The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 4

The Griffin Equivalency

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2008 on CBS

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  • Colossal Asshat

    For an episode supposedly centered around Raj, Sheldon still ended up keeping it afloat. It was a decent episode but needed a little more time to develop. Way past time for them to consider a two-part episode. I did like that they finally introduced the idea that they need a bigger social circle. It's still going in the right direction but still not quite there.
  • Raj gets into a prestigious group and annoys the heck out of everybody.

    For the most part, I think this show has a weaker supporting cast that makes most of the comedy fall on Sheldon's back (and sometimes Leonard's, though he's too hit or miss for me to consider him really funny). For me, it was Raj that brought the episode down. Everyone else was pretty great, especially Howard, who used his skeezy flirty attitude to create great jokes here, and especially Sheldon, with his fake smile. But Raj just isn't that interesting of a character, at least not enough to warrant an entire episode revolving around him.

    Raj gets accepted into a group that looks at thirty people who are under thirty that are impressive in the world of science or something like that. Of course, the prestige goes to Raj's head and he starts acting like a jerk to all his friends. Sheldon is particularly annoyed with Raj's gloating, and the episode creates one of the show's best gags by showing Sheldon's fake smiles in an attempt to appear genuinely happy. Jim Parsons does a great job in every episode, and he allows himself to do ridiculous things in the name of comedy and the show.

    And as I briefly mentioned before, Howard was pretty funny here. He may seem somewhat one note, but when he calls Raj "Mr. Apu from the Simpsons" and announces his screen name for a dating website is "Wealthy Big Penis I thought it was hilarious and funnier than usual for a character such as his.

    Meanwhile, I don't really care all that much for this on and off again, will they won't they push between Leonard and Penny. Is there anything that indicates that they have any connection whatsoever? If there is, I'm not really seeing it.

    Besides the Raj plot, the episode was not bad. But seriously, make Raj more interesting or forget about him.
  • 204

    A great episode of The Big Bang Theory. At first, I wouldn't think an episode focused on Raj would be that great but it really worked here. Sheldon & Penny interactions are always the best, and even though we didn't get to see much of that here, we still got to see some of Sheldon's hilarious one liners. From Sheldon telling Penny to sit somewhere else to his creepy smile, Sheldon was outstanding as usual. As for the material in this episode, it really was nothing new. Raj has parents that wanted him to marry someone in his culture or he could only talk to Penny when he's drunk. Which is what we saw here, nothing else really going on.

    In my last review, I didn't see why Leslie was a cast regular, but when she was absent in this episode, it just left me almost wanting to see her on screen. Usually there is multiple plots going on in TBBT, but unfortunately we did not see that here.

    I will give this episode one thing though, it was a funny entertaining watch.
  • Raj gets featured in People's 30 under 30 article.

    In this episode we saw Raj become a "star" based on a People magazine article. Tension started to ensue within the group as he alienated Leonard by saying how it took him a year to get a date with her and he did it that quickly, and by forcing Sheldon to smile.

    Not as good as some of the earlier episodes this season, but it was still good to see Raj get some ample screen time, and of course the Charlie Sheen cameo was funny. Sheldon's work in this episode did seem phoned in even if him smiling was incredible, as was his list of demands regarding the takeout food. Howard was a little annoying here with the sex jokes, as they are not needed in the hundreds every week. One or two is suffice.

    Of course Babu from Seinfeld was great here again as Raj's father.
  • Great episode

    i found this episode quite refreshing and reminiscent of the first season as it differs from the norm this season of the storyline revolving around Sheldon. In this episode Sheldon dominants less screen time so other characters has the time to 'shine'. Raj really is the standout in this episode and his rendition of 'let's get this party started' had me in stitches. Also it is nice to see Raj's parents in this episode since the interaction between them and Raj is a funny aspect of the show and should feature more. In my opinion this is the best episode so far in the season because it has the right dosage of Sheldon, cultural references and also has charlie sheen.
  • Raj's now found fame pushes him to hit on Penny.

    Ok, this episode clearly was a shocker. I wouldn't expect even in my wildest dreams that the writers would focus on Raj. No offense to the actor though; I however feel his role should be limited to some good timely one-liners, which has been the case so far. I did enjoy the parts where he brags about his article in the People's magazine, and the parts where Sheldon had to pretend to be his well-wisher.

    The screenplay gets wildly off-track when Raj hits on Penny. The racial and cultural references get annoying and of course, pun intended. I'm sorry, but this is so completely not the show that I used to laugh till my innards popped out.

    The show was going great with the Sheldon-Penny duo, and this change is not needed, for a show in its beginning roots. This is not a good time to experiment with characters. I hope the writers don't give any more ridiculous surprises.
  • Review.

    Full of confidence following being named one of People's "30 to Watch Under 30", Raj hits on Penny and becomes impossibly arrogant. Another great episode of the best sitcom on TV The Big Bang Theory. This episode also has a funny cameo appearence of a total legend.

    This episode was good and we get to see Raj do something for once instead of him being the quiet one of the gang. He was funnt at being cockey and at first you felt sorry for himfor the lads not supporting him and then like on the show you felt like he kind of deserved it, this was very great writing from the writers.

    The episode had a great cameo appearence from Charlie Sheen and it was so funny and very suprising to see I totally didn't see that coming. All in all this was a very well written episode with some great and funny moments. 9.0 out of 10.
  • Okay.

    This may not be my favorite episode, but I still laughed a lot! Which is why the episode still got a nine point five. lol. Raj sort of dates Penny, haha, I don't know how to say it. I thought it as really funny. Even though I really didn't watch season one, so I do not know who Raj really is, I mean I know he is one of Sheldon and Leonard's friend's but still I don't know him good. I really liked the part where he told Penny to meet his parents and they were on the webcam! haha. Good episode, although didn't care for the storyline, but still hilarious!
  • Raj achieves some fame due to People Magazine, and it quickly goes to his head. Leonard, Sheldon and Howard react to his good fortune, and try their best to at least look like they support him.

    To me, the main attraction of this episode was Leonard-instigated support of Raj, and how that support flagged and then evaporated entirely (that whole progression), and Leonard's misunderstanding of how the Raj/Penny date/relationship was going. Sheldon relapsing into his normal self, getting a dirty look from Leonard or Howard, and then flashing that deranged smile was a HOOT! Just remembering those setups followed by Sheldon doing the Joker smile has me chuckling.

    It's no big deal that the writers gave Raj an episode in the limelight, because you know the TV is not going to continue along that route. As far as I'm concerned, the Raj/Penny stuff was more of a B-thread than an A-thread. The reaction of Leonard, Sheldon and Howard to Raj's fame and inflated ego, and Leonard's misunderstanding of the Raj/Penny "date" and relationship was the real focus of the episode.

    The appearance of Charlie Sheen at the end, to take some of the steam out of Raj, was a nice touch.
  • No show can be perfect.

    Although I'm a big fan of this show, this episode didn't really do it for me, as it is so awkward at some bits.

    The synopsis lead me to believe that Raj's confidence was to talk to Penny while sober, but instead it just drew on the old concept of him being drunk. As he was drunk, you could expect the 'date' to go not so well for him as we saw last time he went on a date it ended in disaster due to him being drunk.

    Although this isn't one of my favourites, comparing it to other shows' bad episodes and this comes out quite good, as having 20 odd episodes per season will bound to give at least 1 someone isn't exactly fond of.