The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 12

The Hesitation Ramification

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 02, 2014 on CBS

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  • Cliff hanger


    I got a little bored at the start however as it went on, I got really into it and when Penny proposed to Leonard I couldn't take my eyes off the TV! I physically cannot wait any longer for the next episode!!!
  • Truly dire

    Most of this series has been pretty mediocre - funny-ish in parts without really hitting the heights, but not hitting the depths of series 4 & 5.

    However, this one bombed big time - dreadfully dull & unfunny all the way through. It appears to be a "plot positioning" episode - setting stuff up for later episodes, so let's hope there's some payoff later.
  • Ramification most certainly...

    This was simply the weakest episode of this current season. Every character was meaninglessly dumbed down for no reason that made sense. It was also very unfunny. All the set pieces simply failed! Lets hope that all of this is due to Christmas overindulgence and that things will get back on track in the next few episodes?
  • OMG... So many funny moments.

    This has to be one of the few episodes over the last seasons where I laughed so many places during the episode. Bernadette's fake laugh, Sheldon in his undies and Penny's sarcastic repetition of Leonards "ahmmm". Great episode!
  • It wasn't that bad

    All of these reviews are being too critical with the episode. It was pretty exciting at some parts, but also dull at others. It was entertaining though. For all of you saying it was pointless and boring, it is the number one episode on ITunes now. Ha
  • i agree with the rest of the reviews.

    So if you disagree why not share your thoughts ?

    imo, this episode just went down the cliche route in the worst way possible.

    some of it was funny, even penny and leonards extremely poor decisions, which have been used so many times they are only funny in the train wreck kinda way, no drama or seriousness exists in them.

    leonard was in a no win scenario. penny was drunk, mad, angry, depressed, peed off, having a moment of self doubt regardless of what leonard did she was not going to react well, heck even had he said the right thing she'd still of twisted it around to get mad at him.

    So i hope next weeks is a more fun episode because this show doesn't do this kind of drama well because somewhere for all the hard sad stuff is always a stupid badly timed pathetic joke, as if that makes it all ok.. and then these same issues are solved in a matter of minutes or completely forgotten..

  • An ice cold episode...

    As a regular viewer and former fan the signs of decay of this show are well visible and get stronger from episode to episode and season to season. One cold joke is followed by the other. The writers have managed to turn this show into a boring waste of time.

    The decay in this episode gets visible in a variety of not funny yawns such as:

    - Sheldon being turned into an annoying douche

    - Continuous but boring gayish behavior of Raj and "Possum"

    - The "Harry & Sally" fake laugh - Wow, what an idea!?

    - Feces jokes around Howard and his "wife".

    All that turns this show into a "No Thanks".
  • Wow that episode sucks

    I'm re-watching season 1 right now and the contrast is horrible. Sheldon is an unfunny imbecile (I've been criticized for using a R word, but the intent is here), Raj is still a woman (god, why is he so much looking for a girlfriend?! Shouldn't he be better with a guy?).

    And now we're back again on the on & off relationship of Penny/Leonard

    That show is awful right now. Awful. And that hurts.