The Big Bang Theory

Season 1 Episode 12

The Jerusalem Duality

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2008 on CBS

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  • Daughters

    This was actually a really dark episode. Showed a great deal about the blacker side of human tendencies and how we often cannot stand to have a rival. Again, it relied heavily on Sheldon's lack of social skills to move forward and didn't have much of Penny (the initial catalyst) at all. But it also sent the message that destroying something is okay so long as it turns out well for you and that's not something I'm okay with, social skills or no social skills. Not cool, Big Bang.
  • 112

    Not as good as the last episode, and this episode showed how important Kayley Cuoco is to the entire cast. Penny scenes were kept to a minimum and I'm not sure it was for the better. Sheldon is the best thing about this show, no doubt about it. But when looking back on this episode, Sheldon was the only good thing about it.

    Sheldon is pretty much holding this show together and it became obvious here when the Leonard, Raj, and Howard interactions weren't that entertaining or funny for that matter. This episode did give us a few laughs though. The end was a little too predictable for my liking. Who else knew from the get go that they were going to ruin the kid's life? I know I did.

    So overall not as superb as the past couple episodes, but it was still an entertaining watch.
  • Nerds. ♥

    With Sheldon rattled and impossible to be around after meeting Dennis, a 15-year-old physicist who's smarter than he, the rest of the guys search for a way to eliminate the threat. As always I love the start, I have actually become obsessed over The Big Bang Theory, in just a couple of episodes. It's just too Awesome. I love the storyline in this episode. The way Sheldon gets competitive and jealous of the younger boy, Dennis. I also love the fact that Sheldon tries his peers jobs and tells them what to do but in the end that all come out with: ''Go away''. I love the way the others all come up with a plan to get rid of Dennis, so Sheldon can go back to normal. i love the scene where they are successful and Dennis gets a girl and the rest are all confused on how he did it and they never can. The ending was epic, especially the last line. another Awesome episode.
  • Sheldon meeting someone smarter than him! Freak out!

    First off, where do they buy Sheldons tee shirts from?! I want some!

    Second off, that kid is just freaky!

    Not my favourite episode because it's slightly.. strung out. It seems like nothing really happens part from Sheldon freaking out about someone smarter than him, annoying everyone (and quite honestly making the others annoy me in the process) then the others attempting to fix it via loads of under age girls.

    I think one of the problems I had with this episode was because of the lack of Penny. I really like her as a character on the show as I think with all the dorks (and all male cast for that) there needs to be a female presence among them.

    It really wasn't as funny as normal either.
  • Someone is smarter then Sheldon?

    Sheldon realizes a 14 year old boy that is being brought in by his boss to work is smarter than he is. When he realizes this he stops working on his research because he thinks he washed up and starts bothering Leonard and crew. When the crew finally gets fed up with Sheldon they decide the 14 year old must go so Sheldon will get back to normal. They decide to try and set up the boy with a girl to make is IQ drop. While the crew is not good enough to set him up the boy does it on his own and leaves the research center bringing Sheldon back to normal. As always this episode was full of funny one liners. Even with all the scientific terms it is still funny. I liked this episode and really like the series.
  • Sheldon becomes an anoyance to all his friends when a 15 year old kid arrives and turns out to be smarter than he is.

    This episode was one of the best so far! I loved how Sheldon couldn't figure out why his friends kept throwing him out. Leanard, Wolowitz, and Koothrappali are hilarious when they are trying to figure out which girl was best for Dennis. And I love how Dennis becomes a total idiot when he finally meets a girl! No show before this really captured the lives of a bunch of geniuses and I think it's awesome that someone finnaly did. The show is great and I hope it lasts as long as all the other great shows like Two and a Half Men!
  • When a new young genius is courted to the university, Sheldon begins to question his own genius and work, so he sees what his friends are up to and alienates himself. So the guys must figure out how to get rid of the young genius and restore order.

    So there is another cocky young genius out there! Sheldon faced what we can safely say is his arch nemesis, and the kid could deliver. So Dennis Kim, the North Korean refugee, who upstaged Sheldon at every corner, and almost forced him to give up physics.

    I liked watching Sheldon try to understand what his friends were up to, as he had previously only faked interest. I think they hit it out of the park with him and Howard, but that could be because Howard was arguing with his mom before about how many ding dongs were in his lunch. When his attempts to partner with each individually failed, he estimated that if they all teamed up they could figure out cold fusion in ten to twelve years, and this I think is where they snapped, it is also where Sheldon realized he could fix the middle east by moving Israel to the Mexican desert. I have to admit his comparison to Field of Dreams was great, and the comment about putting out a nice spread was hilarious.

    The plan to destroy Dennis's genius with girls was well thought out. A high note was when Howard and Leonard were discussing girls who they were in love with in high school, but Raj stole the scene when he said to Leonard that it might be best to wait for a hot girl to move in across the hall and spend months pining for her.

    I like these episodes that focus on Sheldon, he is such a dynamic character, but I miss the Leonard/Penny storyline, I hope that they will begin to revisit it soon.

    And yes I ended with a preposition.
  • This is one of the best if not the best comedy on television. This episode had me laughing out loud as usual.

    Sheldon feels threatened by an even more young and smart kid than he was when he was 15. He was trying to help out his friends with their projects and annoyed them. I enjoyed those scenes in the lab discussing their scientific projects. Very funny, I would like to see more 'in the lab' sequences. I hope everyone knows how funny this show is because if it doesn't go on for like 8 seasons I'll be majorly bummed. It's fresh, funny, comedy that you don't see anywhere else. At least nothing quite like this, high-brow technology and science nerd humor put in low brow comedy situations,... a very funny show. I love it. Why more shows don't get with the times and discuss all the things that modern guys like, like techno-gadgets etc. I don't know.
  • We all have to deal with the fact we are not the smartest or best at our job at least once in our lives. The way it was handled in the show was funny.

    I have been the smartest guy in the class a few times and then when the new guy showed up I was exactly where the series put you. The reality sinks in and the whole run of emotions you go through. I thought it was funny as he was trying to find himself he alienates all his friends and does not realize it. We take this journey at least once, however his journey is a long one.
    I did think that on the sofa Penny did not look right, it looked like she aged 5 years since the last show, what is going on with that. I watched it again this morning and it was either a bad camera angle or lighting as she looked older than she actually is.
    The show is making a comeback, I did not like one of the new episodes but the rest of them have redeemed it.