The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 5

The Hamburger Postulate

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on CBS
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Fearing he's wasting his time on Penny, Leonard ends up making a connection with Leslie. Meanwhile, Sheldon frets over a change to his hamburger routine.

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  • Here We Go

    I was liking Leslie as a character and then this episode came along. That's a terrible stigma to throw on intelligent women and a terrible thing to do to Leonard. It didn't really move anything forward except to give Penny the opportunity to confuse both the viewer and Leonard. Best part of the episode was Sheldon's reaction to the tie and music. And I really wanted closure to Raj's being excluded from the order.moreless
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  • Keeping it good

    This was a great way to establish settings and characters. From the table top condiment battle to putting in place Sheldons ocd.
  • What a brilliant name for this episode!

    This wasn't my favourite episode but it was still really good!

    Sheldon as always was a star and Leonard and Sheldons conversations about Penny where hilariously and really quite demented! His illusions where funny - and his train of thought was insanely confusing but it made me laugh of course! Like everything Leonard and Sheldon do of coruse!

    The whole soup plantation thing was really cute as well! Even though it was insanely small part of the script I remember it well :P

    Penny's reactions where confusion - like the script writers didn't want to make it too obvious she was beginning to like Leonard or make it open to maybe she does like him, or maybe she doesn't!moreless
  • Nerds.

    While eating at the Cheesecake Factory where Penny works, the guys run into Leslie Winkle (Sara Gilbert), a fellow scientist who works with Leonard (and previously turned him down for a date saying she had no attraction to him). She suggests that Leonard play in her string quartet as they are in need of a new cellist. However, what she really wants is to get personal with Leonard (especially after hearing him play the cello). When Sheldon comes home and finds a necktie on Leonard's door, he runs to Penny's apartment to ask her what the necktie means. Penny tells him and seems slightly disappointed, though she does congratulate Leonard later on. Leonard tries to figure out what her words meant, but eventually gives up, deciding he should choose a real relationship (Leslie) over an imaginary one (Penny). However when he arrives in the lab, Leslie makes it clear she used him just to satisfy her sex drive, saying she's 'good till New Year's'. Leonard later tells Penny, who walks away with a smile on her face; she seems to be quite happy to hear this news.

    I love the starting scene in Penny's working place where the nerds are being weird by using the sauces as a games on something along those lines - legends. I love the way Sheldon is so stubborn. I love the way Lenny and Leslie are, and the way Sheldon is when they are sleeping together. I also love the scene Sheldon freaks out about somebody changes his equation on his board, due to LEslie working it out. I love the scene whith Penny and Lenny. And the scene when Leslie doesn't want Lenny in that way. I love how nerdy the conversations are every time and how Lenny thinks too much about everything.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • It is revealed that Sheldon went to college when he was eleven.

    • When Leslie is freezing the banana with liquid nitrogen, she says that it is "320° below zero," which would be in Fahrenheit. One scientist warning another would have used either the Celsius or Kelvin scale.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Sheldon: I need your help in a matter of semiotics.
      Penny: What?
      Sheldon: Semiotics, the study of signs and symbols as a branch of the philosophy related to linguistics.
      Penny: Okay, honey, I know you think you are explaining yourself, but you're really not.

    • Sheldon: Can't we just go to Big Boy? They only have one burger: the Big Boy.
      Penny: The Barbecue Burger is like the Big Boy.
      Sheldon: Excuse me, in a world that already includes a Big Boy, why would I settle for something that's like a Big Boy?

    • Sheldon: (at The Cheesecake Factory) Who do I speak to about permanently reserving this table?
      Penny: I don't know, a psychiatrist?

    • Penny: What's the matter?
      Sheldon: (confused by Leonard having Leslie in his room) I don't know what the protocol is here. Do I stay? Do I leave? Do I wait to greet them with a refreshing beverage?
      Penny: Gee, Sheldon, you're asking the wrong girl. I'm usually on the other side of the tie.

    • Leslie: Just so we're clear, you understand that me hanging back to practice with you is a pretext for letting you know that I'm sexually available.
      Leonard: Really?
      Leslie: Yeah. I'm good to go.
      Leonard: I thought you weren't interested in me.
      Leslie: That was before I saw you handling that beautiful piece of wood between your legs.

    • Leslie: (about Leonard's interest in Penny) I saw your pupils dilate when you looked at her, which, unless you're a heroin addict, points to sexual attraction.

    • Leslie: Listen, neither of us are neuroscientists, but we both understand the biochemistry of sex. I mean, dopamine in our brains is released across synapses, causing pleasure. You stick electrodes in a rat's brain, give him an orgasm button, he'll push that thing until he starves to death.
      Leonard: Well, who wouldn't?
      Leslie: Well, the only difference between us and the rat is that you can't stick an electrode in our hypothalamus. That's where you come in.

    • Leslie: (heard through Leonard's closed door) Oh, Leonard, you magnificent beast.

    • Leslie: (to Leonard) I'm glad I ran into you. The Physics Department string quartet needs a new cellist.
      Leonard: What happened to Elliot Wong?
      Leslie: He switched over to high-energy radiation research and had a little mishap, and now the other guys are a little uncomfortable sitting next to him.

    • Sheldon: Who told you you could touch my board?
      Leslie: No one.
      Sheldon: I don't come in to your house and touch your board.
      Leslie: There are no incorrect equations on my board.
      Sheldon: Oh! That is so, so...
      Leslie: I'm sorry; I've got to run, if you come up with an adjective text me.
      Sheldon: Inconsiderate, that is the adjective, inconsiderate!

    • Leonard: Penny didn't know that Leslie had already turned me down, then that would unambiguously mean that she (Penny) thought I should ask her (Leslie) out, indicating that she'd (Penny) had no interest in me asking her (Penny) out; but because she did know that I had asked her (Leslie) out, and that she (Leslie) had turned me down, then she (Penny) could be offering me consolation--"that's too bad, you would have made a cute couple"--thinking, "good, Leonard remains available."
      Sheldon: You're a lucky man, Leonard.
      Leonard: How so?
      Sheldon: You're talking to one of the three men in the Western Hemisphere capable of following that train of thought.
      Leonard: Well, what do you think?
      Sheldon: I said I could follow it, that doesn't mean I care.

    • Penny: Leonard, I didn't know you played the cello.
      Leonard: Yeah, my parents felt that naming me Leonard and putting me in advanced placement classes wasn't getting me beaten up enough.

    • Leslie: (during string quartet practice) I admire your fingering.
      Leonard: Thanks.
      Leslie: Maybe sometime you can try that on my instrument.

    • Leonard: So, what happens now?
      Leslie: Well, I don't know about your sex drive, but I'm probably good till New Year's.
      Leonard: Oh. Okay. Thank you.
      Leslie: Thank you.
      Leonard: (leaving) You want to make plans for New Year's?
      Leslie: Whoa, Leonard, please. You're smothering me.

    • Sheldon: The name always confused me—Souplantation. You can't grow soup.

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode's end titles has Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card #189.

    • The German episode title is "Die andere Seite der Krawatte", meaning "The Other Side of the Necktie". The French title is "Le Postulat du hamburger", the Italian title is "Il postulato dell'hamburger", and the Spanish and Mexican title is "El postulado de la hamburguesa".

    • Music: "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" by Bryan Adams.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Turkey: October 14, 2008 on CNBC-e
      Czech Republic: May 5, 2009 on Prima COOL
      Germany: August 8, 2009 on ProSieben
      Slovakia: August 23, 2011 on Markiza


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