The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 11

The Justice League Recombination

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2010 on CBS

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  • Wear the Wig

    Hmmm, Penny's unhappy being alone? How could this possibly be resolved? I've no idea! I was a little disappointed when they didn't at least try to stop the break-in, not only because it was a lost character development moment but because it was a lost opportunity for humor that could have replaced Sheldon's run for the Grand Canyon. Not the best episode but not terrible, either.
  • Our friend the beaver

    Howard mentioning "Our friend the Beaver" is a reference to a Doonesbury strip from 1971 between B. D. and Mike Doonesbury with B. D. sitting there with a sigh over his head.

    On the opposite side of the desk is his roommate, Mike Doonesbury, and he said, How is your biology paper coming?

    Doonesbury is like, Okay, fine, whatever.

    And B. D. asks, What are you writing on?

    And Mike replies, Juxta-branchial organ secretions in the higher mollusk, what's yours on?

    And B. D. replies sheepishly, Our friend the beaver.
  • 411

    Another really poor episode of The Big Bang Theory and I just have to wonder if this show is ever going to turn around. This is the same problem that plagued the show for most of last season. It started to turn around about March, but now it's back to being a generic and cliched sitcom, as evidenced by tonight's episode. Leonard and Penny do not have the chemistry of Jim and Pam, and these two cannot pull off the Sam and Diane relationship, so you either have to get them together again or give up on it entirely, ala Jerry and Elaine on Seinfeld, because this does not work.

    And why was there a costume party on New Year's Eve? I've never heard of that.
  • Pretty good episode to end kind of a disappointing first half of season.

    The first run of episodes for this 4th season ends on a good note with a very enjoyable episode. A non centric one, the boys being the nerds that they are...just a little bit too much of melodrama for my taste at times but overall, good fun. I laugh a lot at the batman imitations cause I myself been joking around a lot with that lately. I don`t mind zack, he is funny (yeah stupid is funny at times), but wouldn`t like to see too much of him. Sheldon had his moments like always and Raj was plain boring. I mean, haven`t we heard him complain about Aquaman before? They really need to have him do something other than whine. Anyway overall pretty good episode. Does not prevent this first run of episodes from being rather disappointing. First 2 episodes of the season were simply great but unfortunately they did not keep that trend. Actress playing Penny had a broken leg, guess that altered the writing a bit. They tried some Leonard centric, guess what..was mostly boring. We had a good enough Howard centric tho. Sheldon-Amy relationship is interesting enough but to be fair Amy is starting to be more annoying than funny..specially when they try to focus on her outside her relation with sheldon.
    Anyway it was not a bad half of was enjoyable but I expected more..hopefully we have a better second half.
  • A great episode probably my favourite of Season 4 so far!

    I just love this show when they add new or extra minor characters into the story. Most people have been complaining about new characters added in this Season, and I must admit I don't like Amy either. I find her annoying, mean, short answer is that we don't need two Sheldons, we have one and we love him. Anyway back to the episode, I thought Zack was a great, he was nice, he added great chemistry to the Leonard/Penny relationship and most importantly he was funny! I wouldn't mind seeing him again in the Season at all! I am aware that we had seen him before in previous episodes, but I liked him as one of the main characters for one episode. Overall the episode was lots of fun for me, the characters were great, it wasn't a Sheldon episode (thank god), it was a group episode which is always the best, and it was really funny. I also enjoyed the Justice League costumes part of it, it was very funny to watch Raj in his Aqua Man outfit and Sheldon at the end with his Flash scene on the Grand Canyon was very funny as well. I was happy to get a break from Amy and hope that great episodes like this one continue this season.
  • 411

    The best episode of the season by far, definitely a satisfying episode, we got comedy, relationship development, and the annual cast in ridiculous costumes scene. I love how we're getting the feel of the first 2 seasons when Penny & Leonard were nothing more than just friends, their relationship is in the air, which is what will keep viewers tuning in, I'm sure.

    We got a lot of hilarious bits especially when the group was making fun of Zack. The Nickelodeon one liner from Sheldon left me in stitches, and I was just really impressed with this episode. Hopefully the writers deliver the same kind of quality in 2011. Great episode tonight.
  • Sheldon:PennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPenny!!!!

    Okay, so this was an awesome way to end 2010!!!

    Plot: So Penny gives the guys their mail, and she is with Zack (explain later). The gys start to mock Zack and when he figures it out and leaves offended, Penny tell them it was bad. then they go to apologize and while leaving to the comic book store, Zack joins them. There, Sheldon thinks that they could win the New Year's costume party this year if Zack is Superman instead of Leonard.

    Back at home, he tells Penny she'll be Wonder Woman, and sh reufses. Later everyone in their costumes (Sheldon - Flash, Howard - Batman, Leonard - Green Lantern, Raj - Aquaman) they are about to go but then when Penny tells them she won't uwse the black wig, Zack says she is embarrasing him and she leaves. Leonard tries to cofort her, and she epxlains she's only with Zack in order to be with someone on New Years. Then she agrees to go. At the store, they are announcing the winners and they win group costume, but noone hear Shel's speech cause they are on the countdown. At 00:00, Zack&PEnny kiss and Leo looks showing some tension. On a bonus scene, Leo uses the thermostat annoying Shel so he imagines himself running to the Gran Canyon, yelling, and returning.

    Title Reference: Obviously, that they dessed up as the Justice League.

    Overall: Hilarious, awesome. The best episode of the season so far. 10/10.