The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 6

The Irish Pub Formulation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2010 on CBS

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  • Mango Caterpillar

    It was really nice to see the guys put a bunch of past discrepancies into the open and apologize for them and move forward. Not having Penny around for another episode was a bit shaky; I really expected her to come into the hall when Preea was at the door and it felt like a missed opportunity. Decent episode overall.
  • irish

    Last week I complained because we got a Leonard episode, so why would I enjoy it here tonight? I do not want to see Leonard actively getting women. The idea behind this character, his appeal to fans (so to speak, I hate his guts) is that he is a nerd so why should we believe yet another woman wants to sleep with him?

    It is not just that though. The episode simply was not funny and even Sheldon's rants, outside of all the details about the cream choice he wanted, were not even funny. Pretty poor episode of Bang here tonight.
  • 406

    Penny was absent again and that continues to hurt the rating for this show, but at least this episode was significantly better than the last one. Even if it was Leonard-centric, I still got a lot of laughs at the end there when everyone was admitting how they betrayed each others trust. I found it pretty funny that Raj was misinformed about national holidays.

    Raj's sister, the only part that I liked about this plot is when Leonard kept on pushing her behind the couch or in his room whenever Sheldon walked in. Also Sheldon playing the imagination game was pretty funny as well. So yes, we did get some funny moments, but Penny's absence didn't got unnoticed tonight.
  • Raj: Hands off my sister Sheldon: Why would I touch her? Raj: I'm not talking to you I'm talking to him (Howard).

    The last Penny-less episode! But unlike last weeks, this one was great. One of my favourites yet.

    Plot: Raj's sister Pryia is in California and Raj forbids everyone to sleep with her, but little does he know that Leonard & Pryia tend to sleep together behind his back every time she is in Pasadena. But this time, Shel finds out. And as we all know, he just can't keep a secret, so he makes up a story about Leonard going to a bar and hooking up with a girl, but Leonard boes for broke and tells Raj, leading to an over-the-top awesome scene about the guys confessing their actions (Raj's ipod no the toilet, Shel putting moths on Leonard's food, Raj using Shel's toothbrush, etc.)

    Title Reference: In Sheldon's lie, he stated that Leonard went to an Irish Pub and hooked up with an Irish chick.

    Overall: Great episode. Lots of humour in it, especially the scene of the guys confessing. 9/10.
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