The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 21

The Hawking Excitation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2012 on CBS



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    • This episode is rated TV-PG-DL.

    • In "The Agreement Dissection", Howard recalls that he said to Sheldon (in Stephen Hawking's voice), "I wish to discuss your theories of black holes". Meet me at the Randy's Donutsby the airport at 2:00 a.m." In the episode of this article, Hawking tells Sheldon, "Your thesis that the Higgs boson is a black hole accelerating backwards through time is fascinating."

    • Howard states in this episode that he owns only one belt. However, throughout the series he has been seen with a number of different belts, including piano keys, studs, and various other designs, as well as simple belts of various colors.

  • Quotes

    • Howard: I want you to tell me I'm good at what I do.
      Sheldon: You're obviously good at what you do.
      Howard: Then why are you always ripping on me?
      Sheldon: Oh, I understand the confusion. I have never said that you are not good at what you do; it's just that what you do is not worth doing.

    • Mrs. Wolowitz: (inside the fitting room) Sheldon! I need your help!
      Sheldon: What is it now, Mrs. Wolowitz?
      Mrs. Wolowitz: It's this dress! When I put my front in, my back pops out! When I put my back in, my front pops out! It's like trying to keep two dogs in a bathtub!

    • Penny: I see that twinkle in your eye when someone says "who" instead of "whom" or thinks the moon is a planet.
      Sheldon: Or Don Quixote is about a donkey named Hotay.

    • Penny: Why are you washing Howard's man-panties?
      Sheldon: 'Cause if I don't he won't give my paper to Stephen Hawking. He's a famous physicist—
      Penny: Yeah, yeah, I know. He's the wheelchair dude who invented time.
      Sheldon: Close enough.

    • Sheldon: Now will you give my paper to Hawking?
      Howard : Sorry, I can't.
      Sheldon : Why not?
      Howard : I gave it to him three days ago. He was really impressed. Wants to meet you.
      Sheldon : All right then. Thank you, Howard. Please let Professor Hawking know I am available at his earliest conveniences. (Walks out of the room)
      Raj: Thought he'd be a little more excited.
      Leonard : Give it a second.
      Sheldon : WAA-WAA-HOO!

    • Sheldon : Oh, gosh golly. I made a boo-boo. And I gave it to Stephen Hawking. (Passes out)
      Stephen Hawking: Great. Another fainter.

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