The Big Bang Theory

Season 6 Episode 5

The Holographic Excitation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • Howard: From funny sex pest to dull Annoying Freak

    Would Howard just shut up about Space! I really wanted to grab him by the neck and Punch him in his smug face. It's a shame because I used to love Howard. In the first two series he would make your mouth drop open with the incredibly dirty but really funny comments mainly about Penny. Then he got a girlfriend and things went wrong. Don't get me wrong, I think Bernadette is a brilliant character I just wish that maybe she was a work college of Leonard so that she and Howard didn't get weighed down with relationships. It works with Leonard and Penny as they don't really have a lot to do without Relationships. I found the side plot with the costumes decent but like Bernadette and Howard, Sheldon is getting weighed down by having a girlfriend. Disappointing to say the least
  • the only couple that makes sense

    Howard and Bernie are the only couple on this show that make sense.
  • Help them with the tea !

    Great episode, but I don't like the tea scene. Sheldon has not need to take the tea bag with his own bare hands. Each tea bag has so much paper covering it to avoid this unnecessary contact. And Amy, must not drink it immediately. The tea needs a desired temperature and some minutes to extract its escence.
  • What a great return to it's roots!

    I gave this episode a 9 as it really was much more inline with the original show then where it's been going lately. I was laughing at almost everything that was going on. Sheldon was our good old Sheldon, Howard was as obnoxious as ever, Raj and his party plans were great, and Leonard was getting it on with a big smile! Amy and Sheldon discussing costumes was fun and the little thing with Howard, Sheldon, and Raj at the cafeteria table after Howard couldn't talk about being an astronaut any longer was a riot. Finally the Buzz Aldrin ending with buzz telling the trick or treaters about being an "astronaut" was a perfect ending for Howard. The writers were definitely on the ball using another celebrity so appropriately in this episode.
  • TBBT is back, finally!

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally Big Bang is back to its roots, science flavoured with bits of sitcom! Why did we have to wait episodes for this Mr Lorre? Every character is back to their respective roots, except for Sheldon, who is making a *gasp* compromise to fulfill whatever section of the "Relationship Agreement"... a very good episode, the girls looking hot as their role allows them (well, Kaley notwithstanding - she could wear any costume... really.) All in all - the most laughs an episode got from me this season - and not an "LOL", but an actual laugh. Keep going this way!
  • Nerds

    The fact that I understood each and every nerdy allusion troubles me a bit, otherwise I really enjoyed this episode. Sheldon's view on what a couple is, is just so Sheldon-y. Loved Bernadette's one-liner but nothing can beat Howard's impression of Bernie. Loved it. Kudos Big Bang Theory.
  • A great Episode

    I Rly Like How The episodes are developping! Same Style as old episodes !Science Involved and a lot of howard laughs and sheldon!
  • Nerds, girls and holograms

    Well, well. This episode had its PROS and CONS. On the PRO side we have nerd factor, space talk, laser holograms (great effect there), magnetism and Halloween party (although that costumes for the comic book store party is a pattern already used three times - if I remember correctly). On the CON side we have relationship stuff, girl feelings, matching costumes (UAAH!) and this sex thing between Penny and Leonard (that would fit much better into "How I met your mother").

    Nonetheless I bet that the average TBBT fan is much more into nerd stuff, science and social problems than into on/off relationships, sex and marriage talk.

    Still can't find a way to cope with the three girls starting to press into the show. It's not that I think girls do not belong there at all, it's just that I feel the ratio between nerdy stuff and relationship issues used to be 80/20, nowadays it's 50/50 at best (at times 30/70). And that is WRONG for a show that's exclusiveness came from socially incompetent geniuses (unseen so far) rather than relationship focused boy friends (seen a thousand times over and over again) ...

    All in all a 7half.