The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 8

The Isolation Permutation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2011 on CBS

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  • Jim Parsons reveals

    his gayside. Its not hard to see through that. And sometimes its revealed more than others - like in the "get your women in line"-scene. And that hairdo!?

    Anyway - LOVE the Sheldoncharacter and LOVE the episode.
  • Amy is so boring

    I totally disliked this episode. The Amy character is overbearing and add very little to the show. Suffice it to say one has to tolerate Bernadette's voice. Now the producers seem to be making Amy and Bernadette regulars on the show and they are not adding any value to the show. Maybe Bernadette is but certainly not Amy.
  • 11.3


    I could say that I didn't like the episode because it focused on a character who did not appear until the season 3 finale and was originally intended to be a guest star. I could say that I didn't like this episode because it featured a plot you might see on an episode of Jessie or Ned's Declassified with a girl feeling down because she was not invited out with her friends. I could say that I didn't like this episode because Raj consistently was given the last joke of a scene, usually reserved for the best line, but he did not say or gesture a funny thing all night.

    I could have said all of that, but I won't. I just think that this episode flopped because it was not The Big Bang Theory, it revolved around the female characters. This was a backdoor pilot for a spin-off starting those gals, and not even a good one at that.

  • Sheldon rocks! "Get your women in line!" classic line


    I really liked this episode because you can see Sheldon evolve from the robotic like person he was, to the human he is becoming. His defence of Amy would not have happened a few years ago, it just shows that Sheldon is evolving and for the better I think.

  • An episode that focuses around the three girls and it was enjoyable but not perfect.


    When it is revealed that Penny and Bernadette went wedding dress shopping without her, Amy becomes heartbroken and pressures Sheldon for sex. I actually think an episode that revolves around the guys AND Penny is much funnier and better. This episode revolves around Penny, Amy and Bernadette which was enjoyable but it could have been just a little better in my opinion. Amy was also a little annoying which lowered my score a little. Penny (as always) is looking hotter and cuter every episode... Darn Kaley Cuoco for being such an attractive girl. Anyways, this episode was funny but I think the guys AND Penny with plots about them is what makes the show funnier. Sorry if I'm sounding like I'm repeating thing, it's a force of habit of mine. Amy pressuring Sheldon to have sex when he is depressed that Penny and Bernadette went shopping without her was very funny. Raj (who didn't have a lot of lines) had some funny lines as well. It seems like he usually says something random after almost each conversation is over. Yeah, Raj didn't have a lot of lines in this episode which was weird. The ending of the episode was very funny though. Overall, this was a funny episode of "The Big Bang Theory" but I don't think a plot revolving around the three girls makes the show funnier though. 9/10

  • This is the best episode of this show


    This is my favourite episode. I have been watching this show since it started & have always found it a great comedy show. But this episode blows all other episodes (from any season) out of the water.

    The way that the guys in this show work so well together is the reason I watch it. Thank you for your comedy, cast and crew alike.

    Watch this episode even if you watch no other as I guarantee it will have you laughing out loud

  • Amy is left out as Penny helps Bernadette shop for dresses for the wedding.


    Easily one of the best episodes of the past two seasons.

    Last seasons concentration on Leonards relationship really didn't create that many laughs for me and i had started to think the show was in decline. However, as we continue to explore further into Amy's hilarious views on life i'm finding new interest.

    Poor Amy searching for solace through sex and alcohol was simply funny and the changes in the group dynamic are very cool.

    Seriously, it's hard to review comedy - but i really had to say something about this very funny episode.

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