The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 8

The Grasshopper Experiment

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on CBS

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  • The Perfect Concoction

    This is the turning point. The episode was set up, paced and executed perfectly. Penny's moving up in the world. Raj broke through his inability to speak with women (which I get the feeling will continue without the drinking problem into the future). Sheldon apologized for something AND we got to see what happens when he gets out-foxed. The laugh track/laughter didn't go off every two seconds or even at every joke and it all just blended wonderfully. Looking forward to more of this.
  • Talk about a drinking problem

    This is the episode that finally comes up with a way to have Raj earn his pay. Can't pay someone to always pretend whisper after all. It's a great episode and well worth watching. But it is the start of a possible drinking problem in my opinion. Or at least I think it will be in time for now. We will see what season 6 brings on that.
  • Raj is ridiculously funny..

    When Raj discovers he can talk to women when under the influence of alcohol, thanks to Penny. This new discovery was came at a very convenient time since his parents have set him up with a chick.

    Very well written episode. One of the funniest ones this season. I think the funniest moment was drunk Sheldon.
  • Raj's Parents Set Him Up For A Date With A Girl, Penny Tries Her Skills At Bartending & Spikes Sheldon's Drink.

    Raj Has Got A Webcam & His Parents Tell Him They Have Arranged A Date For Him, The Girl's Name Is Lalita Gupta, Penny Tries Her Hand At Bartending, And Ends Up Making Raj A "Grasshopper" So That He Can Talk To Girls Easily.
    Raj Is So Relaxed That He Ends Up Stating Insensitive Comments About Lalita's Weight, And Sheldon Walks In & Is Adamant That Lalita Is In Fact A Indian Fairytale Princess, Lalita Asks Sheldon Out To Dinner.
    Back At Home, Raj Tries To Pin The Blame On Sheldon, But Sheldon Reveals He Was Drunk, And His Parents Wanted To Talk To Him Privately In The Hallway.
  • Raj has to get drunk to talk to a girl which his parents have set him up with

    Raj is webchatting to his parents and it turns out they set him up on a blind date with a girl he knew from his childhood. She was fat and Raj tries to talk to girls, but only can when hes drunk. Lucky, cos pennys trying out making cocktails. anyway, lileta (the fat girl that isn't fat) isn't impressed by Raj being drunk and goes with Sheldon when Sheldon mentiions that Lileta looks like a princess from a storybook. Rajs parents are upset and talk to him (via webcam) outside. ooh. Well, it was a pretty funny episode. I liked it!
  • Raj & Sheldon!

    Aw Raj gets set up on a date! I love his parents! They sounded like some cool set of parents :)!

    I'm really glad they decided to do an episode more focused on Raj.

    Another awesome Sheldon tee shirt! I love the writers.

    "Now you should Thank Me"
    "For What? Making me sound like a Simpson's character"

    Sheldon is just adorable making the suicide joke and his one liners. Actually this episode is just absolutely full of awesome one liners.

    Raj talking to Penny - it was awesome seeing her face - plus his little rant and all was just so cute!

    Sheldon kinda stealing Raj's date was kinda sad for Raj!

    Last scene with Sheldon had me in fits of laughter!!
  • Raj's parents set up at date for him.. and to our surprise he gets drunk and talks to penny!

    It was just OK. There really wasn't enough of Penny in this episode or sparks between her and Leonard like that little smile she showed us when she walked away from his table at the end of the episode a few weeks ago. More penny and Leonard = better show! -butterflyXxkissesxX (sorry one hundred words are needed lol so here i go "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"..damn only at sixty seven. Here i go again "abcdefghijklmmopqrstuvwxyz" hoyl crap you gave to be kidding me its only at eighty five! this review will NEVER end, my god i'm actually at one hundred.. almost.. there we go! one hundred and five. Thanks for your time! xoxo
  • 108

    Yet another superb episode of TBBT, that's definitely not surprising. This has become one of my favorite new sitcoms of the season, and I definitely recommend it. This episode was focused on one of the supporting characters, Raj. This episode was quite eventful, not only funny, Raj finally speaks to Penny! Except he finds out he can only talk to women when he's drunk.

    So when his parents set up an arranged marriage, he has no choice but to get drunk on their date. We got a lot of hilarious one liners here and the webcam bit was quite hilarious. I love how they incorporated Penny bartending to the story line, it fit perfectly. Sheldon leaving with Raj's date was a bit strange but we got a great pay off when Penny spikes Sheldon's drinks with alcohol. Man these season one episodes are just really great, it just makes me wonder how the rest of the series will be. Great hilarious eventful episode of TBBT tonight.
  • Nerds.

