The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 4

The Hot Troll Deviation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2010 on CBS

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  • Balance

    Finally, something that doesn't focus on Sheldon and actually moves another character's storyline forward! This was a pretty great episode, pulling from the past we don't know to move toward a future we might care about. Oh, and Raj versus Sheldon was pretty funny.
  • I absolutely loved this episode because it was well balanced for all the characters.

    Loved the Raj VS Sheldon carry over from last season. Kunal and Jim have great chemistry! I loved the change of Howard and Penny having a couple of scenes together. I'm liking Bernadette being back with Howard. They are quite cute together! During the 'war' Raj shined the most in this episode because he outsmarted Sheldon. And who ever does that? It doesn't happen very often, that is for sure. I did like how they included the 'thermostat' and its location during that fight. (Remember Leonard VS Sheldon last season?) It was just good continuity. Some may think the fight was childish but it was well done. The Howard/Bernadette scenes were cute but I'm more fond of Sheldon and his whole storyline so I am more prone to rewatching the Raj/Sheldon scenes more than anything. Leonard didnt have much of a story but more of a go between but he had a few good lines to fit the bill. "Sometimes I forget you're not a real boy." LOL. Cold but funny. Overall good start of the season so far. But I believe Kunal outshined everyone in this epi! Good for him. It doesn't always have to be Sheldon and Leonard winning.
  • 404

    I really didn't enjoy this as much as I would have liked too. Maybe it was because this was a Howard-centric episode, and when Howard is shoved center stage, it makes me feel like I'm watching an annoying episode of Two and a Half Men, in some ways, that was the case here. Like when Howard crawled in to the bed, ready to please himself, with the Star Trek guest stars appearing, I just found that incredibly obnoxious and not funny.

    Everything that came out of Leonard's mouth made me want to hit him with a car (like the height joke or the "actual boy" joke to Sheldon). Leonard's just not that funny, and that's that. I really wish they focused the episode more on Raj & Sheldon, which was clearly the funniest plot of all. The only amusing scene with Howard was when Penny was eavesdropping on their date, but that's it. Not a lot to write home about tonight.
  • 404

    This episode of The Big Bang Theory was a little silly, but hey, sometimes that works. The quick look at Sheldon and Raj fighting was definitely funny in a quirky way.

    Johnny Galecki, by now you know my feelings on this guy. Will Forte left SNL recently, they should just recast him in the role.

    Sheldon was good with the limited work, and Howard was actually funny in a first real episode that revolved around him. Katee Sackhoff and George Takei were pretty forgettable though, and that scene with them in the back of the car was just absolutely nonsensical and pointless.
  • Raj: What if I buy my own desk? Sheldon: That's preposterous! Raj: Why? Sheldon:'s MY office.

    Props for making a wonderful 2-plot episode. As usual, I'll review each plot individually.

    Howard plot: Sop Howard sees Bernadette at the CF, and suddenly all his feelings towards her return. So at home, the imaginary presences of George Takei & Katee Schakoff make him think they should get back together. So they meet at the Cheesecake Factory and they agree to get over the "event" that made them break-up. Raj-Sheldon plot: So Sheldon doens't let Raj have his own desk telling him he doens'¿t have enough budget to buy it, so Raj saysc he'll buy his own. Hilarity ensues when Raj brings a brobdindagian desk that occupies the whole office. So Shelly & Raj begin to fight to see who falls 1st with indian music, NERF, stink bombs, a cockatoo...until the office explodes.

    Title Reference: The reason Howard and Bernadette bortke up is because Howard was having sex with a troll on World Of Warcraft.

    Overall: Awesome. I loved the subplot of the desk. Plus awesome dialogue. 9.5/10.