The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 19

The Indecision Amalgamation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2014 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Raj wrestles with dating two women at the same time. Penny is offered a part in a trashy movie and Sheldon can't decide between two gaming systems.

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  • One of the best episodes in a while.

    The show finally got back in track, and even though this season felt like a "been there done that" type of deal, this episode managed to get the show back on track. This will probably go in as one of the best episodes of this season.
  • Back to basic humor

    It seemed this episode was back to basic humor rather than potty humor as so many have been as of late. Sheldon's conundrum with the gaming machines and Amy's reactions to it were great. I think Sheldon and Amy have a role reversal from me and my wife in such situations! I like Raj and his new girl as well and then he gets into his own conundrum about dating two women at the same time. Raj does get a bit pathetic at times but this episode he did OK. And Penny's acting career isn't getting anywhere fast but was some fun. Finally I always enjoy Wil Wheaton on the show, I met him at a comic con a couple of years back and he's a nice guy, this episodes acting woes with Wil were great, especially the ending. So all in all more simple fun than naughty humor as is so often the case.moreless
  • Once again sheldon takes up most of the episode..

    Everyone else is once again pushed in to the b plot.

    and it sucks !

    the writers need to get off this sheldon centric plot deal, a few eps is ok but a whole season ? ENOUGH ALREADY..

    also the writers seem to be trying to aim for a fanboi war with sheldon picking the xbone. but then again he didn't actually buy either of them, cos the store closed.. so in the end the whole plot was pointless, standard tbbt ! a lot of work/effort/ ends in a shrug..

    the only thing that made this episode with the time and effort was everything else. penard no fight this week !!! hurray !!!

    raj actually getting somewhere with a woman ! and lucy could return ??

    and bernie well they could've at least made a bit more of that instead of having will wheaton in a orangutan suit...moreless
  • A few funny/smilly jokes but still not excited about it

    This show is not doing it for me anymore. Penny has moved forward, but not that much. It was just to have a couple of jokes. And I noticed I now spend more time watching if she has a glass of wine in front of her than anything else... Sheldon/Amy was episode-filling, useless and not funny. Raj is moving forward. As it's TBBT and Chuck Lorre, I don't get my hopes too high though. Bernadette's "story" was not used. Just to get a laugh at the beginning, nothing more.moreless
  • Fantastic episode!

    It may just be that I'm in a really good mood tonight, but that episode was just fantastic.

    We got to see every member of the group and as an addition Will Wheaton, what more do you want?

    The bit with Bernadette and the retirement/get well card misunderstanding was just great, and maybe the finally are fixing Raj up with a girl, it would be about time.

    The only caveat I have is about how Sheldon could arrive at the conclusion that the Xbox One is better than the PS4, but then again he also though Betamax and HDDVD (I can understand why he preferred not to by an Apple .moreless
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