The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 8

The Grasshopper Experiment

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Raj gets a webcam through which he can speak to his parents in India. They tell him that it's time for him to get married, and they have found a prospect bride for him. His parents tell him that the girl's parents have started making arrangements, and that he'll be meeting the girl soon. Raj starts to freak out because he doesn't want to have an arranged marriage like his parents are coercing him into, and he has always disliked the prospect bride, Lalita Gupta, as he found her fat and she kept beating him in the playground. Moreover, due to his fear of talking to girls, he doesn't want to be in a marriage where he and his wife will never talk to each other. Leonard tells him that maybe it's for the best, and that arranged marriages aren't all that bad, but Raj is still unconvinced. Later on, Penny comes over and wants to use the guys as guinea pigs to practice her bar-tending skills. Sheldon asks Penny for a diet coke, but she says she wants to serve alcoholic beverages. So Sheldon asks her for a virgin Cuba Libre, and then ask if it can be diet. Penny makes Raj a "grasshopper", and he's quickly drunk and starts to talk to Penny even though he has a fear of talking to girls. Raj, realizing this, decides to have a grasshopper before his date with Lalita, so that he can talk to her with ease. During the date, Raj becomes too open and starts to remark about her weight loss and makes other insensitive comments. This puts off Lalita. Later on, when Sheldon arrives, he sees Lalita and tells her how much she resembles a princess from an Indian folktale. Lalita is fond of this comment and starts to take a liking to Sheldon. Raj threatens to beat Sheldon, but Lalita tells Raj that the only reason she met up with him, was so that her parents would stop nagging her. She then asks out Sheldon for dinner. Later at home, Raj narrates the story to his parents via webcam. When Sheldon returns from his dinner with Lalita, Raj tries to pin the blame on him, but Sheldon points out that if it wasn't for Raj being drunk, Lalita may have never ditched Raj. Raj's parents hear this, and they get worried that Raj is having an alcohol problem. Raj carries his laptop to the hall to talk to his parents privately. When Leonard inquires about Sheldon and Lalita, it turns out that Sheldon didn't consider it a date, and considered it just "dinner". The episode ends with Penny spiking Sheldon's diet virgin Cuba libre with alcohol, leading to a drunk Sheldon playing a song on the piano.