The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 20

The Herb Garden Germination

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2011 on CBS

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  • Mum's the Word

    Gossip, gossip, gossip. It's nice that they covered it and didn't have it all idle or all true, but it almost felt like the actors weren't interested in the script at all. They weren't into it, just like I wasn't. It felt childish and derogatory and though the ending was a fantastic bit of progress, the way we got there was just bad.
  • Howard: Her freakishly small hands make anything look big. That's one of the reasons I love her.

    Sooooo, Penny tells Amy than Bernie is going to break up with Howard, Amy tells Sheldon , and he tells Leonard (in an iverly funny scene with WiiArchery), he tells Pria, and she tells Raj. Raj is excited cause he loves her. Pria tells Leonard he has a crush on her and she tells Penny. But HOward deicdes to propose to her (again) and gets a ring (a small one, cause her hands are small). So after seeing how fast gossip speads, Sheldon & amy decide to create and spread their own. Amy tells Penny she and Sheldon had sex, and she Raj and he tells Leonard. Shel & Amy are happy to see their experminet coming great. So then at dinner, Howard proposes and to Raj's dismay & everyone's surpise, she says yes (gee, I wonder how is Mrs. Wolowitz gonna react). So then, Sheldon & amy decide to spead another rumor, and Amy tells Penny she is carrying Sheldon's baby. She is going down the stair and she runs into Leonard, who already heard about it via Penny via cell phone.

    Title Reference: Amy tells Penny she started a herb garden (and that she had sex with Sheldon).

    Overall: Hilarious. One of the best this season. The best parts were Sheldon playing Wii archery, Leonard stabbing him with the arrow, the half-carat, Raj's "sad smile", Sheldon's rumor, "that gossipy b*t*h!" & the ending! 10/10!
  • 420

    Even though this episode was eventful, I just heard sharks jumping as I watched this episode. Sheldon gossiping? Howard engaged? Priya having more than 2 lines?

    Okay, that last one was a joke, but seriously, this show has changed so much this season and I'm really not looking forward to the "engagement episodes" this season, especially if it has anything too do with Howard and Bernadette.

    We got a few stand out lines from the cast, but this episode was just not cutting it for me. Which is strange, since I'm not usually the kind of fan who compares the show constantly to the previous seasons, but this was just ridiculous.

    Kayley Cuoco was funny, Raj had a few good lines, Amy still continues to be her entertaining self, just the whole concept bothered me. Really hope this engagement gets called off soon, for the better.
  • Nice title, nice episode.

    Amy's interaction with Sheldon was great, and the way they both treated their group as guinea pigs for their experiment was nice and actually made me think about how we can easily be manipulated with rumours. I like that sort of piercing humour that makes you both laugh and think - the opening scene also lampshades the ridiculous lengths some people go to 'dumb down' science. I agree with Sheldon there - there's a famous anecdote about Einstein re-explaining relativity to a party guest who kept asking for a simple way to word it, until he finally understood but, in Einstein's words, 'it was no longer relativity theory.'

    Leonard was nice too, a supporting role (as it should've been from the outset, IMO) and the bathroom scene is a nice way to prepare the audience for the upcoming episode, which begins with another bathroom scene. Nice continuity with Raj's crush, and interesting sibling scene - nice to see they genuinely love each other and how she teases him and gently hits him ... realistic again, and one of the reasons why I wanna see Leonard's siblings at some point as well as more 'Shelly & Missy'. Not everything on TV has to be soapy love triangles and friends acting with hypocrisy.

    All in all I liked the way some storylines are connected with previous or later events - the smoking monkey, Sheldon's rules, Raj and Bernie, grasshopper, Penny's double standards (it's OK for her to gossip, but not for Leonard's girlfriend). It seems that the writers have been watching more Community and less Two and a Half Men.
  • Funny

    In this episode it starts with Sheldon and Amy starting a false rumor about Bernadette breaking up with Howard but this whole rumor keeps being heard in differect ways that it was funny and them we learn that Howard plans on marrying Bernadette man geting married. and then Raj thinks that he has a change with Bernadette but not really and them Bernadette accepts Howards marriage proposal, much to Raj's dismay man who knows what could happen in their wedding episode and to end this episode Amy freakin' says she is carrying Sheldon's baby would those 2 ever get together but it's unlikely
  • 420

    It is a good thing that opening scenes are not always an indicator of how an episode will turn out. I consider it the television version of not judging a book by its cover. The cold opening with Sheldon and Amy at the book speech was a clever idea with them enjoying the author's dumbed-down take on science, but it simply did not translate to laughs for the viewer.

    Fortunately, the rest of the episode did. Some great lines from Sheldon and Amy throughout the show, and a nice storyline involving the transmitting of gossip throughout the group.

    Did not like Raj at all in this episode, but I think that character jumped the shark years ago when the writers decided to simply make him from Fez from That 70's Show. But tonight's episode was actually funny. A rare good season four episode of Bang tonight.
  • I gave a somewhat harsh review of last week's episode because Amy was really annoying me, but in this week's the episode she certainly redeemed herself!

    I was actually concerned that Bernadette was going to break up with Howard. I don't want Bernadette to leave the show because 1. she's funny and 2. without her, all of Penny's scenes would be with Amy (who is my least favorite character). That being said, I was very happy that Bernadette said yes! Hopefully that means we will see more of Howard! Raj's reaction was also hilarious. "SHUT YOUR ASS!" may have made me laugh more than anything else this entire season. That was an awesome delivery on Kunal's part.

    And lastly, Amy's presense didn't bother me as much in this episode. Part of me is also glad that the writers included her being pregnant just to show how absurd that would really be. I mean, I love Sheldon, he and Howard are my favorites, but I think it would be totally out of character for him to engage in a romance with anyone, including Penny and Amy. I don't mean to destroy the avid shippers, but I'm glad it was addressed that Sheldon and Amy will not have a physical relationship together.
  • Absolutely adore this episode!

    There was so much good in this episode! I loved all the balance between all the characters and dynamics! It had good Leonard/Sheldon moments. It had good Sheldon/Amy scenes and how can you not love Howard and Bernadette? So cute! Sad that Pryia had to interfere with Penny not being there with everyone. Quite sad about that miss. :( However, I just hope they can keep this pace going for the rest of the season! I know from seeing the taping the next episode keeps up the good and maybe will better 4x20! "Woot! Woot!" "You're a vixen, Amy Farrah Fowler!" "Shut your ass!" "You dawg, you!" "A happy accident!" "You're pregnant!" LOL

    I would have loved if this was a two parter episode or an hour! There was so much left to think about! Like what if Leonard confronted Sheldon? Or maybe this episode would've been better as the season finale. Keep the subject of TBBT going around the water cooler. :)
  • The Herb Garden Germination...

    My faith in The Big Bang Theory feels like it has paid off. I haven't been a great fan of the direction of the show of late, namely it being thoroughly unfunny, but this week's episode genuinely made me laugh. The idea of the spread of gossip is played with by Sheldon and Amy as they conduct an experiment on their friends, passing fake gossip to see how quickly it gets around. This in of itself created several laugh out loud moments whilst the catalysing moment; Howard and Bernadette's potential breakup; delivered plot progression and humour. We get to see the humourous consequences of Raj's feelings for Bernadette as well as the emotional consequences of Howard proposing to his long time girlfriend. Ultimately, Bernadette says yes and gives the first major character development since Leonard and Penny's breakup, something that the show has needed for a little while. Basically this was a funny episode of a show that is meant to be funny. It wasn't amazing but it did exactly what it said on the tin for once.