    Koothrappali is overwhelmed after his parents arrange a blind date with a girl from his childhood, as he cannot talk to attractive members of the opposite sex. Penny takes up bar tending for some extra money; and as she practices mixing drinks with the guys they discover that after a few drinks Koothrappali can actually talk to women. However on his date at Penny's restaurant (with all the guys watching from the bar), he becomes obnoxious, and the girl ends up leaving with Sheldon after he accidentally complimented her by comparing her to a beautiful Indian fairy tale princess. Koothrappali and Leonard return to Leonard's apartment where Koothrappali tries to explain to his parents what happened. Even though he is already upset things become worse when his parents find out he was drinking and he gets lectured and has to leave the apartment. Sheldon returns and Leonard asks him what happened after the pair had left the bar. Sheldon seems to not have thought of it as a date, implying he will not see her again (making Leonard wonder out loud, "I wonder who will tell his parents they're not getting grandchildren"). I love the start of the episode, with Raj's parents, I love the whole storyline with Raj in this episode it's really funny. I love the way the other are about it all too, himlarious. I love the way Howard and Lenny are texting each other when they are sitting next to each other talk ing about Sheldon. I thought it was hilarious when Howard pretends to be Raj on the phone and then when Penny needs the boys for help and then they are drinking and Raj gets drunk and starts talking to Penny - funny stuff. I lvoe the scene in Penny's work - I love Sheldon's excuss and the way he and Penny are - I love it. I lalso love the way Sheldon is with Raj's 'girl', the ending was awesome too - I found it hilarious!
  • Generally, I love The Big Bang Theory, but this episode was certainly below average.

    For a new sitcom that has only had a handful of episodes to come out with a "below average" episode and still get a rating of 8.5, is quite an achievement!

    Usually I really like Raj (along with Leonard he is my favourite character) but this episode just didn't work. I didn't like the setting up on dates storyline, which seemed to be the only one. Seriously, was there only one plot line in this episode?

    However, Sheldon "getting the girl" was really quite funny, especially when he didn't realize it! Leonard and Howard were on top form as usual. I especially liked Howard impersonating Raj on the phone!

    This wasn't the best episode of The Big Bang Theory, but it is still worth a look. I mean, it's got an 8.5 rating for goodness sake!
  • Raj does on a date with a girl his parents chose. However, the girl falls for Sheldon instead. Penny needs the help of the guys for her bartending.

    The main storyline was quite mediocre. But that's what I love about Big Bang Theory. It manages to pull of average plot lines, excellently!

    There have been many movies that parody Indian culture. But BBT does it in a manner which is not cheap, but entertaining and something we can relate to. The concept of Raj communicating with his parents via a webcam was brilliant! It left the story open to MANY jokes, such as them asking him to carry them into the hallway to talk :D

    Sheldon was once again excellent. Jim Parsons does an amazing job but i doubt he will win an Emmy. Probably because there isnt that much range to the character of Sheldon.

    I was glad to see that there were NO Leonard/Penny relationship issues in this episode. I like to see all of them just hanging out casually. I hate it when things gets serious, even if it is emotions.

    All in all, it didnt have that great of a story, but it managed to pull it off well.
  • Penny needs the guys to help her get her bartending license, this leads to Raj talking to her about a date set up by his parents, but things turn south when she shows interest in Sheldon

    I liked this episode.

    It was nice to draw focus on Raj, cause he is a pretty funny guy, after the last episode with Howard's girlfriend he rose to getting a lot funny jokes.

    It was interesting to see Raj on a date, or interacting with women at all, but quickly Sheldon stole the show, or the girl. Typicla Sheldon to compare her to a character from his childhood, they did have a lot in common, but in the end when Leonard asked Sheldon if the two would see each other again, and his reponse that he already had a dentist, why would he switch. It was a classic Sheldon move.

    Raj's parents were great, but what was funnier was when the other three analyzed why Indians would hold Doogie Howser in such high regards, a nice little tribute to the show's lead in How I Met Your Mother.

    I need for this one to come back.
  • "you do your experiments and i do mine"

    It's been a while since i really enjoyed a sitcom like i enjoy this one. I was suprised when i realized that i was laughing all the way through this episode. I must say that this is so far my favorite ep - well written, lot's of great lines and a fantastic ending - drunk Sheldon and Penny's comment "you do your experiments and i do mine". I am happy to see that this series is getting funnier every week. I see that each weeks the characters develop and we have a chance to see something new about each character. This episode had nice balance between different stories - Penny's new job and Raj's newly developed skill to speak to women. I was happy to see that the plot was skillfully divided and each of characters is given a nice story each week. What else can I say - keep up the good work!
  • It was good. =)

    I laughed a lot in this episode, while they weren't any Penny Leonard ''flirting'' there were still the arguments between Penny and Sheldon. When he ordered the diet coke indeirectly it cracked me up and it was so funny. Also at the end it was funny when he was singing. The storyline wasn't bad but what happened in it was expected but still it was a funny episode and it made me laugh a lot so two thumbs up. Well there's just 18 words left for me to actually have a 100 words so if you wanna know now I have a 103.
  • The grasshopper theory is great. Sheldon and Sarayu are great. Raj's parents set up a blind date for him and he is scared of talking to girls he did not know. After meeting her he tries to make conversation, typical Indian-style, per the writers' view.

    The storyline in itself is hilarious. As always, the actors did a great job within the purview of the script. However, portraying Raj as if he were an exchange student from the 70s is ridiculous. This arranged marriage thing has been done to death. Please, wake up and look around. Considering Raj is a graduate student in America, his dialogues are idiotic. Lalita is closer to reality. Maybe writers should keep her to educate Raj while going for Sheldon. (Just one idea to consider) Or hire a real Indian writer to find out the changing practices in India and among Indians in America. They are consulting a Physics professor, why not an Indian writer on their team?