The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 15

The Large Hadron Collision

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on CBS

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  • Agreements

    This is definitely my favorite episode of the season so far. It still relied on Sheldon, but his and Penny's interactions are pretty much the best, so it wasn't a bad thing. I do appreciate that Leonard didn't give in to Sheldon, but it was rather predictable that neither of them would end up going with him. Loved this.
  • 315

    I have been really impressed with Big Bang as of late, or should I say I have been really impressed with Sheldon as of late. In the beginning of the season, I was doubtful due to Leonard & Penny's relationship, but as long as the writers continue to deliver episodes like these, I really wont have a problem. Sheldon of course stole the show here and the Sheldon & Penny interactions were awesome.

    From the power point to him realizing how he got sick, he was just genuinely funny here tonight. Raj was also significantly funny on what he was doing on Valentine's Day. He feels left out ever since Howard started dating Bernadette, nothing new, but it was still funny that Leonard ended up taking Raj in the end. Superb episode.
  • When Leonard gets picked to visit the site of the Super Collider Sheldon assumes his plus one will be him. Of course even without Valentine's Day you knew Leonard would take Penny. The predictable occurs with Sheldon being upset and on a crusade to go.

    A very funny, but very predictable episode of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon was his usual quirky, funny self in badgering Leonard into taking him. I especially loved the coconut flakes for the hair on the Frodo pancake feet. It was predictable and sane of Leonard to want to take Penny. I really thought she was going to have a Passport problem in the end with the time line, but it seems that wasn't a problem. When what happened to Penny in the end happened I was sure it was something Sheldon had cooked up, but in the end nope it wasn't him. Not unless he got himself too!

    It was delightful that Raj got to go at the very end. Let's face it, Howard is always rubbing his girlfriend in Raj's face and it was nice to see him get ahead for once.

    Pretty standard but funny stuff. A very funny Valentine's episode that was lots of fun to watch. Always a good time. Thanks for reading...
  • Now this is how you write for Sheldon.

    After a few fairly weak episodes The Big Bang Theory got back on track tonight with an episode warranting its status as television's most-watched comedy. Sheldon was brilliant here from his cold shoulder, to his phony apologies, to his traitor game in the car, to his denial of Leonard getting an invitation to swim in Bill Gates' pool, should Sheldon get invited first, of course. Plain and simple, this is the Sheldon Cooper that has become a TV icon in just two and a half seasons and we haven't seen him like this in awhile.

    But the show is still treading water a bit in my opinion. Howard and Raj are so played out right now, it's not even tolerable.
  • Superb Episode.

    I liked it, and i think all fans will too. I am no more addicted to big bang :D
    So many series to watch, so many films... Bazinga! I still awaiting all week for this :)

    All actors came with energy and very 'in' characters. This episode is good. A special St. Valentine. Its 3rd season and they are making specials. Its very well written, all characters participate. Howard not appears so much, but this is because is very well with his girlfriend. Leonard is trying to put Sheldon out of his way and get the trip to Switzerland with penny, Koothrappali is dumpy with St. Valentine day arriving.

    We can see 'Ow god sakes!' by leonard (thats aways make me LoL), Sheldon playing flute :D, Howard talking to bernadete on phone, Koothrappali depressed replics, Penny's face when she has invited to go see The Large Hadron Collider.. and much more fun.
    Go see it. Cya.