The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 7

The Guitarist Amplification

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2009 on CBS

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  • We Meet Again

    This episode hit home in a number of ways, from being a similar situation to what caused a recent break-up to going beyond the funny to the too-true category. Yet it didn't feel as though the jokes were in bad taste, which is a startling accomplishment. It's good to remember that everyone has their issues and that they affect the others around them. This episode continues the tone of real-ness that's blossomed this season. Good episode.
  • Just bad TV.

    The Big Bang Theory is going This season started out weak, the only good episode was the third one, followed by two more great episodes. But this and last week's episode are just horrible. They've lost it. This whole thing with Leonard and Penny is ridiculous. But can't be more ridiculous than the new COUPLE Wolowitz and Raj. It's just NOT funny.

    I did laugh once, but that was it. Did they fired all the good writes for this season???

    Two and a Half Men is proving to be the best comedy on TV once again, and Big Bang is proving to be the most over-hyped series of this decade.
  • 307

    A great episode of Big Bang tonight, and definitely a stand out episode. Sheldon of course was the best, and yes the Penny & Leonard relationship is getting tiresome but we got some great one liners from each cast member, especially Kayley Cuoco. In the last episode, they had a Howard & Raj bromance episode, but now they're dragging on the same joke over on to this episode? That kind of plot is good for one episode, not the entire series, and I hope they don't continue with this.

    Sheldon was particularly funny with his problems with fighting, it was just hilarious that Penny & Leonard played parental figures to Sheldon just like when he was younger. The scene between Sheldon & Penny at the Cheesecake Factory was definitely the best. Overall, great episode with some really great moments.
  • Leonard and Penny have a fight when Penny tells Leonard that a guy friend of hers is sleeping on her couch, something which makes Sheldon remember his childhood trauma.

    This is by far the best episode of this season.
    Jim Parson (Sheldon Cooper) gives an Emmy worth performance something which makes us nostalgic about the good old days of season 1 and 2. When Sheldon is on the center of the episode, it seems like the show is at its best. Hope that they keep this up with the following episodes because I am not so satisfied with this season (not as much as I was with the previous ones).
    I believe this show still has lots to give but they need to make the rest of the cast (besides Leonard and Penny) just as important. Overall a great show and an even greater episode. Enjoy!
  • This might be the reason of why I changed my mind

    Leonard is mad at Penny because her ex will be sleeping in her couch, what provokes a fight between them. Thanks to this, Sheldon becomes traumatized and his childhood unhappiness returns.

    I think this was the episode that made me change my show's review. I had once written a review about this show saying it was bad, it was all because I had seen some episodes that I didnt like. As I had many time off I decided to watch the show, and I discovered that it was getting better. It was getting funnier and I thought it was doing good. But was this episode what made me change the review. This was a really funny episode.
  • Penny and Leonard have a fight

    Jim Parsons owned this episode once again, Penny and Leonard have a huge fight when he learns that Penny is going to be having an ex boyfriend over to stay for a couple of days. Sheldon doesn't like it one bit, so he acts on one occasion his parents' fights in attempt to show Leonard and Penny how they shouldn't be acting. Sheldon tries stop them fighting by first visiting Penny at work and asking her to apologize and telling the same thing to Leonard. It took Sheldon hiding out in the comic book store to get them to stop fighting.
  • Funny, but not quite as good as the other Lorre show.

    A generally funny installment that only loses marks by comparison with the other Lorre show on the same night. There was a little too much shouting I guess. Also, Penny is portrayed as being a little dim but the fact that she seemed to think it is OK to invite a male friend to sleep on her couch without at least mentioning it to her boyfriend that lives opposite seems a stretch.
    Sheldon as always is the best character and he gets lots of opportunities to be his weird self, although I would be amazed if this is the first time in 3 series that people have fought around him and yet I have never seen him act like this, continuity anyone? Howard and Raj's relationship is treated weirdly to get some mileage out of the fact they act like a couple. Now I don't have an aversion to homosexual relationships being covered, in fact it would make it more believeable if a gay character did turn up in an episode or 2. There are gay nerds just like there are straight nerds! Trying to get laughs from the fact they are together all the time like a couple seems a little cheap though so I hope that stops.
  • Average..

    I really can't remember what happened in this episode, other than everyone except Sheldon yelling all the time. At some point of time it wasn't even funny anymore.

    Not to take anything from this episode, there were certain sequences that were funny. And that's why when you look at this piece of work as a whole it looks fair, and the individual pieces do not make much sense. I am also not too fond of the way the Howard-Raj relationship is taking. Whether it's going to be an implied or real homosexuality, I certainly don't think BBT should explore gay issues. Overall, an okay episode.
  • Sheldon doesn't like fights.

    I am pretty sure Sheldon has been in fights on this show with Leonard, and has witnessed them, but oh well, we cannot expect How I Met Your Mother continuity from every show on the airwaves. Even that show abandoned its continuity in the past few seasons, so they get a free pass on this one because Sheldon was hilarious in tonight's environment.

    I just wish that they would stop with Leonard/Penny, or Lenny, as their couple name is, taking the forefront in episodes as of late. This is not why people watch, it's not why I watch at least, although then again its ratings are through the roof so you can't argue with success.
  • Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny are playing a prototype of a game Sheldon designed when a huge argument starts between Penny and Leonard. Sheldon goes crazy and the episode proceeds to be one argument between character to another in front of Sheldon.

    Poor Sheldon. It seems everywhere he goes in this episode people are fighting. First it's Leonard and Penny. Then it's Raj and his parents. Then it is Howard and his Mother. This all reminds him of his parents and his childhood.

    Leonard is understandably upset when he finds out that Penny's old flame (a rock musician) is going to be spending a few weeks sleeping at Penny's apartment. It's easy to see her point of view as she doesn't really think much of it as she loves Leonard. But as any red blooded American male knows there is no way you want your hot girlfriend sleeping in the same apartment with an ex! So the fight ensues and neither of them will back down.

    Thus Sheldon's problem. He can't stand conflict, even though he seems to cause a lot of it himself. When he tries to find refuge with Raj he gets stuck between the regular girlfriend and Howard argument with Raj's parents.

    It's on to Howard's house where pretty much the same thing occurs. There are two very funny pieces to this which really make this episode solid. The scene in the restaurant with Penny and Sheldon and the scene in the comic book store with Leonard, Penny, and Sheldon. Some very funny stuff. The ending is very cute as well.

    These actors do a marvelous job with this show. Very entertaining and it just makes you smile. Along with the other three episodes on Monday nights comedy block tonight is the best overall this year. A wonderful, entertaining night of comedy. Thanks for reading...
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