The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 20

The Hofstadter Isotope

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A fellow comic book enthusiast's hitting on Penny leads to Leonard, Raj, and Howard going to a bar's Ladies' Night.

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  • Off His Shoulders

    The cycle is broken, the world expands. This was possibly the defining moment for Big Bang, finally allowing its characters to branch out and open up and explore different relationships among the universe. I both loved and hated how quickly Penny got on with Stuart. I loved that they left Sheldon at home on Friday, effectively taking the show off his shoulders. I loved that Raj was the only one who scored, because let's face it, he's the real ladies man. Great episode - keep these coming.moreless
  • Sorry

    While Stuart (Kevin Sussman), a fellow comic book-loving pal of the guys romances Penny, Leonard and Wolowitz venture out into the world of "Ladies' Night" at a local bar. Penny needed a comic book for her nephew's birthday, so she goes to the comic book store with the guys. Stuart, its owner, is also an artist. Leonard feels he and Stuart are basically the same person (IE, the titular "isotope" of "Hofstadter"), so it pains him to see Penny with Stuart. He asks Wolowitz to "take me to a bar with women." However, Raj is the only one who succeeds in getting a girl, which baffles Wolowitz, who had been failing all night. Meanwhile, Sheldon interrupts Stuart's date with Penny to debate who should assume the identity of The Batman following the Batman R.I.P. storyline (Sheldon thinks Dick Grayson, Stuart Jason Todd); Sheldon "wins" the discussion when Stuart announces he is tired and wants to leave, whereupon they discover that Penny has fallen asleep from boredom. I f you read my last couple of reviews this review is a combination of lazy and I already reviewed these episodes.moreless
  • Penny with a comic guy !!! lool

    i really like most of the episodes starting,like this time !! the guys wonna go wild on the "Thursday any thing could happen!" and they are eating tie food!! lol and they wonna go to a bar but but Sheldon wonna go to the comic books store haha xD

    and Penny!! who though she'll like a random comic books guy!! poor Leonard :)

    and the stupid comic guy "isn't too late for coffee??" that is hilarious, he and Sheldon were stupid, i really loved the scene, arguing about batman in the middle of the night while Penny want to get some !!moreless
  • 220

    Good episode of Big Bang tonight, I just felt like they could have done a little more with the story line.

    The episode felt unfinished by the end. Penny's story line was good and funny especially when Sheldon got involved but for some reason the plot with Leonard, Raj, and Howard was cliche and predictable. Guys going to a bar to meet women? Yeah, that hasn't been done before. (Yes I am being sarcastic). The worst part was that it wasn't that funny. Seeing Sheldon in a bar full of women would have been funnier but oh well.

    Penny's decision to date the comic book store guy was a bit out of character but it was great to see Leonard jealous. Also I thought it was funny how Sheldon just stepped in to Penny & Stuart's date. Good episode overall, just felt a bit unfinished by the end.moreless
  • This episode was a great example of why I love this show.

    Every episode I am amazed at the witty humor and this episode certainly does not let you down.

    The guys begin by trying to switch up their typical routine for Thursday night, "Anything can happen Thursday". This leads to a spontaneous trip to the comic book store. When Penny tags along to find a comic for her nephew's birthday things take a turn for the worse for Leonard when she gets picked up by the store owner. In effort to distract himself from the idea of Penny dating someone other than himself, Leonard asks Howard and Raj to take him to a bar where they can meet women. Things get interesting when Raj is the only one successful at picking someone up.

    Overall this was a great episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (11)

    • (walking into the comic book store)
      Penny: Everbody's staring at me.
      Leonard: Don't worry, they're more scared of you than you are of them.
      Penny: Unlikely.

    • (inside the bar, referring to hitting on women)
      Howard: You can't just tell a falcon when to hunt.
      Leonard: Actually, you can! There's a whole sport built around it: falconry.

    • Sheldon: Would you like some advice?
      Leonard: Sure, why not.
      Sheldon: Well, then this is the perfect time to launch a blog with an interactive comments section.

    • Stuart: Sheldon, I'm afraid you couldn't be more wrong.
      Sheldon: "More wrong?" Wrong is an absolute state and not subject to gradation.
      Stuart: Of course it is. It's a little wrong to call a tomato a vegetable; it's very wrong to say it's a suspension bridge.

    • Raj: The Wolowitz Coefficient?
      Howard: Neediness x (dress size)².

    • Leonard: Howard, take me to a bar with women.
      Howard: Really?
      Leonard: Yeah.
      Howard: Okay! Let me just go inside and slip off my underwear.
      Leonard: Why?
      Howard: Well, if I get lucky I don't want to get caught in my Aquaman briefs!

    • Penny: What would you recommend as a present for a 13-year-old boy?
      Stuart: A 13-year-old girl.

    • Penny: (referring to comic books) I don't know, he's 13, just pick out anything.
      Sheldon: "Just pick out anything?" Well, maybe at the same time we could pick out a new suit for him without knowing his size. Or pick out his career for him without knowing his aptitude. Or pick out a new breakfast cereal for him without knowing his fiber requirements.

    • Penny: You know, it's kind of early. Do you want to, maybe come in for some coffee or something?
      Stuart: Oh, gee, it's a little late for coffee isn't it?
      Penny: Oh, you think "coffee" means coffee. That is so sweet.

    • Penny: While you're there, could you pick me up some comics for my nephew's birthday?
      Sheldon: I think you mean comic books. "Comics" are feeble attempts at humor featuring talking babies and anthropomorphized pets, found traditionally in the optimistically-named Funny Pages.

    • Leonard: You're joking!?
      Wolowitz: I'm a horny engineer, Leonard. I never joke about math or sex.

  • NOTES (5)

    • This episode's end titles has Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card #248.

    • The German episode title is "Der Wolowitz-Koeffizient". The French episode title is "Le Bar à filles", meaning "Girl Bar". The Italian title is "L'isotopo di Hofstadter", and the Spanish and Mexican title is "El isótopo Hofstadter".

    • This was one of the three episodes that were nominated for a 2009 Emmy in the Outstanding Art Direction For A Multi-Camera Series category.

    • International Airdates: Latin America: May 12, 2009 on Warner Channel; Australia: October 5, 2009 on Channel 9; Germany: December 12, 2009 on ProSieben; Turkey: January 18, 2010 on CNBC-e; Finland: February 22, 2010 on Sub; Czech Republic: November 24, 2010 on Prima COOL; Slovakia: October 11, 2011 on Markiza

    • Kevin Sussman can also be seen with Simon Helberg in the 2006 movie, For Your Consideration.


    • When Howard and Sheldon are fighting over the comic at the comic book store and ask Leonard for advice, and he responds with "I don't know, cut it in half", this is a very subtle allusion to a famous Bible story involving King Solomon.
      In the story, two women bring a baby to King Solomon, each claiming the child as her own. When Solomon suggests cutting the baby in half, the true mother is revealed.