The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 3

The Higgs Boson Observation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2012 on CBS

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  • Now we're getting somewhere!

    A new character, promising, hope we see more of her.

    My only gripe is that we are left to assume that the problems Leonard and Penny were having seem to have been sorted out, which begs the question: why did they leave the previous episode open ended?

    Loved how Leonard tormented Raj in this episode, disliked the Amy-Penny storyline UNTIL Penny actually spoke to the new assistant, Alex. The Howard storyline was hilarious, especially his deranged whisper of "They left dogs up here in the 60s". I feel cruel saying it but I'm glad space didn't turn out well for him.

  • This episode was better than the last

    Okay, this is my first time reviewing Big Bang Theory, and I'm going to say that this episode was better than the second. I missed the first, so I can't give my opinion on that. Sheldon getting an assistant and infuriating Amy sounded awesome at first. The key words here are AT FIRST. Somehow, they managed to tie in the most overused plotline of Leonard and Penny even though it was about Amy. It probably would've been ten times funnier if it focused on Amy raging on the assistant rather than Penny. But, the subplot was pretty funny.

    One thing that was minor, but bothered me, was the fact that Penny said in the last episode that she wanted to break up with Leonard, then in this one she wanted to make sure that he was her's. I'm not sure if I missed something, but it got pretty confusing.

    Overall, not a bad episode. I got plenty of laughs like from the beginning and the whole Howard and Bernadette subplot (and Bernadette stayed in one place during the entire episode). However, Leonard and Penny is getting redundant and we need an episode that doesn't have relationships as the main focus so we can have some funny adventures with Raj, Leonard, and Sheldon (and Howard when he returns). Overall, a 7.
  • Not laugh out loud funny, but...

    .... it was mildly amusing for nearly the whole show, with very few of the dead zones that have plagued the last 2 series, and heavens to betsy, it was delightfully geeky - they're actually put some sciencey content back into the series.

    The scripts still need tweaking a bit, but I'm actually starting to feel positive about the show - each of the episodes have been a little better than the last, let's hope they can keep up the improvement.
  • Straight eight!

    Well, despite the continuous tendency to "recycle jokes" (obvious similarities to S2/E6 and jokes from S3/E18) this episode was funny average. Not something people will necessarily remember for anything groundbreaking, but still alright.

    Seen from the angle that the first two episodes of the season turned out to have among the weakest plots however this episode was a major improvement.

    What still bothers me is the trend to relationship issues. That, based on the initial nerdiness of the show, somehow will never really fit into it.

    Making the growing "relationship influx" (could be a good title for a new episode :-) work will be a tough to impossible task for the writers. Pursuing the endeavour will thus most likely lead to the destruction of the initial target audience...