we want every week...imagine how high the ratings could go.
  • Bazingaa..another great installment...

    Big Bang Theory continues to amaze us with its consistency of churning out some really funny episodes. Jim Parsons delivers yet another solid performance. In fact, he almost got me scratching my head after his insane change in behavior. I almost did the literal version of ROTFL after Leonard figures out it to be behavior modification experiment that Sheldon tries on Penny.

    Howard and Koothrapali run the parallel plot this time by dressing up Gothic style to hit on chicks at a goth bar. Not exactly in par with BBT's benchmark of funny, the story did have some good one-liners from Koothrapali.

    Just another day at work for Lorre, Prady, and the guys at BBT.
  • Sheldon starts to train Penny to behave the way he wants until Sheldon forbids him from doing it. Of course that doesn't seem to stop him. Howard and Raj get dressed as Goths complete with those fake arm tattoo bands and go to a club to pick up women.

    I was really prepared not to like this episode based on the coming attractions. The thought of Sheldon doing a science experiment on Penny was a little degrading. Boy was I surprised. It was kind of cute and not degrading at all. The whole bit of rewarding with the chocolates was kind of cute. Training her to speak in a lower voice, to not sit in his place, to take his plate to the sink, etc.. She seemed to get a kick out of it and Leonard's expressions were hilarious as he picked up right away on what was going on. Despite his revulsion of doing that to Penny you got the feeling he just couldn't say anything he was so intrigued. Sheldon with the boasting and then when he was forbidden he got even more brazen.

    Howard and Raj as Goths! OK, you just have to be amused. When Raj look over and said something to the effect, "So do either of you women read Grisham?" Then Howard's expression. Very funny.

    The fact the women left to go someplace more fun with the boys and that place was a tattoo parlor. Howard in a tattoo parlor! Again very funny. Let's go to a Country Western bar tomorrow!

    A surprisingly funny story based on the subject manner and another winning episode. This series has really hit its stride. Thanks for reading...